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On 17 Oct 2007 at 8:35pm sue wrote:
i think lewes could do with a variety of shops and it could fit a little pound shop,but would many people go there?as brighton is so close and people love there little trips to brighton,and feel it may not make enough money to stay open.Lewes has always been like this when i lived there i use to alot of shopping in brighton and in the cheapo shops but still used shops in lewes to.Think your tescos need modernising to!
On 17 Oct 2007 at 9:29pm Lewesianne wrote:
Does anyone actually shop in that women's clothes shop in the Bottleneck, next door but one to the pub? I can't believe anyone with an ounce of sense would pay the extortionate prices for clothes that you could pick up in the charity shop! Can't remember what it's called but if anyone knows anyone who actually shops there, then I'd like to meet them so I can stare in wonder and ask them WHY and call them snobby to their face? I hate lables and people who live and die for lables are SAD. Except Levis, of course.
On 17 Oct 2007 at 10:13pm zola wrote:
Lewisanne,i havent even been in for a look,As i also havent been in Flints,or the one next to the Rainbow,or the woolly shop which used to be Daltons...Or Fatface,or the one opposite Boots where the S***** pound shop used to be....I can think of more.....Im a charity shop girlie through and through.Just takes a bit longer thats all.My latest bargain was a pair of Levis,dark ones,slightly flared,for 4.50,courtesy of Red Cross(A fave)I just dont go in these poshish shops,coz i know i cant afford anything.And i love window shopping.Think we need a chazza shop thread.Dawns Boutique,next to Bills gets my 2nd vote,then the one near the Gardners.Then half of Black Rat for afters....
On 19 Oct 2007 at 3:16pm Lewesianne wrote:
Mind you, Zola, Charity Shops are'nt what they used to be now, I find. I think some of the shop organisers must be pilfering out the good stuff for themselves which is such a shame. I was told that one of them, not mentioning names, has a good sort through and then makes a few quid in boot fairs!!!!
Also, if you go to new shops like Matalan, Peacocks etc, clothing is so cheap now that they're sometimes cheaper than charity shops.
Many a time, I've gone to donate my bin liner of clothes (that I probably bought from them originally) and they've turned it away as they are overflowing.
The One next door to Bills is the scabbiest, with nothing but old tat and then St Peter and St James is just as bad. Cancer Research is extortionate but Help The Aged and the Heart Foundation are great.
And because I buy all my clothes cheaply (and still manage to look Sassy, I can afford to splash out on other things like caviar and trips to Glyndebourne..............well if I liked fish eggs and opera, I would!
On 19 Oct 2007 at 5:13pm zola wrote:
OOOoooh....Scullduggery in the chazza shops!! Wonder which one,,,?Lewesianne,i agree,could have written that last comment myself.Actually,i thought the one next door to Bills was not worth going in,but a friend persueded me...There's a really interesting 50p rail in there,and you have just got to look and be a bit patient.And Oxfam? Window shopping only,FAR too expensive for me.And the one in Friars walk is like a massive jumble sale,always far too much stuff,i walk in,and walk straight out again.Red Cross,top of station street is one of the best.Primark for me for the odd new item.Long live tat!!
On 19 Oct 2007 at 6:18pm Lewesianne wrote:
Couldn't agree more.
The All Saints Jumble every September, is /was really good but again, I think that even that has dwindled a bit. One year, right at the end of the last day, they were trying to get rid of everything so we all filled a bin liner for 50p. I just grabbed a few things that looked ok and when I got them home, they were all really nice dresses, my size, from Next!! Bargain. I even wore one to a really posh dinner/dance (tiara, hair do, the works) and everyone commented on how nice my dress was. Theirs were all around the 100 mark.......mugs.
On 19 Oct 2007 at 6:43pm zola wrote:
I probably know you Lewesianne....I have helped at the All Saints over the years,and got some lovely stuff there.I used to love jumbling too,but they are so few and far between now,and i dont drive,so cant get to the more out of the way ones...Used to be brilliant jumbles at our old Brownie Hall,down from the Police Station,but even that's gone now...Trouble is,people boot sale their old stuff more now,or give it to charity shops...Or give it away on Freecycle...Love a good boot sale though.O yes,O yes!

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