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On Tue 13 Mar at 9:13am Jonny wrote:
Just experienced first hand why removal of the cobbles will cause problems. The traffic coming down the hill from the war memorial has nothing to encourage it to slow down to merge. Speed differential is now greater. Almost got sideswiped by a van followed closely by a cyclist. Also pedestrians are at greater risk around Fillers/Flea market area because of higher speeds.
On Tue 13 Mar at 1:14pm @Jonny wrote:
Cobbles do slow traffic, especially cyclists, but they couldn't cope with the volume of traffic using Market Street. They should put some traffic calming in to enforce the 20mph limit, which so many people ignore. Fisher Street and Market Street are both dangerous to cross at times.
On Wed 14 Mar at 12:22pm Smoggy wrote:
Fisher Street is already one of the most polluted streets in the county, putting in measures to slow people down on the rare occasions traffic is actually moving along it would make the problem significantly worse. I can't say I've ever had an issue trying to get across Market Street and I don't walk very fast at all. It'll only get worse once the traffic "improvements" for the Phoenix estate go in as they're planning to block off the top of East Street meaning all the traffic will have to go up School Hill then turn right into Market Street so you'll have far more cars using it. Madness really but then all the proposed road changes are pretty bonkers and clearly drawn up by someone who has never tried to either drive or walk round Lewes.
On Wed 14 Mar at 1:17pm Clean air wrote:
Where Deja Vu's gone - apart from when speedway is on.
On Wed 14 Mar at 6:06pm Really!!! wrote:
Not many people adhere to the 20 mph limit anyway !! One of the fastest parts of the one way system goes past the police station !!!

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