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traffic wardens

On 4 Jun 2008 at 10:20am micha wrote:
are there any traffic wardens on landport estate? my dad is in hospital and the w@nkers gave him a ticket for parking outide his house when no yellow lines were there!
On 4 Jun 2008 at 10:31am Elvis the Gunslinger wrote:
If there are no road markings down appeal the ticket. It's easy enough to do.
On 4 Jun 2008 at 11:30am Taff wrote:
Photograph it if you can and take it with you to complain.
On 4 Jun 2008 at 12:45pm sashka wrote:
Write explaining that there are no lines, and ask what the ticket has been issued for. they may come up with a different reason for the ticket, like the car was parked on the pavement, or some other such issue. If your Dad had to park the car in an emergency before going to hospital, mention that as well.
Let us know how you hget on. I have various tips how to deal with dodgy tickets, as the Council often make inaccurate claims, and write threats that they cannot pursue.
On 4 Jun 2008 at 3:06pm Chav wrote:
You could check the ticket is for the right car. I find it great fun nicking the tickets off dodgy parked cars and then sticking them on someone elses car thats parked ok.
On 4 Jun 2008 at 4:04pm me wrote:
The Blue Gistapo do get into landport (i've seen them). As i don't know the above cicumstances i shall not comment further on this ticket.
One thing i would say is that there are some real lazy/selfish people who do park really badly in landport. If this handfull of idiots (it is literally only a handfull as well) continue to park this way it won't be long before some people start screaming for a parking scheme extension. Generally it is very busy but the majority of people park sensibly. unfortunately the minorty will again spoil it for the majority.
On 4 Jun 2008 at 4:51pm Elvis the Gunslinger wrote:
I think that applies to anywhere in Lewes, now incase you're one of the people in point i'd like to add that the white boxes in car parks are what your car is supposed to be inside, you do not need to park on the lines or over the lines. I might even forgive you if you park at a 45o angle within your space as long as you are in it. It's not rocket science, you can paralel park at will but when it comes to a car park you just don't try. I might start a sticker campaign and hit all the cars that look like they've been parked by Helen Keller. POW!! POW!!
On 4 Jun 2008 at 5:19pm frieball wrote:
would make goog reading inthe sussex express
give them a e-mail good luck
On 4 Jun 2008 at 5:32pm The voice of reason wrote:
So Micha....let's get this right. Your dad got a ticket for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL....no lines, no restricted parking, not blocking a driveway etc etc...they just felt like giving you a ticket.
On 5 Jun 2008 at 8:16am sashimi wrote:
The ticket has to show a reason for the 'offence' whether it's true or not - or it isn't legal. What was the reason given?
On 5 Jun 2008 at 9:57am The voice of no reason wrote:
We keep getting people who come on here, slag someone or something off for whatever reason and then disappear without justifying their complaint when they're questioned about it.
Demon was the same on the "conman builder" thread which led most people to believe it was more of a personal grudge than a genuine complaint.
If you want to have a go...at least come back on to argue your corner !!!
On 5 Jun 2008 at 12:51pm micha wrote:
my response is many houses have these half circle pavements when they are situated on the end of the roads. my dad has been parking on it for months and only now he gets a ticket? there are two traffic wardens that live on his street. hence to say, they're the sh@ts that issued it probably! i have appealed against the ticket.
On 5 Jun 2008 at 1:51pm Arthur Broomhead wrote:
so he's been parking on the pavement. About time he got a ticket then.
On 5 Jun 2008 at 2:11pm No voice, no reason wrote:
My thoughts exactly mr Broomhead. Parking on a pavement or verge is illegal. Even crossing a pavement to get to your private drive is illegal unless you have a dropped curb.
Should've been clamped or towed away in my opinion, and don't start using the "but my dad's in hospital" card....the wardens didn't know that.
On 5 Jun 2008 at 4:03pm Arthur Broomhead wrote:
I missed the bit about your Dad being in hospital micha - I am genuinely sorry to hear that - but -he still deserved the ticket. I'm also sorry you're going to waste even more time and money challenging what is obviously a more than valid ticket.
On 5 Jun 2008 at 4:04pm me wrote:
i'm afraid i have no sympathy either. These are not your personal parking bays these are pavements. I bet loads of people have been complaining for months it.
On 5 Jun 2008 at 6:11pm council bod wrote:
parking on the pavement as no voice, no reason says is not allowed the men in blue have taken delivery of a brand new tow truck and will be in use as from tomorrow park in the wrong place and it will be a fine and tow fee and cost u when you collect it from the pound ........beware!!!!!!!!!!!
On 5 Jun 2008 at 6:44pm FA wrote:
Thanks CB....some very good friends have just had a "heads up"
On 5 Jun 2008 at 8:45pm sashka wrote:
as usual this isn't black and white.
I don't know about Micha's dad, but it can be legal to park on the pavement, which is why the Council have provided parking spaces on the pavement in Brookes Road. Wardens also allow commercial drivers to park on the pavement to deliver/load.
