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Commercial Square programme 31:132
Commercial Square programme

Belfast 12A

The story of a working class Belfast family journeying through the tumultuous late 1960s.
Mon 24 Jan 12:00pm 12:45pm 3:00pm 5:30pm 8:30pm
Tue 25 Jan 12:15pm 2:30pm 5:30pm 8:30pm
Wed 26 Jan 12:45pm 3:00pm 5:30pm 8:30pm
Thu 27 Jan 2:30pm 4:45pm 5:30pm

The Electrical Life of Louis Wain 12A

The extraordinary true story of eccentric British artist Louis Wain (Benedict Cumberbatch), whose playful, sometimes even psychedelic pictures helped transform the public's perception of cats forever.
Mon 24 Jan 1:00pm

Nightmare Alley 15

An ambitious carny with a talent for manipulating people with a few well-chosen words hooks up with a female psychiatrist who is even more dangerous than he is.
Mon 24 Jan 2:15pm 5:15pm 7:45pm
Tue 25 Jan 2:45pm 4:45pm 7:45pm
Wed 26 Jan 2:15pm 5:15pm 7:45pm
Thu 27 Jan 11:30am 2:15pm 7:45pm

The Tragedy of Macbeth 15

Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand star in Joel Coen?s bold and fierce adaptation; a tale of murder, madness, ambition, and wrathful cunning.
Mon 24 Jan 3:30pm
Tue 25 Jan 1:00pm

Memory Box 15

Christmas Eve in Montreal, Alex and her mother Maia receive a package in the mail. Inside are countless notebooks, cassettes and photographs?secrets and revelations; echoes of a damaged past.
Mon 24 Jan 6:00pm
Tue 25 Jan 12:30pm
Wed 26 Jan 3:30pm 5:45pm
Thu 27 Jan 8:30pm

The 400 Blows PG

The most autobiographical of Truffaut?s films follows a few months in the life of 12-year-old Antoine Doinel who seeks refuge in truancy, petty crime and the cinema
Mon 24 Jan 8:15pm
Tue 25 Jan 3:15pm
Wed 26 Jan 8:15pm
Thu 27 Jan 12:00pm

Our Ladies 15

In 1990s Scotland, a group of Catholic school girls get an opportunity to go into Edinburgh for a choir competition, but they're more interested in drinking, partying and hooking up.
Tue 25 Jan 6:00pm

Final Account PG

Luke Holland's ground-breaking documentary, with interviews with the last generation of everyday people who lived and participated in Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.
Tue 25 Jan 8:00pm

Licorice Pizza 15

The story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine growing up, running around and going through the treacherous navigation of first love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973.
Wed 26 Jan 12:30pm
Thu 27 Jan 2:45pm

Rebecca (1940) PG

Alfred Hitchcock's adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's story of a young woman who marries a fascinating widower only to find out that she must live in the shadow of his former wife
Thu 27 Jan 11:00am

Twilight 12A

When Bella Swan moves to a small town in the Pacific Northwest, she falls in love with Edward Cullen, a mysterious classmate who reveals himself to be a 108-year-old vampire
Thu 27 Jan 6:00pm

NT Live: Leopoldstadt 12A

Tom Stoppard?s Olivier Award-winning new play Leopoldstadt is a passionate drama of love, family and endurance.
Thu 27 Jan 7:00pm
Sun 30 Jan 1:00pm

Taming the Garden Cert TBC

The story of how a powerful man indulges in an unusual hobby by having century-old trees uprooted in communities along the Georgian coast and transplanted to his private garden
Mon 31 Jan 6:00pm

ROH: Tosca 12A

The romantic world of an idealistic painter Cavaradossi and his sensuous lover Tosca comes the malevolence of Baron Scarpia, Chief of Police, with fatal results. Presented by the Royal Opera House
Tue 01 Feb 7:15pm

Deliverance 18

Four city-dwelling friends decide to get away for a week of canoeing in rural Georgia, but when they arrive, they are not welcomed by the backwoods locals.
Wed 02 Feb 8:30pm

