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Windows 10

On 6 Aug 2015 at 1:03am Meldrew wrote:
Just wondering how folks are getting on with the latest offering from Microsoft.
I can safely say that this has been an abject failure with Control panel>Windows updates clocking up nearly 10 "failures". The latest one encourages me to "get started" with a link to "more info" - the link takes you to a Microsoft URL which as of this morning is dead, as is the Windows support page. Those who have taken the plunge, are now starting to count the cost with damaged sound card drivers, frozen screens and BSOD. Windows 7 isn't half bad, so for the time being, I won't be taking up this buy one get one free offer until it has been well and truly disinfected.
Win 7 support runs out in 2020, by which time I might have swollen the coffers of Apple or better still, changed faith to Linux.
Waffling on a bit, my first PC, a 40-MB hard disk IBM XT, complete with proper 5-1/4" floppies, ran Framework with spreadsheet and word processor on as much processing power as a Chinese cuckoo clock. No BSOD, no viruses, no countless security updates, in fact no nothing - solid as a rock, LPT1, 1.2KBs audio modem, no Internet, no Windows - that's progress
On 6 Aug 2015 at 5:26am Streeter wrote:
I have now updated half a dozen assorted computers to Windows 10 with no glitches whatsoever. I would strongly recommend upgrading as it is a vast improvement on the vile Windows 8. The easiest way to do it is download (for free) the iso and burn yourself a DVD.
On 6 Aug 2015 at 12:00pm wysinawyg wrote:
Upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 and desktop from Windows 8. Laptop no problems, but had an issue with Outlook not sending mails, found a solution by Googling and running sfc which was easy and didn't take too long. Now all working and a great improvement on W8, well pleased I upgraded.
On 6 Aug 2015 at 12:37pm Mark wrote:
I was planning to wait a few months until they sort out all the bugs with Service Packs. I'm assuming that there will be SP56 round about Xmas time! Not entirely sure whether this is necessary??
On 6 Aug 2015 at 1:48pm Trooper wrote:
@MARK. Good idea to wait, I had words with a friend who is IT security consultant for international companies, and his advice was wait for at least two months.
On 6 Aug 2015 at 2:21pm Bongo wrote:
I've not used Windows for nearly two years - I'm extremely happy using Ubuntu. It's free and reliable. A good all-round o/s that does the job!
On 6 Aug 2015 at 2:46pm Meldrew wrote:
Thanks to all for advice so far.
Over the years, Windows as caused me a lot of grief, none of it my doing, the last being in June when a bit of malware got through Norton and MS security. Windows had to be repaired at significant cost and wasted time. Vista was a dog and eventually the laptop didn't boot. With nothing to lose, I got Ubunutu 12 on a CD, and to much delight, it all booted up and has been solid ever since. A bit fiddly to set things up sometimes, but with Firefox/Chrome/Open Office on board, couldn't be happier. The trouble with Windows is that it has got too complicated over the years, too much fluff and tinsel and too many interdependancies. I'm not an MS basher as they did much to bring personal computing out of the hands of the IT departments, but unfortunately, some talented pople see it their duty to add to the grief with viruses and malware.
I hope that SP56 was slightly tongue in cheek, but probably not far off the mark.
On 6 Aug 2015 at 3:20pm Bongo wrote:
Upgrade to v.14.04, Meldrew. Nice and speedy, with lots of support going on :-)
I love that Ubuntu lets me play my laptop media via bluetooth speakers - Windows barred it for some reason.
On 7 Aug 2015 at 8:15am Earl of Lewes wrote:
I didn't realise that Windows was stopping me from playing music through Bluetooth speakers. I thought it was a bug in my laptop. I haven't got Windows 8, so my question would be is it really worth losing Windows 7 for a new OS that sounds as if it has a few bugs? Better the devil you know, etc.
On 7 Aug 2015 at 9:39am Meldrew wrote:
Yes, Earl, messing up sound cards is just one of the reported driver issues. The other is the removal of the now unsupported Windows Media Centre which has upset a lot of people who use it as their Home theatre/enterinment thing.
Thanks, Bongo, I had spotted it. I was toying wth the idea one one of these NUC (next unit of computing) devices like the Intel one as the next PC replacement, with Ubuntu on board.
Windows attracts so much bad attention, that security is always going to be a problem. The Ubuntu laptop runs without anti-virus (usually not worth the hacker's efforts), is rock solid bar the very occasional "Ubuntu encountered an internal error", which usually disappears and just carries on. Unfortunately, some of my applications (MCU coding) will only run on Windows, and Heaven help me, I do like Excel and Word.
On 7 Aug 2015 at 7:55pm Horseman7 wrote:
I stopped using Windows Media Centre ages ago. I find my Twonky server works just fine with various bits and pieces, internet radio included. And I love the way I can set it to show different bits of media on different devices, so that I'm not trawling through loads of stuff.
On 7 Aug 2015 at 8:35pm Bongo wrote:
Another Ubuntu joy - Spotify free version plays forever with absolutely no ads whatsoever

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