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the march for free speach

On Wed 13 Jun at 10:35pm news man wrote:
The government have ban coverage of all Tommy Robinson marches in London and across the world
. so we all now live under dictatorship.
On Wed 13 Jun at 10:51pm Chips wrote:
Where abouts in Lewes do you live?
On Thu 14 Jun at 12:23am Nevillman wrote:
It truly would be a dreadful situation if the government dictated to the press and broadcasters that they must or must not report on any item of news. I think it is highly unlikely that all of the media would comply. Where is your proof of this supposed ban.
On Thu 14 Jun at 3:12am News boy wrote:
It was in the sun, which speaks the truth about everything. Voice of my the common man
On Thu 14 Jun at 6:46am Voice of reason wrote:
Free speech? What do you want to say? Come on, out with it.
On Thu 14 Jun at 7:01am Country Life wrote:
Does it really come as a surprise that mainstream media in censored? Ironically the channel that is censored the least and reviled the most is social media - you can easily censure paper editorial or TV bias but it's nigh on impossible to affect people with smartphones posting actual events.
On Thu 14 Jun at 7:03am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
Just had a quick google and the only recent thing I could find related to Italy and was in February.
Have you got a link, News Man?
On Thu 14 Jun at 11:12am Jonny wrote:
Tommy Robinson broke the law. End of.
On Thu 14 Jun at 12:44pm Dexter wrote:
Not for the first time, he nearly collapsed a trial. Not in the name of free speech but in the name of the 'Tommy Robinson' brand.
Tommy Robinon is his stage name (proppa man of the people, English sounding that!).
He's a showman & his real name (and the one he was charged with) is Stephen Christopher Yaxley (sounds a bit too middle class).
He's been making a lot of money thank you very much, trying to be the voice of the growing number of disgruntled ultra-right wing loonies in this country. He's taking them all for a ride & they're too stupid to see that 'the show must go on'. Indignant anger & hatred is his stock and trade, let's not confuse that with free speach.
On Thu 14 Jun at 1:22pm Chad wrote:
Robinson is according to various opinions:
"Far right"
"A Zionist shill"
"Controlled oposition"
Whatever his many obvious shortcomings he has managed to say things many think but are too scared to say out loud.
The people he represents are those former labour voters who are inconvenient in their
"false consciousness " and "ignorance."
They know the political classes despise them. If you keep calling people racist for noticing different standards of behaviour you will create the identity politics that we see in other countries.
Those responsible (in social services and local politics ) in Rotherham and Oxford have yet pay the price for their complicity.
Does anyone really think this is going to get better by polite tut-tutting?
There is real anger in the country and government and media hope it will just go away.
Robinson is a casualty of "the war against noticing".
On Thu 14 Jun at 1:46pm Dexter wrote:
I agree with some of the things you have pointed out Chad, especially your point about Oxford, Rotherham & lets not forget other places. Something was/is deeply wrong with the social structures (the police, councils & social services) that were/are pretending to protect us from societies predators. Most normal poeple would agree with that.
Most of your polemic though is typical cut and paste text book EDL though.
My favourite right wing cliche & it never fails to illuminate a Nazi keyboard warrior... "They know the political classes despise them"
I don't see Stephen Christopher Yaxley as the evangelising hero weilding his sword of justice on behalf of the downtrodden.
I see him as the front-man of an ever growing band of ultra right-wing thugs.
I see him as a man who plays emotions, not facts.
I see a man who sees this as a game, a self enriching one.
Most of all, I see a complete fraud.
For those of you who don't, look at his supporters on Whitehall the other week. Labour supporters or Right-wing Conservatives, not likely.
EDL, Football Lads Alliance, probably.
On Thu 14 Jun at 2:46pm Chad wrote:
Most people will look at mainstream media and think his supporters are right wing. If you keep telling everyone it's right wing to want action to stop state sanctioned rape then many people will wear that label gladly.
Of course there are thugs who enjoy fighting but there were thousands on Saturday and many middle aged and retired people on their first ever protest. Jews and muslims,Sikhs,Hindus and Buddhists. Several ex Gurkhas, lots of women , lots of medal wearing veterans, many mixed race people, lots of christians, lots if atheists and amazingly two people who actually fought real Nazi's ( medals on display )who are labeled as Nazi's by the very press of the country whose freedom they thought they were securing.
They don't deny TR is a loose cannon at times.No doubt he is a narcissistic little s... but the issues are much bigger than him.
On Thu 14 Jun at 5:31pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
"If you keep calling people racist for noticing different standards of behaviour ... "
There are "different standards of behaviour" within communities as well as between. It is only racist to attribute those differences to race in a pejorative or derogatory way.
It's not difficult to recognise racist speech, or to recognise when that speech is intended to incite racial hatred. Which is, quite rightly, illegal.
Hate speech is not free speech, it is a lot more than just expressing an opinion.
On Thu 14 Jun at 5:39pm news man wrote:
You can see all the oppressed minorities quite clearly in the link below (Daily Mail).
All those 'Jews and muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists.'
Impressive hey?

Check it out here »
On Sun 17 Jun at 10:39am Himself wrote:
What's the difference between Tommy Robinson in prison and jumping ten buses in an Uber?
One's a cabbed stunt...
On Thu 21 Jun at 12:14am Nazi Scum wrote:
Nothing but thick nazi thugs.

Watch the video »

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