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what functional building would you build ...

On 17 Feb 2010 at 1:43am Laz wrote:
....in the Cliffe area?
Why? As this area might need something with a little buzz. Definately not a gay bar or as a hot tub as previously suggested, but something else. What would you ask for? Ok, a cinema is one option, but what else could it be? It is near the brewery, the river, old peoples daycare, Citizens Advice Bureau, retirement home, A23, a church that is hardly used by anyone, and a good pub, not to mention the main shoppping street.
Think what this are acan benefit from that is social and maybe even useful for Lewes?
Would it be for young people? For everyone(if thats possible) ? Maybe for the elderly.

On 17 Feb 2010 at 7:53am trader boi wrote:
A market, you know, a proper one that sells affordable stuff and not the arty-farty ones we get at the moment where only the hyper rich can afford to buy stuff from.
On 17 Feb 2010 at 8:54am Sherlock wrote:
How about stocks for the people who really annoy us?
On 17 Feb 2010 at 9:29am Old cynic wrote:
......like members of the planning committee and property developers asking us questions about what buildings we would like??
On 17 Feb 2010 at 9:47am Thrifty wrote:
Primark, Wilkinsons, Poundland....
On 17 Feb 2010 at 10:58am Rookie wrote:
A Lap Dancing club
On 17 Feb 2010 at 1:22pm Prick Stein wrote:
KFC, Cash Converters, Poundstretcher, Primark and definitely Wilkinsons!
On 17 Feb 2010 at 1:29pm Prick Stein wrote:
Rumbelows, Ratners, woolworths, Madhouse, International, the Record Bar, bring them all back!
On 17 Feb 2010 at 3:24pm Ed Can Do wrote:
A revolving restaurant at the top of a huge tower so you could look out across the rooftops while you eat.
On 17 Feb 2010 at 3:32pm Martin Elliott wrote:
A 3 story building with a hairdressers, an antique shop and a charity shop.
On 17 Feb 2010 at 3:47pm Sherlock wrote:
Ed - and presumably see the huge tower from everywhere in Lewes?
On 17 Feb 2010 at 4:36pm Ed Can Do wrote:
Of course! If it was a suitably tall tower you could look out across the golf course too. You could call it the Lewes Needle or something and people would come from miles around to see it.
On 17 Feb 2010 at 4:41pm Sherlock wrote:
But Ed, they wouldn't need to come from miles around to see it - they'd be able to see it from everywhere miles around. A bit like County Hall.
On 17 Feb 2010 at 5:34pm Brixtonbelle wrote:
an underground bunker for new council offices with a lovely park on top of it. Just so councillors know their place and if ever you got angry about the council, you could literally go and stamp on their heads.
On 17 Feb 2010 at 6:18pm Sherlock wrote:
Love it Brixtonbelle - and in an area that floods too.
On 17 Feb 2010 at 7:18pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
Erm, is there actually room in the Cliffe for a new building of any size? Where?
On 17 Feb 2010 at 9:10pm Ed Can Do wrote:
They're going to knock down that stuffy old church. Religion has no place in a modern, forward thinking town like Lewes.
On 17 Feb 2010 at 11:14pm brixtonbelle wrote:
I told you ACT - it's going underground. no more room on top (as they used to say on the old routematers)
On 18 Feb 2010 at 12:12pm MC wrote:
I'd go for a market like they have in France. Fresh veg, meat, fish, lot of general groceries, home implements, tools, prcatical stuff ay affordable prices produced by local businesses and families. a bit like the Riverside but a lot bigger and less formal.
Of course to make the stuff affordable the ground rent per stall would have be very reasonable.
On 18 Feb 2010 at 12:49pm Sherlock wrote:
Yes, now the street is pedestrianised it would be nice to have it lined with stalls selling the stuff you say MC.
On 18 Feb 2010 at 6:41pm jonnyboy wrote:
Is it pedestrianised? I was stopped by Tim May as I was driving back across the bridge from Argos and told the bridge is now oneway. The sign outside Argos about deliveries to the Cliffe has gone and there is a sign opposite the brewery entrance showing no right turn. I'm confused.

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