Eternally Younger Than Those Idiots 15

This drama poses fundamental questions about how people can relate to each other while feeling lost and incomplete (Part of The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2022)..
Tue 08 Feb 8:15pm

Ora, Ora Be Goin? Alone 15

An elderly housewife finds her hopes for peaceful twilight years with her husband dashed at his sudden death. (Part of The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2022)
Wed 09 Feb 8:00pm 1:30pm

The House Of The Lost On The Cape PG

Two young girls, separated from their families, are given the chance to start afresh by a kindly but strange old lady (Part of The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2022)
Sat 12 Feb 1:30pm

ROH: Romeo and Juliet 12A

Shakespeare?s star-crossed lovers experience passion and tragedy in this 20th-century ballet masterpiece, presented by the Royal Opera House
Mon 14 Feb 7:15pm
Sun 20 Feb 2:00pm

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 15

After a painful breakup, a couple undergoes a procedure to erase the memories of each other from their minds
Mon 14 Feb 8:30pm

Kiba: The Fangs of Fiction 15

When the president of a publisher giant suddenly dies, a power struggle ensues. (Part of The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2022)
Tue 15 Feb 8:15pm

NT Live: The Book of Dust ? La Belle Sauvage 12A

Set twelve years before the epic His Dark Materials trilogy, this gripping adaptation revisits Phillip Pullman's fantastical world in which waters are rising and storms are brewing.
Thu 17 Feb 7:00pm
Thu 03 Mar 7:30pm

Blue 15

Three men all have their own reasons for joining a boxing gym, but will their efforts and enthusiasm be enough to achieve what they desire? (Part of The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2022)
Tue 22 Feb 8:15pm

The Lone Ume Tree 12A

The life of a middle-aged man with autism goes through an unexpected transition when his mother decides to send him to a group home. (Part of The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2022)
Wed 23 Feb 1:30pm

To Kill a Mockingbird PG

Robert Mulligan's adaptation of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird in which Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge.
Thu 24 Feb 11:00am

Phantom Thread 15

Daniel Day-Lewis stars as a renowned dressmaker whose fastidious life is disrupted by a young, strong-willed woman, Alma, who becomes his muse and lover.
Thu 24 Feb 5:30pm

The Tide Mills Project U

Tide Mills was brought back to life as never before and far beyond anyone?s wildest of dreams during a beautiful clear, sunny and balmy week in September last year.
Sat 26 Feb 10:30am

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 15

Within the century-old walls of historic Leith Theatre in Edinburgh, something sinister is stirring. A gothic tale of double lives, inner demons and a brutal reality.
Sun 27 Feb 7:00pm

ROH: Rigoletto 12A

In a world of decadence and corruption, Verdi's masterpiece pits power against innocence with devastating effects. Presented by the Royal Opera House.
Thu 10 Mar 7:15pm
Sun 13 Mar 2:00pm

Psycho 15

Alfred Hitchcock's iconic thriller in which a young woman on the run checks into an unassuming motel, run by a young man who has a difficult relationship with his mother
Wed 23 Mar 8:00pm

We?ll Meet Again U

Vera Lynn stars as a young dancer trying to make it in London during World War II, who discovers that people like her singing voice
Thu 24 Mar 2:00pm

Marnie 15

Hitchcock directs Sean Connery and Tippi Hedren in this deeply psychological tale of blackmail and theft
Wed 30 Mar 8:00pm

Frenzy 18

A serial murderer is strangling women with a necktie in this Hitchcock thriller - the London police have a suspect, but he is the wrong man.
Wed 06 Apr 8:15pm

ROH: La Traviata 12A

Richard Eyre?s production for The Royal Opera recently celebrated 25 years on the Royal Opera House stage and this year returns with acclaimed opera star Pretty Yende as Violetta
Wed 13 Apr 6:45pm
Sun 17 Apr 2:00pm

ROH: Swan Lake 12A

The Royal Ballet?s version of this classic love story mixes spectacle, mystery and passion.
Thu 19 May 7:15pm
Sun 22 May 2:00pm