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Vote Leave Appeal dropped (but don't tell anyone)

On 30 Mar 2019 at 8:26am Buzzard wrote:
A bit of news that went almost unnoticed yesterday - Vote Leave dropped its appeal against the Electoral Commission's finding of multiple offences under electoral law, committed during the 2016 Brexit Referendum campaign. So it's now official that their campaign was illegally conducted. If the referendum had been binding its result would have to be declared invalid - but it was only advisory in the first place, so there was no mandatory decision to overturn. Of course, the news is not being headlined. You're not supposed to know. You're being druv.
On 30 Mar 2019 at 10:50am Tom Pain wrote:
No doubt they dropped it when they discovered that leave in Mrs. May's vocabulary means remain.
On 30 Mar 2019 at 11:59am Mark wrote:
I'm puzzled by why there isn't more mention of the fact that this is being done against the will of the people. Remain is ahead in the polling nowadays. Why is the will of the people in 2016 of so much importance? The referendum was held at the same time as the refugee crisis and the tents at Calais. Before the EU solved that problem for us. I feel very much sure that a significant chunk of the Brexit-voting population might have been a bit confused.
On 30 Mar 2019 at 1:30pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
It's utterly perverse that Brexit could still go ahead, despite illegality on the part of the leave campaigners, because the referendum was merely advisory.
Imo this makes the case for leaving much weaker, as a binding referendum would now have to be re-run.
And I agree that it has slipped under the radar, although I haven't looked at the newspapers yet today. I only picked this up from an online politics forum, didn't hear it on the news, radio or tv.
On 30 Mar 2019 at 2:50pm Sussex Jim wrote:
What must surely be illegal is the explanatory booklet that the Government sent to every household before the Referendum. It should have been impartial- yet it urged people to vote "Remain".
On 30 Mar 2019 at 3:16pm Green Sleeves wrote:
The government made it clear they were in favour of remaining in the EU before and during the ref, so why would they have to be impartial? Perhaps they should have been, but it certainly wasn't breaking any laws. Vote.leave DID though.
On 30 Mar 2019 at 9:38pm Tom Pain wrote:
A.c.t. did it say on the ballot paper that it was only advisory? I must admit that I didn't notice it.
On 31 Mar 2019 at 12:23pm Sensible wrote:
Crybaby loser remoaners won't accept that what the majority of decent traditional British people think has not changed in three
years. Along with my family and all I know, Leave won the biggest vote ever held by a majority of millions. We should have taken our country back the very next day and we are doing so in a WTO deal a week on Friday, unless last week's actions are proven illegal and we have, in fact, ALREADY left the Common Market. "Remain" is a purely evil and godless movement allied to perverse and deviant anarchist minorities who are unwanted. Borders are borders. Brexit means Brexit. And Parliament must remember that the people who support Leave are the ones who own the real support of industry, the land, and the ability to rally the means to take control quickly. Blockades? Internal disruption? Transfer of capital and investment? It's hardly the beginning. The majority is reclaiming its birthright and my family and I are a proud and able part of it. Weakling remainers have fully lost.
On 31 Mar 2019 at 1:33pm A Person wrote:
One of the things I've been trying very hard to do is not to characterise people like you as morons.

And I've been right, haven't I? It's easy to assume that you're all illiterate ill-educated bigots, but actually you're more dangerous than that. Thankfully I think you're going to find out that once the lunatic fringe of the Conservative Party has been annexed and politically neutralised then those parliamentarians who understand their responsibilities in a representative democracy will prevail and we'll be saved from the likes of you.
On 31 Mar 2019 at 4:22pm Mark wrote:
Sensible... Google what the polls are saying before you rant like a loon on a soapbox.
On 31 Mar 2019 at 9:06pm Tom Pain wrote:
It's good to see that the principles of reasonable debate are still flourishing on the forum. Morons.... illiterates....illeducated.....bigots...loon on a soap box. The Oxford Union debating society must be wishing they had the towering intellects on show here!
On 31 Mar 2019 at 9:28pm Sensible wrote:
Virtually on the eve of Theresa May's resignation, we see now the most popular unifying candidate to lead the Party will be Mr. Johnson who will pick up the rôle having already served in several of the great offices of state. He will prorogue Parliament because it has not shown itself capable of carrying out the will of the people. Without a Parliament, Brexit on the internationally beneficial World Trade Organisation terms will shortly take place. Without any further need for European interference, our borders will slam shut, we will immensely magnify our traditional industries and social structures including mining and steel manufacture, establish a great Army to retake what was once ours for our benefit, restore proper and swift justice including capital punishment for wrongdoers especially those who seek to destabilise our State, and ensure true patriotism in our Church, our leadership and our population. For British people, all this is one week and five days away. The sacrifice of blood and hard work to reap the rewards of the soil of our land, our very own isle, is worth it! Not a penny will leave the shores of Britain for the banks of our historic enemies on the Continent! Those who voted Remain will have their rewards in the dust and effluent left over when the patriots who stand up for Britain, the ordinary majority, carry off their spoils on April 12th.
On 31 Mar 2019 at 10:01pm King of Sussex wrote:
You'd be better off pointing out their mealy mouthed attempt to accept they cheated without admitting they cheated.
Surely, the morons you are parodying would struggle to contain their foam if Remain had been caught cheating, and then dropped their appeal on the grounds that hey had accidentally destroyed all the evidence of their innocence.
On 1 Apr 2019 at 12:06am Tom Pain wrote:
Nobody has actually said how who cheated whom, I haven't a clue,it all smacks of this "not binding" business. Is it all made up? Sensible,do you have any faith in Boris Johnson,are you being ironic? Interesting that a.c.t. hasn't replied. Well,so far brexit has done nothing except further devide an already divided country, perhaps that is the intention. I'm out of here.

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