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sad day for the Albion

On 17 Apr 2006 at 7:36pm Mark Rolfe wrote:
sadly they they lost today and will now go down.
Hopefully Ldc will leave them to build their new stadium and get the income they need to get a better team.
On 17 Apr 2006 at 8:11pm Simon Jordan wrote:
Not a sad day for the residents of Falmer though.
On 17 Apr 2006 at 8:14pm Mark Rolfe wrote:
makes no difference to them.The stadium will be built.
On 18 Apr 2006 at 9:06am Mystic mog wrote:
Why not build a nice big Tescos' there plus the football stadium, casino, Lidl, MacDonalds, KFC and anything else appropriate. It seems that is what members of this forum would like.
On 18 Apr 2006 at 12:59pm Mick wrote:
Yes please. How do we get the ball rolling?
PS I expect you are still gloating eh Toothy?
On 18 Apr 2006 at 1:53pm ANON wrote:
It will be a sad day for Britain if the stadium is built in Falmer, it indicate that football is more important to us than human rights, the environment and our health. Moreover, it indicates that football (or a bit of cash) is above the law, since it is illegal for developments to be built on an AONB, unless specific criteria are met, regardless of the site lying within proposals for a national park.
Don't get me wrong, football is an important economic, social, and cultural centre, but at a time when environmental stability is of grave concern, particularly where we, in Sussex are campaigning against urban sprawl and development in every other context, allow for an unsightly football stadium and associated hooligans to be located in an area of oustanding natural beauty? I for one, will leave the area should the stadium be built, and I hope with my hearth that Lewes District Council win in court.
On 18 Apr 2006 at 3:43pm chav wrote:
Mystic, you are my idol. Anon, you are in need of help.
Perhaps Seaford's version of Richard Branson could stump up the cash to build the stadium from the loose change in his favourite leatherette bumbag. He could even put some players up in his nevernever land ranch.
On 18 Apr 2006 at 4:03pm I dont live in lewes anymore wrote:
Only a zero IQ'd short sighted idiot would build a stadium in Falmer.... so it will proberly be built.
A brand new stadium for a third rate team... yeah makes a lotta sense.
On 18 Apr 2006 at 4:34pm Chav wrote:
Thats why I asked you..
On 18 Apr 2006 at 5:30pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
Come on now mick, it's always been a question of not if they went down but when. Face facts, they're a rubbish team playing in a glorified school playing field. Wardy and Sully have long gone and 'aint comming back. Stop living in the past, they've gone back to their natural home (the old Div 3)
On 18 Apr 2006 at 8:38pm mick wrote:
Bye bye then or are you another Frank Bruno?
On 21 Apr 2006 at 7:21pm lopster wrote:
What is there of oustanding natural beauty on a 45 degree hillside facing north triangled between a university campus a road and the bypass/railway. Where else in the area can a stadium be built for the Seagulls? None of the Seagulls fans/supporters/followers that I speak to are hooligans - talk about guilty until proven innocent, how much oy MY money (and all yours, well maybe not Chav's as that is probably all from state handouts therefore comes under the heading of "mine" again) OK cancel the stadium my vote goes for a FIREWORKS factory - much more appropriate for the area. Fireworks with "use by" dates on them so that they must be used on days other than the glorious fifth.
On 6 Jun 2006 at 5:59pm claire wrote:
trying to reach marc rolfe, how can i?

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