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name for a new town west of Lewes - ideas?

On Tue 9 Mar at 5:45pm Uiop wrote:
There's a new town being planned in Lewes district which will replace East Chiltington - to be developed on land owned by Eton College. So if you're looking down from the South Downs you'll have something more interesting to see than boring fields. This project needs a name which in the best traditions should be done by Lewes people. Any ideas? My rubbish ideas so far are - Etongrad, Concreton, Etonplex. Even worse were East Plumpton, West Cooksbridge and Quidsinbury (homage tp Poundbury - as developers claim that kind of DNA). Any outrageously good suggestions may get nicked and used to mock the developers and their choice of green wishy waffle.
On Tue 9 Mar at 10:25pm David Stanley wrote:
Great Blighton
On Wed 10 Mar at 7:51am Formerly AC-T wrote:
Having looked at a summary of the proposals, I'm rather shocked by the scale of it. Three thousand homes must be close to the size of Ringmer.
Given the tiny lanes around that area, I think they should call it Gridlock.

Check it out here »
On Wed 10 Mar at 9:33am David Stanley wrote:
Eton Mess?
On Wed 10 Mar at 9:36am David Stanley wrote:
Just occurred to me that Camilla what's er face grew up nearby. I wonder if she could be persuaded to talk to big ears and he could stick his oar in?
On Wed 10 Mar at 10:41am Tom Pain wrote:
Why can't they build it on the famous Playing Fields of Eton that cultivated such great statesmen as.... um.... Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, our beloved leader?. All that rot about sustainable farming is so much manure. Farms are getting bigger and more reliant on machinery,, no doubt soon to be AI controlled, and artificial fertilisers and pesticides courtesy of big oil.
Rising population? They've been screaming for years about the falling birth rate and the necessity of encouraging immigration. Then of course there's Gates and his billionaire chums telling us the world is overpopulated. The contradictions are insane. Add to this the government's project to "re-wild" a massive proportion of farm land.
So we increase the population and decrease the food production. Increase the "food-miles" to provide it in the name of sustainability!
On Wed 10 Mar at 11:26am Nevillman wrote:
It does seem a little strange that development is being encouraged on green field sites like this new one and the proposed development by malling as it leaves the numerous brown field sites in Lewes like North Street and the police garage as apparently uneconomic for development. I somehow thought it would be Gates behind it Tom.
On Wed 10 Mar at 12:37pm Local99 wrote:
Downy McDownface
On Wed 10 Mar at 1:14pm Basil wrote:
Yes, the name 'North Street Quarter' is free.
On Wed 10 Mar at 3:27pm Formerly AC-T wrote:
@Nevillman, the clean-up costs of building on brownfield sites only render them uneconomic in the eyes of the developers who are expected to make profits for their shareholders.
If there was a "greenfield development tax", set at a level a bit above the costs of cleaning up an equivalent sized brownfield site, they'd soon make different choices.
On Thu 11 Mar at 2:57pm IDM wrote:
Etonot Green. But brilliant David Stanley.
On Sat 13 Mar at 11:59pm Tom Pain wrote:
Covid Asylum, to mark the year everyone accepted insanity. Terrortown where people live in fear of catching a cold. Hivehurst,we worship the queen. Conformitown. Jobsworthy. Vaccinatown . Deceasehaven. Coronaville. Cantbebothered.
On Sat 20 Mar at 5:21pm Uiop wrote:
Don't blame me for this one - East ChiltingTown
This is something I saw in a press release yesterday from the official residents campaign group.
Talking about Eton's new town scheme it says this:-
"...Don’t Urbanise the Downs – Stop East ChiltingTown’, a new action group set up to fight the scheme, has called the plans ‘Eton Mess.’
As a resident of East Chiltington myself I groaned inwardly when I saw that. Because what I had had in mind when I started this thread on Lewes Forum was to find a suitable name whereby we can mock the Eton new town scheme whenever we refer to it in conversations locally among ourselves. Instead I fear that distorting the very fine old name of "Chiltington" - to "ChiltingTown" will fail to convey to anyone (who doesn't know these parts) the awful magnitude of the consequences.
Thank you all by the way for the contributions to this thread so far. I felt much better for seeing them. And I look forward to reading more.
I'll need a pick up because "ChiltingTown" made me feel quite deflated. Feels like an own goal. I fervently hope that that particular phrase will be quickly and quietly shelved. And perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it here at all.
On Sat 20 Mar at 7:16pm Nevillman wrote:
No. You're right. East Chilting Town it is.
On Sat 20 Mar at 11:27pm Tom Pain wrote:
Least Chiltington
On Sun 28 Mar at 3:51pm Uiop wrote:
The BBC came to East Chiltington to look at the site of the new town. You can see what it looks like in a 2 minute clip on YouTube which came from last night's tv broadcast.

Watch the video »
On Thu 8 Apr at 9:58pm OscarCroft wrote:
We should call it ‘Tompaindrinkspissandvinegar’

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