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wheely bins

On Tue 17 Apr at 12:17am historyman wrote:
normally a month or two after we have paid, part or full community charge LDC splash out on new cars for staff but this time its wheeley bins for everyone so the millions they spent on black boxes (you have to get it right) and ridiculously small grey boxes with overly complicated lids and which the bottom of the box is a disgusting eyesore and smells dreadful, anyway I digress, they will recycle them surely? Nope they are going to be used as fuel (burnt) like the vast majority of plastic bottles.
On Tue 17 Apr at 1:02am Horseman7 wrote:
They're being offered to schools and community groups to use as planters.
On Tue 17 Apr at 6:57am When wrote:
New bins, no just old blue ones from another Council.....
On Tue 17 Apr at 7:34am LDC wrote:
Hi all - we'll be recycling any black boxes which aren't requested by community groups for reuse. The recycling wheelie bins are green with a blue lid, are brand new and are rather fetching (even if I say so myself). We'll drop yours off on your usual recycling day so leave your boxes and bags out as usual please. If you did want to keep your boxes just don't put them out - or leave a note on the box. Thanks, Bryn
On Tue 17 Apr at 7:51am Old fashioned wrote:
I have requested not to have a wheelie bin and to keep using the boxes. This is an option that is available but not publicised.
On Tue 17 Apr at 9:01am Dusty wrote:
In the letter we received, we were given the option to continue with the old black bins if requested.
On Tue 17 Apr at 9:08am @ historyman wrote:
We are still keeping the grey food recycling bin. Not sure what is complicated about the lid, and if it smells give it a wash.
On Tue 17 Apr at 9:41am Earl of Lewess wrote:
Don't know why people are moaning. I think it's great that I can dump every recyclable item in just one bin - and it takes a wider range of things too.
On Tue 17 Apr at 9:59am Old fashioned wrote:
Cos they are ugly, big, difficult to store, hard to move up steps, an eyesore,.......
On Tue 17 Apr at 10:57am Fruitfly wrote:
Does this mean that there are going to be wheelie bins outside houses (particularly terraced houses) all of the time? Iíve seen this in Brighton, itís ugly.
On Tue 17 Apr at 11:00am Eric wrote:
Miserable b*stards. Moaning about everything. Really pleased with mine. Recycling is so much easier now.
On Tue 17 Apr at 11:34am Pf wrote:
Love mine better than the old black boxes.
On Tue 17 Apr at 12:29pm Horseman7 wrote:
I've requested a half sized bin since I'm a single householder. It'll feel very strange putting everything in together.
On Tue 17 Apr at 12:56pm @LDC Bryn wrote:
Our notice correctly identified that we have no suitable frontage, so we will not be getting a wheelie bin and should continue using the black boxed an (presumably) grey bags.
Will we now be ok to mix the various categories rather than separating paper, cardboard, glass, metal etc?
On Tue 17 Apr at 1:16pm Sceptical local wrote:
I wanted to ask for a small recycling bin rather than the full size one, but there was no contact number on the letter to allow me to make the request by 'phone.
I then tried online but the council webpage would not accept my request without my entering an email address.
Why not - Are they planning to email me about my collections?
I got around the problem by entering a spurious number of characters that did not even resemble the normal structure of an email address - which the dumb website happily accepted.
The site then told me I would be emailed a copy of my request which they recommended I print off and keep. Why? I know I requested a small bin, I saw the acknowledgment that the request had been received, and I know the date and time I made the request, so why do I need to print a hard copy at my own expense (paper, printer ink, power etc)?
Unless, of course, they are worried that their request system will not work, and that homeowners will receive the large bin unless they can prove to the delivery driver that they have requested otherwise by showing them the hard copy.
Or are they simply asking homeowners to waste money on, and then recyle, a totally unnecessary piece of paper.
So much for progress.
On Tue 17 Apr at 2:56pm Earl of Lewess wrote:
@Sceptical Local - Why do you object to giving them your email address?
On Tue 17 Apr at 3:04pm cockshute wrote:
Blue and green? The fashion police have been notified.
On Tue 17 Apr at 4:28pm Theresa's Philip wrote:
LDC hasn't collected any of the old black boxes in Kingston despite putting them, out
On Tue 17 Apr at 8:08pm Staying in wrote:
Are they getting rid of the tough bags with handles? If so can someone grab me some. These are perfectly designed for storing and moving fire wood. Thanks
On Tue 17 Apr at 8:14pm LDC wrote:
@LDC Bryn - that's right - from 30 April you can mix up your recycling in any of your containers if you aren't having a wheelie bin. And don't forget you can recycle loads more types of plastic. Cheers, Bryn
On Tue 17 Apr at 11:04pm Horseman7 wrote:
The bags are also brilliant for growing potatoes.
On Wed 18 Apr at 1:26pm Sceptical local wrote:
@ Earl of Lewess
I don't see why LDC need my email address given they have my terrestial address.
They have my home address on the on-line request form, and their website confirmed they had received my on-line request. Their hard-copy 'circular' has given me dates when the black bins will be replaced.
Thus, if the new bin arrives as requested there is no more to be said and the matter will be closed.
Or, If I do not receive the requested smaller bin when expected ,then I will contact them again to pursue the matter.
Hence I see no possible reason why they would ever need to contact me via email - unless of course their forecasting systems are so poor that they need to tell me they have already run out of the smaller bins - in which case I assume they will simply delay replacement of my black bins until more small wheelie bins become available.
I consider email an uncertain communication method, given that any unsolicted, or unexpected, email arriving from an unfamiliar contact address is likely to get filtered out by my ISP, or by my email software, and thus never be seen/read by me (I am too busy to trawl my junk mail folder 'just in case' LDC recycling have tried to contact be out of the blue). And, I might have to, or choose to, change my email address at short notice for any number of reasons, in which case the contact info on the LDC system would be out of date, and thus never reach me.
If they need to contact me they can send me an old fashioned hard-copy letter, which is less likely to be overlooked/missed or filtered out.
Yes any such letter will cost LDC (and ultimately myself as a local council tax payer) more money to send, but given I doubt there will ever be a need for them to contact me individually, and unsolicited, on a wheelie-bin related matter, I am willing to take that risk.

On Wed 18 Apr at 2:14pm @LDC - Bryn wrote:
Thank you, Bryn
On Mon 23 Apr at 4:28pm Historyman wrote:
Thanks for your interesting and useful replie.

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