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wester road school

On 26 Oct 2015 at 2:41pm Loran wrote:
My daughter was reasonably happy at Western Road but she tends to enjoy almost every environment. Two of the teachers who have now left are, in her opinion, no great loss. It is testement to the disorganisation and lack of teacher care for all our children equally, rather than those children who, for instance had parents on the school geverning board or whose kids their last teacher, Miss Wooler actually seemed to like, that only a select few were given their end of primary school year books. My daughter is very sad about this. And to me it seems appalling that a school could allow such lack of professionalism but it went on for a year so I shouldn't be surprised. I would not have recommended this school to anyone before a few (although not all) of the teachers left. I don't know what it's like now, though. Beware of middle class cliques I would say.
On 26 Oct 2015 at 5:53pm Parent wrote:
The staff turnover has been absolutely shocking - the good teachers soon find a better gig. Mrs Wooler is a sad loss - a lovely and accomplished teachel who at least stuck around.
WR will not get better until there is a significant continuity of good teaching. And ex-governors have the habit of slapping down any hint of criticism, quite publicly (and in some cases, rudely). The governors' choices over the last five years have been poor.
I hope WR does better at retaining the talent so important to our childrens' education.
On 26 Oct 2015 at 8:13pm Earl of Lewes wrote:
The flip side is a school like Wallands, which has a low staff turnover but retains teachers who should have been given the boot years ago. The blame ultimately lies with the headteachers - they should be doing their best to keep the good teachers and deal with the underperforming ones. Instead, they seem more concerned with ticking boxes and keeping Ofsted happy.
On 26 Oct 2015 at 9:05pm Metatron wrote:
EoL- Heads, Teachers and TA's have to play the game, the childrens education is secondry. This is the system.
On 27 Oct 2015 at 7:27am Earl of Lewes wrote:
Yes, you're right. I've become completely dissilutioned with the primary school system: classes so noisy the children can't think, teaching assistants whose grammar is worse than the children's, teachers who can't teach, heads who tick all the boxes (e.g forest school, UNESCO etc) but won't deal with the bad teachers, and special needs coordinators who are more interested in saving money than helping struggling children.
The system just about works because in spite of everything, there are still some truly wonderful, dedicated teachers out there, who triumph over the system. Plus, in Lewes we tend to get a few very competent, overqualified teaching assistants. Also, the toughest children are remarkably resilient - it's the children who struggle who are the litmus test of how good a school is.
If I could reinvent the system, I'd start by limiting the class sizes to 15. I'd also get the children doing more practical things with their hands and I'd ensure that children who struggled got help early on, rather than being pushed down the queue until they were bad enough to qualify for assistance. Of course it would cost society more money, but wouldn't it be worth it?
On 27 Oct 2015 at 12:21pm Tipex wrote:
So what do people rate as the top 3 primary schools (state, not private) in lewes?
On 27 Oct 2015 at 1:06pm Guido wrote:
Tipex, if your child only goes to one school, how can you rate three? You can only vote on personal experiences.
On 27 Oct 2015 at 3:34pm Tipex wrote:
Er no Guido. While a child can only attend one school the parents can get very useful up-to-date feedback and comparisons from parents of other kids at other schools. Some parents even withdraw their kids from one school to send them to another so they have experiences of 2. It's these opinions I was after rather than yours.
On 27 Oct 2015 at 8:20pm Annmarie wrote:
My son went to western road for a year and a half he learnt nothing I moved him to Iford and Kingston and with a lot of hard work he is now back on target. He is much happier and enjoys a lot more outside space at his new school.

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