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Wouldn't it be great if all the Lewes takeways had their menus in one readily available place. No more scrabbling around at the back of the drawer for that scrumpled up menu you're sure you put back last time you used it!

Well that's what this section is for.
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Downton Abbey PG

You are cordially invited to catch up with the Crawleys and their staff on the big screen
Tue 17 Sep 2:45pm 5:30pm 8:15pm
Wed 18 Sep 2:45pm 5:30pm 8:15pm
Thu 19 Sep 2:45pm 5:30pm 8:15pm
Fri 20 Sep 2:45pm 5:30pm 8:15pm
Sat 21 Sep 2:45pm 5:30pm 8:15pm
Sun 22 Sep 2:45pm 5:30pm 8:15pm
Mon 23 Sep 2:45pm 5:30pm 8:15pm
Tue 24 Sep 2:45pm 5:30pm 8:15pm
Wed 25 Sep 2:45pm 5:30pm 8:15pm
Thu 26 Sep 2:45pm 5:30pm 8:15pm

Mrs Lowry & Son PG

A portrait of the artist L.S. Lowry and the relationship with his mother, who tries to dissuade him from pursuing his passion
Tue 17 Sep 4:15pm
Wed 18 Sep 3:30pm
Thu 19 Sep 3:30pm

For Sama 18

An intimate and epic journey into the female experience of war
Tue 17 Sep 6:15pm 8:30pm
Wed 18 Sep 6:15pm 8:45pm
Thu 19 Sep 6:00pm 8:45pm

The Shock Of The Future 15

Ana uses her electronic gadgets to create the music of the future
Tue 17 Sep 6:30pm
Wed 18 Sep 6:00pm
Thu 19 Sep 3:45pm

Phoenix 15

This fantasy-infused debut transforms a coming-of-age tale into a thrilling story of survival
Tue 17 Sep 8:45pm
Wed 18 Sep 3:45pm
Thu 19 Sep 6:15pm

Now, Voyager U

Charlotte Vale is controlled and repressed by her domineering mother but, advised by psychiatrist Dr. Jaquith, makes several radical changes in her life.
Wed 18 Sep 11:00am 11:00am

Donbass 15

Screened as part of Depot's Supper Club with Ukrainian meal
Wed 18 Sep 8:30pm

Bullitt 15

Steve McQueen stars as detective Frank Bullitt as he takes on the criminal underworld in the first film of our Cops season
Thu 19 Sep 8:30pm

The Farewell PG

Chinese-born, U.S.-raised Billi reluctantly returns to Changchun to find that her grandmother, Nai Nai, only has weeks to live - although none of the family have told Nai Nai herself.
Fri 20 Sep 6:00pm 3:15pm 8:45pm
Sat 21 Sep 3:30pm 6:00pm 8:30pm
Sun 22 Sep 3:30pm 6:00pm 8:45pm
Mon 23 Sep 3:15pm 6:00pm 8:30pm
Tue 24 Sep 3:15pm 6:00pm 8:30pm
Wed 25 Sep 3:15pm 6:00pm 8:30pm
Thu 26 Sep 2:15pm 4:30pm 8:30pm

WOFFF: Late Night 15

WOFFF: A late-night talk show host suspects that she may soon be losing her long-running show
Fri 20 Sep 8:30pm

WOFFF: Grand Mother Daughter 15

WOFFF: Women around the world reflect on being daughters, mothers or grandmothers
Sat 21 Sep 11:00am

Dora and the Lost City of Gold PG

Sat 21 Sep 11:15am 11:30am
Sun 22 Sep 11:15am 11:30am

WOFFF: Making a Film on Your Smartphone no rating

WOFFF: Learn how to confidently shoot well-framed video with professional looking interviews
Sat 21 Sep 12:30pm

WOFFF: Burn Your Playhouse Down 15

WOFFF: Tales of fury, revenge and destruction
Sat 21 Sep 12:55pm

WOFFF: I am (Older) Woman: Hear Me Roar! no rating

WOFFF: Free lecture on rethinking the incredible invisible older woman
Sat 21 Sep 2:50pm

WOFFF: Loves 15

WOFFF: Shorts about love in its many guises
Sat 21 Sep 4:20pm

WOFFF: Vlogging 101 no rating

WOFFF: Learn the skills you need to record a professional looking 30 second vlog
Sat 21 Sep 4:30pm

WOFFF: Force of Nature 15

WOFFF: Unstoppable older women powered by anger, the ocean, flowers, wisdom and the menopause
Sat 21 Sep 6:20pm

WOFFF Festival Feast no rating

WOFFF: Round off your Saturday at WOFFF19 by sharing a delicious meal with other WOFFFers
Sat 21 Sep 8:00pm

WOFFF: Meet Your Monsters 15

WOFFF: Exploring our fears
Sun 22 Sep 11:00am

WOFFF: Intimacy on screen and on set 18

WOFFF: Ita O'Brien explains how to deal with intimacy, sexual content and nudity on set
Sun 22 Sep 12:30pm

