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Wouldn't it be great if all the Lewes takeways had their menus in one readily available place. No more scrabbling around at the back of the drawer for that scrumpled up menu you're sure you put back last time you used it!

Well that's what this section is for.
If your favourite takeaway isn't here, tell them.

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Moving On parade 93:132
Moving On parade

Kipper?s Snowy Day U

Filmed performance based on the books by Mick Inkpen
Fri 04 Dec 11:00am
Sat 05 Dec 11:00am
Sun 06 Dec 11:00am
Mon 07 Dec 11:00am
Tue 08 Dec 11:00am
Wed 09 Dec 11:00am
Thu 10 Dec 11:00am

Summerland 12A

A moving journey of womanhood, love and friendship set during World War II
Fri 04 Dec 11:45am
Sat 05 Dec 2:45pm
Sun 06 Dec 12:00pm
Mon 07 Dec 3:15pm
Tue 08 Dec 12:45pm
Wed 09 Dec 5:15pm
Thu 10 Dec 12:00pm

A Christmas Carol U

The classic tale unfolds in a rich tapestry of highly absorbing, theatrical drama
Fri 04 Dec 12:15pm 8:00pm
Sat 05 Dec 12:15pm 5:45pm
Sun 06 Dec 3:30pm
Mon 07 Dec 2:45pm 5:30pm
Tue 08 Dec 5:30pm
Wed 09 Dec 12:15pm 5:45pm
Thu 10 Dec 12:30pm 5:30pm

Hope Gap 12A

Unraveled and feeling displaced in her small seaside town, Grace ultimately regains her footing and discovers a new, powerful voice
Fri 04 Dec 2:15pm
Sat 05 Dec 12:00pm
Sun 06 Dec 2:15pm
Mon 07 Dec 12:45pm
Tue 08 Dec 3:00pm
Wed 09 Dec 12:45pm
Thu 10 Dec 2:30pm

A Christmas Gift From Bob 12A

James looks back at the last Christmas he and his cat spent scraping a living on the streets
Fri 04 Dec 5:15pm
Sat 05 Dec 2:45pm 8:15pm
Sun 06 Dec 6:00pm 8:15pm
Mon 07 Dec 3:00pm 5:45pm 8:15pm
Tue 08 Dec 3:15pm 5:45pm
Wed 09 Dec 3:15pm
Thu 10 Dec 3:00pm 8:00pm

Ma Rainey?s Black Bottom 12A

Framed by a pair of powerhouse performances and paying affectionate tribute to a blues legend
Fri 04 Dec 5:30pm 2:45pm
Sat 05 Dec 8:00pm
Sun 06 Dec 2:45pm 5:30pm
Mon 07 Dec 5:30pm 8:00pm
Tue 08 Dec 12:30pm 8:15pm
Wed 09 Dec 3:00pm 5:30pm 8:15pm
Thu 10 Dec 12:15pm 2:45pm 5:15pm

Mank 15

1930s Hollywood is reevaluated through the eyes of scathing wit and alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz
Fri 04 Dec 7:30pm 1:45pm
Sat 05 Dec 5:00pm
Sun 06 Dec 7:30pm
Mon 07 Dec 11:45am
Tue 08 Dec 7:45pm
Wed 09 Dec 7:45pm
Thu 10 Dec 7:30pm

Falling 15

A conservative father moves from his rural farm to live with his gay son's family in Los Angeles
Fri 04 Dec 7:45pm 4:45pm
Sat 05 Dec 5:15pm 7:45pm
Sun 06 Dec 4:45pm 8:00pm
Mon 07 Dec 5:15pm 7:45pm
Tue 08 Dec 2:45pm 5:15pm 8:00pm
Wed 09 Dec 12:30pm 2:45pm 8:00pm
Thu 10 Dec 5:00pm 7:45pm

The Elfkins PG

A funny, colourful and uplifting story about being accepted no matter how big or small you are
Sat 05 Dec 12:30pm 2:30pm
Sun 06 Dec 11:30am 1:30pm

Idiot Prayer ? Nick Cave Alone At Alexandra Palace 15

In this unique performance, Nick Cave plays songs from his extensive back catalogue
Thu 14 Jan 8:00pm
Tue 19 Jan 8:00pm
Mon 25 Jan 8:00pm

Au Revoir Les Enfants PG

An unrivalled depiction of childhood, memory and war - screened for Holocaust Memorial Day
Sun 24 Jan 2:00pm