On 6 Jun 2008 at 8:06am Taff wrote:
It seems to be permissable to park on the pavement in Fisher Street!
On 6 Jun 2008 at 11:45am council bod wrote:
parking on pavements is not normally allowed however in the case of hgv vehicles where the street is narrow to keep the flow of traffic flowing permission will be granted by the warden for a short Period of time while the delivery is made of course there are places in some towns where parking is allowed on pavements but they will be marked and a sign in place as well
On 6 Jun 2008 at 8:03pm Dodger wrote:
So council bod, hgv vehicles that damage the pavements because of their weight can park on the pavement but lighter vehicles can't. Crazy eh?
On 7 Jun 2008 at 7:49am council bod wrote:
well dodger i myself do not make the rules remember hgv vehicles cant go to a car park to deliver the load but lighter vehicles can lewes is a small town with narrow streets and some give and take is required so if the hgv vehicles damage the pavements well thats up to the council if the no parking rule was enforced there would be no deliverys to lewes shops or the roads would be blocked even more than they are now .the main cause of traffic chaos is cars parking where they should not
On 8 Jun 2008 at 6:07pm Lewes Hater wrote:
On 8 Jun 2008 at 10:17pm council bod wrote:
get lost lewes hater
On 9 Jun 2008 at 2:10am expat two wrote:
I know someone who parked on a pavement (admittedly in London) in a narrow road, one without parking retrictions. and got a ticket. He was told that had he parked on the road, blocking it indefinitely, he would not have got a ticket.
On 10 Jun 2008 at 1:24am lopster wrote:
"Lewes hater" - swivel - lets get real about this one, Landport has semi-circles of pavement t the end of every block that have ben used for parking on for at least 15 years, the cars are off the road - these areas are big enough for at least two cars with room for three buggies to pass abreast - surely makes sense to use them for parking - they fulfill no other use and reduce the road width in these areas to control traffic flow down the hills - they would seem (to any normal person I believe) ideally suited to parking on
On 10 Jun 2008 at 9:03am Lord Landport wrote:
Lopster only 15 years try a bit longer they have parked on these since before my Lordship.
This is parking scheme gone mad these NCP Wardens must not be getting any at home if they can ticket people like this what a complete waste of resources.
yes when people park on the pavements it is a pain if you are in disabled scooter baby buggy etc and you cant get round them but like this why waste valuable spaces when parking is a premium on the estate use them.
the number of houses all with 3 bedrooms, in this day and age a family with two grown up kids could potentially have 4 cars and you can only park on one side of the road so if you park outside your house you could share that space with 8 cars how do you park on the estate????
On 10 Jun 2008 at 9:23am Taff wrote:
Statistically if you park iffily then you can expect a ticket at some time. How many times do we get away with it in comparison to not?
It is not difficult to see that the scheme is a great earner for someone and it appears it will continue in earnest. Short and curlies and big mitts come to mind.
However what gets me more are the people who cannot park. They leave 4 foot or so from the end of the bay, reducing a 3 bay area to 2. They are the ones who should be had more not those who at least try to park safely and with consideration.
On 10 Jun 2008 at 9:46am Andrew Richardson wrote:
I'm a bit confused by all this. Isn't Landport outside the CPZ? In which case the decriminalised parking regs do not apply and the parking droids would have no power to issue tickets. Wouldn't it be an issue for the police?
On 10 Jun 2008 at 11:00am Landport loony wrote:
Road traffic rules still apply to Landport though and that includes parking on pavements or parking on the recently introduced single yellow lines....as well as causing obstructions etc etc
On 10 Jun 2008 at 3:58pm micha wrote:
just thought i let you lot know, my dad got a letter from the NCP as i wrote complaining to them. they have refunded the ticket!
On 10 Jun 2008 at 7:09pm Bobby wrote:
the police do not issue tickets in lewes as they have not got the time they would rarther spend the time on catching criminals(so they say)they do still have the power to do so if they wish perhaps the ncp wardens could swap roles with the police .............there would be no crimninals as they would all be in jail because as the public say the wardens would be accused of being over zelous would the police get the same stick as the wardens if they controlled the parking ......i dont think so
On 11 Jun 2008 at 9:47pm Andrew Richardson wrote:
Well, yeah, but since Landport is not in a specifically designated Controlled Parking Zone, the sorts of issues you described are not decriminalised. In other words, they're criminal offences and as such cannot be dealt with by NCP jobsworths - they would have to be dealt with by the police I would have though.
At least that's how I thought it worked...
On 25 Jun 2008 at 2:39pm demon wrote:
traffic wardens r a bunch of fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs
On 26 Nov 2008 at 9:18pm Clive Greatwich wrote:
I was parked half on pavement/road in Southover High Street to load my van after a hard day(allowing traffic to flow both ways as i was near mini roundabout at swann inn end) In between frequent visits to load up,warden turned up and ticketed me despite my van door oen and hazard lights on !!
A van parked behind me was not ticketed,after i warned him because he was on a sewage emergency
I appealed, but failed as they say i was causing an obstruction-although i was parked in the same way as this van!!

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