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On 16 Aug 2010 at 12:24am dan wrote:
skateboarding has evolved into something that cannot be contained completly in a skatepark environment. we look for obstacles around the streets to add more chalenging and inventive ways to ride. street skateboarding is a huge part of the sport. this means we might end up outside your house for a while. we understand that it is loud, however if you ask us politely to stop, we will. dont be a prick about it though. we are just doing what we enjoy most!!! if we had an indoor facility or had a chance to design our own park. we would spend less time anoying you.
On 16 Aug 2010 at 1:09am Peter and Boon-Nam wrote:
Good for you Dan, keep skating, tried it once on my nephew's skateboard, went flying and ended up with a bruised bottom, all good fun. P.S 2 N's in annoying and always use a Capital letter after a full stop, no expert but it might be useful to know. All the best, Peter and Boon-Nam
On 16 Aug 2010 at 7:43am TDA wrote:
Peter you have become my favorite poster on this forum almost overnight. You crack me up! Best wishes.
On 16 Aug 2010 at 8:10am Williamdyer wrote:
@Dan: no problems from me. I've never understood the problem people have with skaters. I do, however, understand the low-regard with which people hold grammar Nazis and spelling pedants.
Skating, blading, even parkour are all fantastic, creative means of physical expression that tie into endless alternative lifestyles and philosophies. I only wish I were young enough/fit enough to join in.
My only request is that you keep the kerbside grinds down after 23:00.
On 16 Aug 2010 at 8:55am George wrote:
The skate park by Tesco was designed by the skaters, everyone who went to the Nutty Wizard were given a map of the space allowed and had to put their ideas down.
On 16 Aug 2010 at 10:45am Regular. wrote:
I do like this forum...!!
On 16 Aug 2010 at 11:18am Peter and Boon-Nam wrote:
Cheers TDA, you are on the guest list when the Wedding Venue has been confirmed!! Normally told I am the one cracked up ha ha, things moving fast here, Boo Boo rushing this bloody wedding somewhat, oh well, nothing to lose, everything to gain. Catch you later, Cheers. Peter and Boon-Nam
On 16 Aug 2010 at 1:14pm Regular wrote:
OMG !! A forum wedding !!
Are we all invited Peter??
What FUN !!
On 16 Aug 2010 at 2:01pm Peter and Boon-Nam wrote:
You certaily are invited Regular. Details will follow in due course. Just made a lunch reservation to celebrate Boo Boo's birthday next week, chap told me would not be allowed in the restaurant without a tie. Assured him I would have one with me! Hate stuffy dress codes, oh well, all the best, Peter and Boon-Nam
On 16 Aug 2010 at 5:54pm mccauley wrote:
Tie + tutu and arrive on skateboard?
As long as you've got the tie...
On 16 Aug 2010 at 7:12pm Peter and Boon-Nam wrote:
mccauley love the quip, thanks a mill, ggod one, everyman should have a tie around his neck at some point ha ha, right off to cook my Boo Boo, Tom Yam Kung, with gratitude to Waitrose, Lewes. Best, Peter and Boo-Nam
On 16 Aug 2010 at 10:06pm Irregular wrote:
I agree with TDA
Peter you are a forum hero
On 17 Aug 2010 at 3:11pm Peter and Boo wrote:
Irregular you are a Gent to say so, not sure many on here would agree with you, but hey, 2 fans (TDA being the other) is 2 more than I had before I came on here ha ha. Had a little siesta earlier, woke up to find the place bellowing in smoke, wel,l I shouted for Boo-Nam to evacuate the premises, I ran down the stairs to find she had lit bloody Joss Sticks everywhere!! Nearly gave me a heart attack, just having a Jack Daniels to steady the old nerves. Catch you later my friends. Cheers, Pete and Boon-Nam.
On 17 Aug 2010 at 6:15pm Caroline Skate wrote:
I hear a regular skateboarder whizz past my flat at about 10.30 every evening. Often wonder who it is and where they are going. I have found myself listening out for it now. it's a brilliant sound. Enjoy your skateboarding Dan, it's very very welcome round our way.
On 18 Aug 2010 at 10:36pm Peter and Boon-Nam wrote:
Let Dan the Man get on with his skating, I was almost flattened by a battle axe in one of those bl....dy mobility scooters, she came flying round the corner like a bat out of hell, just as I stepped out of the pub onto the pavement, hit me right in the shins and had the cheek to blame me for not looking where I was going!! Happy skating Dan. Best, Peter

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