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the apolitical poor?

On 20 Jul 2016 at 8:20am twitter checker wrote:
The Labour MP and plotter Steve Mcabe's defence of the £25 voting fee for the upcoming leadership contest:
'In my experience those trapped in poverty have little time to engage in party politics or see it as a priority.'
What he's done is actually to explain why Jeremy Corbyn has amassed such a following. He seems to be saying that politics is for the elite and not somewhere where ordinary people can battle for a better life.
On 20 Jul 2016 at 8:55am Historian wrote:
Isn't there a Labour Party forum you can post on, where there may well be folk who could even be interested ?
On 20 Jul 2016 at 8:55am Tingles wrote:
Anyone who really cares about politics can find £25. If they can't then they lack other resources as well as financial.
On 20 Jul 2016 at 10:02am I actually thought... wrote:
I actually seem to remember reading last week that you had to of paid the £25 AND been a member for over 6 months (or similar timescale).
Makes perfect sense, they want full members voting not 100,000 people signing up at £3 a go and ruining the main opposition party (I wonder how many of those £3 member just did it for a laugh or were members of other parties).
On 20 Jul 2016 at 1:08pm I thought too wrote:
That I was actually reading a correct posting. Then you had to of got it wrong. Have another go. Kind regards.
On 20 Jul 2016 at 1:19pm I thought three wrote:
Got or gotten?
On 20 Jul 2016 at 1:24pm Begotten wrote:
Got=UK Gotten=USA "you had to of paid" should be " you had to have paid" Kind regards. PS don't let the thread get too pedantic .Webbo WILL delete it.
On 20 Jul 2016 at 1:26pm Bebuggered wrote:
WEBBO ! get your censors out PDQ.
On 20 Jul 2016 at 2:06pm Mme B wrote:
I was told by an American that "gotten" was a rather low grade, uneducated usage.
On 20 Jul 2016 at 2:54pm Old English wrote:
It's old English not American (but used by Americans), got and gotten have a different meaning, it's not a case of "low grade".
On 20 Jul 2016 at 4:42pm I use it often wrote:
Don't we all, for example "Ill gotten gains" no?
On 20 Jul 2016 at 6:52pm Apocryphal poor wrote:
I wouldn't waste my beer tokens on joining.
On 21 Jul 2016 at 11:24pm unhappy american wrote:
Mme B is correct, it is low grade in USA.
I was only "middle grade" and "got" was frowned upon; "gotten" was a criminal offence. I lived all over the place, "have or had" will do but "get" was fine. I don't know why the future tense was fine but past tense was not.
I got into England, and got a good job, and I will be getting a raise soon... Doesn't really sound like a statement from (I was going to say Bush, but it kinda does), (I was going to say Trump, but it kinda does, too), Hil... I can't ; Obama, can you imagine Obama saying it?
On 22 Jul 2016 at 12:15am wrote:
For God’s sake, there’s no such thing as future tense in English! 'Get’ is present tense.
Future actions are indicated by auxiliary verbs; shall, will, may….
On 22 Jul 2016 at 7:10am @ unhappy American wrote:
Why do they reply "I do" when asked "Have you ?" eg. Have you enough $ ? reply.... "I do " . We would say .... "Have you enough £ ?" reply ........ "I have. But it's worth less now due to Brexit".
On 22 Jul 2016 at 11:21am The full sentence wrote:
The full sentence is "I do have enough money, thank you for asking" therefore "I do" "I have" are both fine, either way it's slang.
On 22 Jul 2016 at 11:23am Pedantic wrote:
Do you have enough invokes the response "I do", have you enough invokes "I have"
On 22 Jul 2016 at 9:18pm amy wrote:
I find the subversion of this post sad, small minded and elitist.
On 22 Jul 2016 at 9:29pm Bebuggered wrote:
Webbo will soon censor it.

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