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VOTE IN and Democratise Europe! Google Diem 25

On 1 Jun 2016 at 5:35pm #Diem 25 wrote:
The EU will either be democratised or it will disintegrate!
Our immediate priority is (A) full transparency in decision-making (e.g. live-streaming of European Council, Ecofin and Eurogroup meetings, full disclosure of trade negotiation documents, publication of ECB minutes etc.) and (B) the urgent redeployment of existing EU institutions in the pursuit of innovative policies that genuinely address the crises of debt, banking, inadequate investment, rising poverty and migration.
Our medium-term goal, once Europeís various crises have been stabilised, is to convene a constitutional assembly where Europeans will deliberate on how to bring forth, by 2025, a full-fledged European democracy, featuring a sovereign Parliament that respects national self-determination and sharing power with national Parliaments, regional assemblies and municipal councils.
We call on our fellow Europeans to join us forthwith to create DiEM25 and to fight together to democratise the European Union, to end the reduction of all political relations into relations of power masquerading as merely technical decisions; to subject the EUís bureaucracy to the will of sovereign European peoples; to dismantle the habitual domination of corporate power over the will of citizens; and to re-politicise the rules that govern our single market and common currency.
We are inspired by a Europe of Reason, Liberty, Tolerance and Imagination made possible by comprehensive Transparency, real Solidarity and authentic Democracy. We aspire to:
A Democratic Europe in which all political authority stems from Europeís sovereign peoples
A Transparent Europe where all decision-making takes place under the citizensí scrutiny
A United Europe whose citizens have as much in common across countries as within them
A Realistic Europe that sets itself the task of radical, yet achievable, democratic reforms
A Decentralised Europe that uses central power to maximise democracy locally
A Pluralist Europe of regions, ethnicities, faiths, nations, languages and cultures
An Egalitarian Europe that celebrates difference and ends all forms of discrimination
A Cultured Europe that harnesses its peoplesí cultural diversity
A Social Europe that recognises freedom from exploitation as a prerequisite for true liberty
A Productive Europe that directs investment into a shared, green prosperity
A Sustainable Europe that lives within the planetís means
An Ecological Europe engaged in genuine world-wide green transition
A Creative Europe that releases the innovative powers of its citizensí imagination
A Technological Europe pressing new technologies in the service of solidarity
A Historically-minded Europe that seeks a bright future without hiding from its past
An Internationalist Europe that treats non-Europeans as ends-in-themselves
A Peaceful Europe de-escalating tensions in its neighbourhood and beyond
An Open Europe that is alive to ideas, people and inspiration from all over the world, recognising fences and borders as signs of weakness and sources of insecurity
A Liberated Europe where privilege, prejudice, deprivation and the threat of violence wither, allowing Europeans to be born into fewer stereotypical roles, to enjoy even chances to develop their potential, and to be free to choose more of their partners in life, work and society.
On 1 Jun 2016 at 6:11pm Better out wrote:
Good luck with that.
Look how much differance the P.M. made!
That was under the threat of Brexit. The only way it will change is when it falls apart.
On 1 Jun 2016 at 6:22pm . wrote:
Sounds lovely look forward to there being unanimous agreement from all the 28 countries after a long series of meetings and oh and you'll have to convince the unelected commission to propose all this in the first place but they seem busy right now destroying Greece and fast tracking Turkish membership.
I think i'll vote leave and actually restore democracy rather than hope for it.
On 1 Jun 2016 at 6:29pm Diem 25 wrote:
Link to the Diem 25 website below.

Check it out here »
On 1 Jun 2016 at 10:58pm Already grown a pair wrote:
Breaking up is never easy to do and even when you give the less signicant other the elbow there is always the chance of some break up woohoo.
Some times you have to let go. Your frigging bonkers Diem25, there's a Mars mission coming up, could be time to start afresh
On 2 Jun 2016 at 9:53am Niel Spedarker wrote:
Breaking up is very hard to do.
On 4 Jun 2016 at 5:30am Cheers! wrote:
Many thanks Diem 25,
I was having difficulty sleeping last night but reading your sh+te did the trick.

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