WOFFF: Searching for Home 15

WOFFF: Home is the place we can be ourselves, the place where our heart is, the place we can never go back to
Sun 22 Sep 12:55pm

WOFFF: Female Filmmakers Behind the Camera no rating

WOFFF: Free panel event - Rebecca Kesby (BBC World Service) hosts the WOFFF annual all-female panel event with guests
Sun 22 Sep 2:50pm

WOFFF: The Body Politic 15

WOFFF: Shorts packed with political intrigue, corruption and the power of learning the personal is political
Sun 22 Sep 4:20pm

WOFFF: The One Hour Heroine no rating

WOFFF: Creative writing workshop enabling you to conceptualise a brand new leading character for a film, short, TV or novel
Sun 22 Sep 4:30pm

WOFFF: Grow Up 15

WOFFF: Films about growing up, looking back, taking responsibility, growing apart, getting a job and saving the world
Sun 22 Sep 6:20pm

WOFFF: Woman at War 12A

WOFFF: A quiet fifty year old woman leads a double life as a passionate environmental activist
Sun 22 Sep 8:30pm

Honeyland 12A

Hatidze harvests honey from the bees in the Macedonian mountains by hand, but her way of life is threatened when an itinerant family moves in near by.
Mon 23 Sep 6:15pm
Fri 20 Sep 3:30pm
Sat 21 Sep 8:45pm
Mon 23 Sep 3:30pm
Tue 24 Sep 12:00pm 3:30pm
Wed 25 Sep 6:15pm
Thu 26 Sep 3:15pm
Tue 24 Sep 12:00pm

Gaza 15

It's hard to imagine anybody living a normal life in the Gaza Strip. But what do the residents do when they're not under siege?
Mon 23 Sep 8:45pm
Fri 20 Sep 6:15pm
Tue 24 Sep 6:15pm
Wed 25 Sep 3:30pm 8:45pm
Thu 26 Sep 6:00pm

Depot Film quiz no rating

Depot's legendary film quiz night
Tue 24 Sep 7:30pm
Tue 26 Nov 7:30pm

The French Connection 18

Gene Hackman is New York detective Popeye Doyle, focused on uncovering an international drug ring
Tue 24 Sep 8:45pm

NT Live: One Man, Two Guvnors 12A

The hilarious West End and Broadway hit returns to cinemas to mark National Theatre Live?s 10th birthday
Thu 26 Sep 7:00pm
Tue 01 Oct 1:00pm

NT Live Encore: Fleabag 15

NEW DATES ADDED: the hilarious, award-winning, one-woman show that inspired the BBC's hit TV series
Sat 28 Sep 1:45pm
Sat 05 Oct 2:30pm

Introduction to In The Moment no rating

Professor Mark Wright chairs a discussion about the In the Moment project
Sat 28 Sep 2:30pm

Femme Fatale no rating

Live theatre performance of the darkly comic drama about fame, failure and feminism
Sun 29 Sep 2:00pm

Dirty Harry 15

Dirty Harry is the first screen adventure for Clint Eastwood's maverick San Francisco cop, which remains one of the best police thrillers ever made.
Sun 29 Sep 8:45pm

Roger Waters Us + Them PG

Roger Waters, co-founder, creative force and songwriter behind Pink Floyd, presents his highly anticipated film in this unmissable cinema event
Wed 02 Oct 8:30pm
Sun 06 Oct 2:00pm

To Kill a Mockingbird PG

Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge, and his children against prejudice.
Thu 03 Oct 11:00am

The Leopard U

The Prince of Salina, known as The Leopard, struggles against the tumultuous social upheavals of the harsh landscape of 1860's Sicilian life while attempting to preserve his class and family name.
Sun 06 Oct 1:00pm

Blue Hawaii U

Back from the army, Chad Gates, played by Elvis Presley, wants to make his own way in the world. This is a dementia-friendly screening
Tue 08 Oct 2:00pm

Don Giovanni 12A

Mozart's masterpiece of sexual intrigue, jealousy, wit, anger and retribution.
Tue 08 Oct 6:45pm
Tue 15 Oct 1:00pm

Oi For England?s Green and Pleasant Land 15

This documentary explores Trevor Griffiths' seminal play 'Oi For England', looking back at its tour of inner city London and asking: can theatre make a difference?
Tue 08 Oct 8:00pm

Explore Film course 15

One day film course consisting of a feature length screening and a lecture by an expert.
Thu 10 Oct 10:30am
Thu 23 Jan 10:30am
Thu 28 Nov 10:30am

Billy Connolly The Sex Life of Bandages 18

Hailed as the UK?s most influential comedian of all time, legendary Scot Billy Connolly is coming to cinemas with this brilliant show from his final stand-up tour
Thu 10 Oct 7:30pm

The Art And Science Of Drawing no rating

Talk by Julian Bell and Victoria Tischler, part of In the Moment: inspired by people living with dementia
Sat 12 Oct 2:15pm

By The Grace Of God 15

Screened as part of European Arthouse Cinema Day
Sun 13 Oct 12:00pm

His Girl Friday U

A newspaper editor uses every trick in the book to keep his ace reporter ex-wife from remarrying.
Wed 16 Oct 11:00am

