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May versus Putin.

On Wed 14 Mar at 12:37pm Offspring wrote:
Who's got most to lose?
On Wed 14 Mar at 2:01pm Blatant Liar wrote:
May of course and she will, she can't suppress the press in the same way and is subject to criminal prosecutions if she does anything illegal (I doubt Putin is worried about these issues).
She hasn't followed the treaty protocol, so unless she had solid proof it was Russia, he will give her the run around and make her look even more of a fool than she does on an average day.
On Wed 14 Mar at 2:41pm Vlad the Unstabler wrote:
The one thing that would really upset Putin, of course, would be to neutralise his strategic initiative to destablise and marginalise Britain while weakening Europe - is, stop Brexit. Of course, that won't happen. Vladimir won't allow it.
On Wed 14 Mar at 5:51pm Mr Phorbes wrote:
Without doubt something doesn't add up here.
On Wed 14 Mar at 7:22pm We'vehadourfun wrote:
If the British establishment went in and cleared up this incident quietly and then got on with normal business Putin would have been fuming. Typical tory politician seeking glory on the international stage,
the very stage she fell off last year! Let's hope she sends David Davis over there to 'negotiate'.
On Wed 14 Mar at 8:18pm Curious wrote:
I've got a great idea~ whenever you don't get what you want, blame Putin! It's really easy and most people will believe you,it seems.
On Thu 15 Mar at 11:09am Rockanda Hardplace wrote:
May can't do anything, her party accepts millions in donations from Russia every year, London is mainly owned by Russian oligarchs laundering their dirty cash and cutting that off would completely screw the financial sector. On the flip side, confiscating all that property and selling it cheap would do wonders for the housing crisis and severely cool down the London property market...

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Where did you get that hat 135:137
Where did you get that hat

No it's definitely a troll, but yes bordering on racist, I guess he/she's trying to be a parody of a typical Brexit voter.
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