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Tested positive

On Fri 3 Apr at 3:16pm dave wrote:
Does anyone know anyone who been tested positive?
On Fri 3 Apr at 3:18pm pickle wrote:
Yes, why?
On Fri 3 Apr at 3:34pm Sleeveless wrote:
I don't know anyone, even a friend of a friend.
On Fri 3 Apr at 4:14pm Nevillman wrote:
Seems to be mainly affecting famous people. Seriously if anyone knows of anyone locally catching it, it would be interesting to know. We could all go round there tooled up with baseball bats.
Can I just point out given the difficulty of posting ironic comments pretty well anywhere on the internet that that was intended as a joke. Sorry it's not particularly funny and I really wouldn't like in any way to be seen to be making light of the virus or encouraging groups to go out on the streets at the moment or in fact vigilante groups in anything short of the zombie apocalypse. Hopefully I got away with it and no I haven't got anything better to do and yes I would really love a life.
On Fri 3 Apr at 5:48pm Green Sleeves wrote:
@sleeveless, you're most fortunate.....or perhaps not overly connected. They need to test more people, and it looks like the UK government is finally starting to heed the calls for more testing. I'm sure by the end of the year, most of us will know many people (directly/personally) who have caught Covid19, and may well know people who pass away. If this doesn't turn out to be the case, then I will very contently eat my hat, with a big sigh of relief.
On Fri 3 Apr at 6:02pm dave wrote:
I probably should have said I know many people who have had it and most have got through it but I donít know anyone who has had it, been hospitalised and tested positive.
I suspect thatís not unusual though as the published figures today show that only 563 per million people in the UK have contracted COVID 19 which is about 1 in 2000
On Fri 3 Apr at 8:18pm Tom Pain wrote:
It doesn't look as if many people are getting tested. Lots of footage on YouTube taken by locals showing empty facilities that the media reported as packed and frantic. This seems to be a world wide phenomena. The man from Imperial College who cooked up the dodgy dossier with fictitious statistics of probable deaths seems to have a previous record for this behaviour in relation to animal epidemics. Sweden with no lockdown appears to be doing as well as Britain in the pestilence statistics.
On Sat 4 Apr at 12:01pm Hamid Barr wrote:
Yes I do. Lady in her early 70's from Nunhead has heart problem ( thankfully slight) and is diabetic. Was in hospital on oxygen the whole bit now. Coming home tomorrow and over it.
On Sun 5 Apr at 11:02am Tom Pain wrote:
I'm glad to hear it, Hamid. It appears that most of the covid fatalities had underlying health problems as well, just as with normal seasonal flu.
On Mon 6 Apr at 8:43am Stephen Watson wrote:
Tom, lots of people have underlying health problems. You could have one you don't know about yet.
On Mon 6 Apr at 1:06pm Tom Pain wrote:
Absolutely right Steven, it's a risky business being alive isn't it? Having embarked on my eighth decade I have nothing but baseless optimism and ridiculous but enduring bravado to sustain me and I'm loving every minute.

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