Red Desert U

Screening for Depot's Supper Club, Red Desert is a stunning film from the great Italian auteur Michelangelo Antonioni
Wed 16 Oct 8:15pm

NT Live: A Midsummer Night?s Dream 12A

Shakespeare's most famous romantic comedy captured live, starring Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie.
Sun 20 Oct 1:00pm
Thu 17 Oct 7:00pm

Theorem 15

A mysterious man takes up residence with a bourgeois Italian family, and soon engages in relationships that will bring their lives into question
Wed 23 Oct 8:30pm

Don Pasquale 12A

Bryn Terfel heads the cast for this new production of Donizetti?s comedy of domestic drama across two generations
Thu 24 Oct 7:30pm
Tue 29 Oct 1:00pm

The Miseducation of Cameron Post 15

In 1993, a teenage girl is forced into a gay conversion therapy centre by her conservative guardians.
Thu 07 Nov 11:00am

The Band Wagon U

Fred Astaire stars in this classic musical comedy. This is a dementia-friendly screening.
Tue 12 Nov 2:00pm

Night and the City PG

A small-time grifter and nightclub tout takes advantage of some fortuitous circumstances and tries to become a big-time player as a wrestling promoter.
Wed 20 Nov 11:00am

NT Live: Hansard 12A

A witty and devastating portrait of the governing class, broadcast live from the National Theatre
Tue 26 Nov 1:00pm
Thu 07 Nov 7:00pm

NT Live: Present Laughter 12A

Matthew Warchus directs Andrew Scott (BBC's Sherlock, Fleabag) in Noël Coward's provocative comedy
Thu 28 Nov 7:00pm
Tue 03 Dec 1:00pm

CBeebies Hansel and Gretel U

This Christmas, laugh and sign along with your favourite CBeebies stars and be part of a fabulous interactive show for all the family
Sat 30 Nov 11:00am 1:00pm

White Christmas U

Bing Crosby stars in this Christmas Classic of a team of song-and-dance acts working to save a failing lodge. This is a dementia-friendly screening.
Tue 03 Dec 2:00pm

Silver Linings Playbook 15

After a stint in a mental institution, former teacher Pat Solitano moves back in with his parents. Things get even more challenging when Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of her own.
Thu 05 Dec 11:00am

Coppelia 12A

A classic returns to The Royal Ballet repertory with Ninette de Valois? charming and funny story of love, mischief and mechanical dolls
Tue 10 Dec 7:15pm
Tue 17 Dec 1:00pm
Tue 21 Jan 1:00pm

All About Eve U

An ingénue insinuates herself into the lives of an established but ageing stage actress and her circle of theatre friends.
Wed 18 Dec 11:00am

The Nutcracker 12A

Clara is given an enchanted Nutcracker doll on Christmas Eve. As midnight strikes, she creeps downstairs to find a magical adventure awaiting her and her Nutcracker.
Thu 19 Dec 8:00pm
Sat 21 Dec 11:30am
Sun 22 Dec 11:30am

The Sleeping Beauty 12A

Wonderful designs and glittering costumes abound in this production of The Sleeping Beauty, which has been delighting audiences in Covent Garden since 1946
Thu 16 Jan 7:15pm

La Boheme 12A

Puccini?s opera of young love in 19th-century Paris, performed from the Royal Opera House
Wed 29 Jan 7:45pm
Tue 04 Feb 1:00pm

Marston & Scarlett World Premieres 12A

Choreographer Cathy Marston and artist in residence Liam Scarlett premiere their new work with The Royal Ballet
Tue 25 Feb 7:15pm
Tue 03 Mar 1:00pm

Man With A Movie Camera U

A man travels around a city with a camera slung over his shoulder, documenting urban life with dazzling invention.
Thu 12 Mar 10:30am

Fidelio 12A

Tobias Kratzer?s new staging brings together the dark reality of the French Revolutionary ?Terror? and our own time to illuminate Fidelio?s inspiring message
Tue 17 Mar 7:15pm
Tue 24 Mar 1:00pm

Swan Lake 12A

Liam Scarlett?s glorious production of Swan Lake, new in 2018, returns for its first revival
Wed 01 Apr 7:15pm
Tue 07 Apr 1:00pm

Cavalleria Rusticana/Pagliacci 12A

Two opera classics are drawn together in this wonderfully observed re-creation of life in a south Italian village as a travelling theatre visits and emotions erupt.
Tue 21 Apr 7:00pm
Tue 28 Apr 1:00pm

The Dante Project 12A

The Royal Ballet?s Wayne McGregor choreographs Dante?s Divine Comedy - an epic journey through the afterlife.
Thu 28 May 7:15pm
Tue 02 Jun 1:00pm

Elektra 12A

Strauss?s thrilling and audacious adaptation of Greek tragedy receives a new staging by the award-winning director Christof Loy
Thu 18 Jun 7:45pm
Tue 23 Jun 1:00pm