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Bonfire cancelled so that trains can run

On Wed 16 May at 11:58am Robert wrote:
.....or is it the other way round?
On Wed 16 May at 12:27pm damp squib wrote:
It's neither. No decisions have been made yet by Southern.
On Wed 16 May at 12:48pm Robert wrote:
Believe me, the decision has been made.
On Wed 16 May at 1:57pm Tom wrote:
I don't believe you
On Wed 16 May at 2:28pm Tim wrote:
What is more important, a few overgrown school kids having fun with explosives or people going about their daily lives and trying to get to work, School, College, University? It isn't just Lewes Station that will be closed - Falmer, Moulscomb, Glynde included and maybe others.
On Wed 16 May at 2:34pm Dear Tim wrote:
Isn't the real question what's more important? Your boring daily life or hundreds of years of history?
On Wed 16 May at 2:54pm Guy wrote:
It has been said for many years. A huge amount of disruption for thousands along with the inevitable injuries and damage to property just so a few idiots can dress up in charity shop clothes and let off fireworks.
On Wed 16 May at 4:49pm Sad wrote:
It must be terrible to have such a miserable life that you live in a beautiful town that has an event once a year that is basically unique in the world and easy to plan for and you're moaning about it being harder to get to work. Take the day off, go out and enjoy yourself, maybe embrace some of what makes Lewes such desirable place to live. Or move to Uckfield and stop worrying about it.
On Wed 16 May at 4:53pm Davejavu wrote:
Or hailsham.
On Wed 16 May at 5:17pm Bob wrote:
Stations never used to be closed for Bonfire. Someone has obviously decided that getting on or off a train is more hazardous than bonfire activities.
On Wed 16 May at 5:34pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
I feel rather sorry for people who can't get the day off work and can't get home. I'm lucky in that my job is flexible, my employers are understanding and they totally get it. But if you work for an insurance company in Croydon or something, it's pretty tough.
I also don't understand why they close the stations up and down the line from Lewes. I'd be pretty hacked off if I lived in Moulsecoombe or Glynde and commuted.
On Wed 16 May at 5:43pm Mavis wrote:
I've always wondered why our property insurance was so high, now I know - bonfire ! Thanks a lot !!
On Wed 16 May at 5:43pm Tim wrote:
Maybe the bonfire societies would like to reimburse taxi fares or overnight accommodation costs?
On Wed 16 May at 5:48pm A Person wrote:
Why do they close the stations between Brighton and here? My guess is that they hope they'll discourage a few thousand students from pitching up in order to spend the day getting very drunk and endangering themselves and everyone else...
Too many visitors (whether drunken students or not) are a PITA, and far more difficult to keep safe. So the "authorities" try to discourage them by making it hard to get into town.

Long live Bonfire.
On Wed 16 May at 9:12pm Day off wrote:
Given that the date of Bonfire Night is hardly a secret, you can give your employer plenty of notice that you want to take a holiday day, the idea that employers "won't be understanding" if you tell them a year in advance when you want one day holiday is frankly ridiculous.
One imagines they shut Glynde and so on to stop people getting off there and walking it.
On Wed 16 May at 10:40pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
Not everyone has the sort of job where you can just take a day's leave, Day Off. I've known many people who have to take their leave in whole weeks, or at certain times of the year. People working in education often can't take days off in term time.
And people who live 50-odd miles away often find it incredible that a whole town can shut at 5.00pm, or midday if you need to get in by train. When Mr C-T worked quite far afield for a while, he had to show his manager the road closures online before they would believe him and accept he needed to leave early!
On Thu 17 May at 9:50am Morons wrote:
Lewes is a BONFIRE TOWN and has been for hundreds of years. if you didnt do your research when you moved, your problem. dont like it? take your pathetic, dull, insignificant life somewhere else.
On Thu 17 May at 10:52am Guy wrote:
Moron you moron. I have lived in Lewes all my life. My ancestors were in bonfire. But I woke up and realised how ridiculous the whole thing is.
On Thu 17 May at 11:23am Commute wrote:
ACT, with the greatest respect, those are incredibly outdated employment practices and whilst teachers will struggle to get a day off in term time, people are forever saying that Lewes is too expensive for teachers and nurses to live in aren't they? If you're working 50 miles away in a job the won't let you book a day off a year in advance then yes, Bonfire will prove awkward but for the literally handful of people that will apply to maybe moving a bit closer to work to a town with no Bonfire celebrations is the answer?
On Fri 18 May at 11:40pm Real Talk wrote:
A) It is not a bonfire society decision. The police do what they want for "counter terrorism"
B) ask your employer to be flexible
C) last resort use a day's holiday, that is what most people in bonfire do
D) six months' notice. Christ
On Sat 19 May at 10:31am Gilly wrote:
Bonfire only wants Lewes people. It's for Lewes people. So stop the trains then outsiders can't watch.
Lewes people are either in bonfire. Or hate it. So have your bonfire March down the street with no one watching you.
On Tue 22 May at 12:51pm Local Resident wrote:
@ Gilly - We will, thanks.
Even if the streets were empty of spectators, then Bonfire Societies would still process on the fifth. For most society memebers involved, the event is NOT intended as a public spectacle.
The fact that spectators (including many non-residents of Lewes) turn out, adds greatly to the complexity of the event, and to the cost of security/policing etc.
While the crowds flock into town, then the Societies will continue to charge them for programmes and firesite tickets to help pay for the event, and ask them to contribute to the charity buckets in the processions, but spectators are not essential to the event.

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