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What will this change?

On Sun 29 Mar at 9:52pm Stephen Watson wrote:
When the COVID-19 crisis is over, will things get back to normal? What is normal anyway? What changes, if any, will you make to your habits or lifestyle afterwards? And what permanent social or economic changes do you think might result from this episode?
On Sun 29 Mar at 10:31pm Basil wrote:
What changes? None. The combination of the education system and the media (it used to be the church, but we've moved on) ensures people do what they are told and allow a system that exists for the benefit of the 1% of owners persists.
On Sun 29 Mar at 11:00pm Tom Pain wrote:
Pretty much it Bas, maybe more severe. The economic impact will be biggest, large corporations will swallow up small businesses that can't afford weeks without income.
On Mon 30 Mar at 7:20am Hyena wrote:
TP, I look forward to Unileverís take over of Billís.
On Mon 30 Mar at 7:23am Sleeveless wrote:
Tom, there are of course, some small businesses, light on the feet, who have adapted and are currently thriving.
On Mon 30 Mar at 10:23am Nevillman wrote:
A lot will depend on how long the lockdown goes on for as this will determine the state of the economy. It would be nice to think that we will value people differently but I think that basil is right and the system will go back to disproportionately rewarding CEOs and finance. I'm not sure what anyone can do about it and with the current government there is unlikely to be a very progressive income tax introduced which would help equalise incomes.
It could well be that there will be a dose of inflation as money is printed to pay for it. This will redistribute income from savers (often the older people) to borrowers (usually younger) and while I am not looking forward to seeing my personal retirement nest egg wiped out, there is a certain justice in it.

The crisis will only be over when there is a vaccine. I think it is likely that before too long people will be allowed to go back to work and the virus will be allowed to rip through the working population. The vulnerable will be expected to continue with their lockdown. I would hope that a number of businesses develop or emerge to meet their needs.
On Mon 30 Mar at 6:42pm Mark wrote:
It might, possibly, end the shift towards neo-liberalism. This is the pattern. There's a major crisis, a threat and ordinary, working people sort it out -whilst the Richard Bransons amongst us just whine for government handouts. This was how we got the homes for heroes, the garden cities, the NHS.
On Mon 30 Mar at 10:40pm Basil wrote:
Don't often agree with you Mark, but you're spot on there... apart from Lloyd' George's promise of 'homes for heroes'.
On Mon 30 Mar at 11:08pm Nevillman wrote:
Fly in the ointment of the end of neo liberalism argument is that we will still have to lose our current favourable trading terms with the EU and in desperation have to turn to the US for a trading agreement. No sign of them becoming less neo liberal and thus being prepared to forgo the chance to insist on further neo liberal measures as a price for the UK to pay. Cue basil and his neo liberal EU project mantra. How about instead of just repeating it basil you provide some evidence for it.
On Tue 31 Mar at 7:38am Sleeveless wrote:
Hey Nevillman, thought you might like to know that your mate on Lewes Present has been hacked.
On Tue 31 Mar at 9:07am Sussex Jim wrote:
@Basil: Lloyd George was a Liberal. They promise anything to get votes; especially in modern times, when they have no hope of forming a government.
On Tue 31 Mar at 11:22am Nevillman wrote:
Sleeveless. How can they tell? I see that he has just posted about the number of cases in America and then gone on to pillorying trump. First thought was good. He is now allowing wider debate and even encouraging it even if it was overtly how great the Tory government are by handling it so much better than the USA. There was no context in terms of relative numbers but good anyway. Immediately below it is another post from him welcoming new members but saying that there was only allowed to be good news stories. I think he thinks the deaths in America is a good news story.
Sorry this post is in the wrong thread but I was reacting to sleeveless post and got carried away. Please go back to discussing what this will change (if you want, not that I want to tell people what to say apart from Tom who I would just like to think a little bit before posting occasionally and even then it's up to him).
On Thu 2 Apr at 11:13pm Basil wrote:
@Sussex Jim - don't imagine I disagree about the Liberals, Lib Dems or whatever they disguise themselves as now. A contemptible little crew.
On Thu 2 Apr at 11:16pm Basil wrote:
Nevillman wrote: '... lose our current favourable trading terms with the EU and in desperation have to turn to the US for a trading agreement.'

Oh, I never realised in future all our trade will be confined to the US. Nothing with the EU? They are going to find that difficult, aren't they? And nothing with the rest of the world? Well, who would have thought it.
On Fri 3 Apr at 12:27pm Mark wrote:
If I may speak for Nev... I'm sure that that's not what he meant. He meant that we will go into negotiations for a trade deal (with a very weak bargaining position) They will have us for breakfast. Like NAFTA, there will be clauses making it illegal to place restrictions on trade. Canada and Mexico are in this position. The NHS will be entirely contracted out to private firms. Why did Boris say, "The NHS is not for?" He chose his words carefully. It's not going to be sold. Under NAFTA, the people of Quebec held a referendum. They banned fracking. An American court said, No. You can't do that. It's a restriction on trade. Boris knows all of this.

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