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the wardens have more power now

On 9 Apr 2008 at 7:12pm council bod wrote:
been very quiet on the parking front as late did you know the boys in blue can send the parking tickets in the post and the fines have changed may cost you 75 to park on yellow lines now and much less in car parks perhaps 10 if you don't over stay to long
On 9 Apr 2008 at 7:27pm FA wrote:
CB...a question for you.
I was sat outside St. Pancras school for 10 minutes picking my daughter up about 10 days ago. I was parked in a residents permit holders bay, The whole area is a bone of contention with people picking their kids up so when a parking attendant walked past and started taking numbers of cars, a few of the parents, me included, started questioning the attendant and asked him what he was doing.
"just logging the time you're here for" was his reply.
Could we be issued with tickets ?....no photos were taken and there's plenty of witnesses to his reply.
Am i going to get a nice surprise on my door mat or is he genuine.
Ta muchly
On 10 Apr 2008 at 3:39pm I dont live in lewes anymore wrote:
Wardens are pigs.
You can dress a pig in a suit but it still grunts.
On 10 Apr 2008 at 4:12pm Double Yellow Line wrote:
Wardens are doing a tough job in the face of of horrendous abuse. Would you rather they all lived off benefits?
On 10 Apr 2008 at 4:13pm Double Yellow Line wrote:
PS Can't wait for the tow truck. That will teach all the selfish bast**ds a lesson. 135 and no car until you pay up.
On 10 Apr 2008 at 4:34pm FA wrote:
Do you get beaten up often DYL....i'm not talking about at work but in your private life. I'd imagine you've got a face that just says "punch me"
On 10 Apr 2008 at 8:16pm council bod wrote:
hi FA the wardens have to give 5 mins then they will log the offending vehicle then give a further 5 mins and after 10 mins have passed then a ticket can be issued but 10 mins should be enough time for children to be picked up do you not agree remember a lot of the spaces are permit spaces and cars would not normally be allowed to park with out a permit as permit holders or residents are being deprived of the spaces however as long as the parents of the childred take no longer than 10 mins all should be well hope that helpa FA
On 10 Apr 2008 at 8:28pm council bod wrote:
hello DYL thank you for your interest you will be pleased to know an agreement has been reached with a tow truck and towing of offending vehicles will commence next Monday this tow truck will only lift vehicles that are parked in bus stops disable bays and places where an obstruction is caused offending vehicles will receive a ticket once the vehicle is on the tow truck then its 125 release fee plus the fine then 85 per day storeage fee hey cant wait to see the guys in action and by the way a civil enforcement officer is also carried on the vehicle so instant ticket take care they are very quick can lift a car in 2 mins
On 10 Apr 2008 at 10:04pm Spinster Of This Parish wrote:
More "power" to the wardens?
I look forward to seeing the tow truck accessing the narrow streets and twittens in the town.
Whatever next, NVQ (not very quick) in stationary traffic management?
On 10 Apr 2008 at 11:53pm Inconsistant scheme. wrote:
So will the towtrucks take away all those selfishly parked cars in Paddock Row that force cars to drive on the pavement. How about the cars parked selfishly on the pavement outside the DIY store in Malling ijn specially marked 'pavement parking' bays, which don't seem to cause the obstruction that other pavement parking. NCP can't even issue a third of their tickets properly now (Councils own statistics of cancelled tickets, of 12,000 a year) So I wonder how they will manage. I hope Saint DYL is the recipient of as much sympathy as he/her gives others. Should we perhaps flog offenders, and drive bamboo up their fingernails too?
Of course there are some terrible drivers, parking apallingly in Lewes, but it is mainly the residents who are being harassed whilst trying to do simple things like load/unload outside their own homes, deal with emergencies, and try to get services and vistors to come to their homes. The consultation document actually acknowledges that some problems cannot be avoided, but they don't seem to have told any of the wardens, or the ticket cancellation office. there is no parking charter to tell anyone what the 'rules' are, or the grey areas of certain issues.
I hope they tow away the wardens van sometime. It has been seen several times illegally parked on the pavement outside Clifford Dann.
On 11 Apr 2008 at 7:48am Double Yellow Line wrote:
Nope I have a face that says "love me" and your wife certainly does.
On 11 Apr 2008 at 8:21am FA wrote:
What wife is this ?
On 11 Apr 2008 at 8:23am Taff wrote:
Whilst in priciple I am against the parking scheme there is no doubt there are now roads and streets in the town where service vehicles can get to easily whereas it was not so.
However why do some drivers park so badly that you can only get 2 cars in a 3 car bay! They are the ones that deserve to be ticketed in my opinion, not the short stop drop offs. The lines and boxes are there for a reason.
On 11 Apr 2008 at 9:03am Double Yellow Line wrote:
Don't tell me you had a child out of wedlock. I suppose "common" law wife would be more appropriate.
On 11 Apr 2008 at 9:16am FA wrote:
What child ?
On 11 Apr 2008 at 9:27am Double Yellow Line wrote:
The child that you foolishly took to a bonfire display which led you to threaten random acts of violence on this very forum.
To much wacky backy recently FA?
On 11 Apr 2008 at 10:01am bored wrote:
and we want to read these bitchy exchanges because..........?

On 11 Apr 2008 at 10:01am FA wrote:
What on earth are you talking about
On 11 Apr 2008 at 10:22am FA wrote:
You don't have to read them, you can just errrrm. not bother reading them, turn off your computer, don't come on this site, leave the room/house/office.
Quite simple really even for a thickton like you or DYL
Plenty of suggestions for you although the most appropriate suggestion ends in "off"
On 11 Apr 2008 at 6:20pm pegrsus1953 wrote:
all part of the big grab this country is involved in very sad..the world has gone grab a few bob mad
On 11 Apr 2008 at 11:42pm bored wrote:
Looking at the number of pointless contributions you both make, I don't think you are in a position to accuse other people of spending too much time at their computer. But its great to see how easy you are to wind up, as someone who didn't think I was right would have ignored my post.
Happy squabbling.
On 12 Apr 2008 at 12:05am Janet Street Preacher wrote:
They're in love they just don't know it yet.
On 6 Jul 2020 at 7:53am nikkireed wrote:
now wardens have more power to control traffic

Check it out here »

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