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Vet prescription charges

On 1 Sep 2009 at 12:13pm Jonnyboy wrote:
Can anyone suggest a local vet who doesn't charge a fortune to write a prescription. I would like to buy my cat's flea treatment (Advantage) online as it's so much cheaper but as Cliffe vets charge £12.50 for a 'script it's not worth it. I can buy the product without a prescription from the USA, Europe or Australia.Can anyone suggest a reliable supplier?
On 1 Sep 2009 at 1:02pm Mystic Mog wrote:
On 1 Sep 2009 at 3:22pm Lauren wrote:
Just go to pest pets online and you can order it without prescription. Thats were i get mine and it's so much cheaper :-)
On 1 Sep 2009 at 4:55pm Toque wrote:
Shaving the cat works. And it's inexpensive.
On 1 Sep 2009 at 6:20pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
Vet Medic and Canine Chemist both sell Frontline online without a scrip, and are very reasonable. Vet Medic do their own version as well, it's even cheaper.
On 1 Sep 2009 at 6:24pm Spongebob wrote:
i used www. hyperdrug. com for the frontline for my dog and cats. Arrived in 2 days !!!
On 1 Sep 2009 at 7:06pm Smiler wrote:
If you do shave it make sure you leave the fur on round the head and just shave the body.
Otherwise it will end up getting colds and cat flu.
It is important to completely shave the tail and then oil it with something like linseed oil or rub it with beeswax to ensure it doesn't stay wet after rain and it gives it a nice even sheen too.
On 1 Sep 2009 at 8:33pm Jonnyboy wrote:
Thanks for the advice. Frontline doesn't seem to work on my cat and she suffers with flea allergy dermatitis. Lauren if you know a website that sells Advantage without a prescription please post.
On 2 Sep 2009 at 8:40am Piggles wrote:
I think the pet store near the railway land has staff who have been trained to sell it. Also some big supermarkets have pet prescriptions for sale behind their (human) pharmacy. I have bought dog Advantage at ASDA before.
On 2 Sep 2009 at 11:27pm lauren wrote:
Hi Johnyboy, have had a good look round the net and it does seem to be prescription only but i have checked with my supplier (best pet) and you will only need one prescription and then your on file for renewal. So it might be worth getting a prescription even if there is a small charge as you will save in the end like i do with drontal. Hope this is of use to you :-)
On 3 Sep 2009 at 8:25am jonnyboy wrote:
Thanks Lauren. Have found out that Bob Martin Spot-on contains exactly the same chemical as Advantage. They also do an equivilent to Drontal. Both available without prescription from Pets Corner or online.
On 3 Sep 2009 at 8:36am Spongebob wrote:
Can you let us know how it goes if you use the Bob Martin stuff jonnyboy ? I "frontlined" my dog the other week using the capsules and 3 weeks later, i found 2 fleas on him !!!!
On 5 Sep 2009 at 11:33pm Bongo wrote:
Don't put chemicals on your pets - how would you like it done to you?!
What you really need for effective flea control is a product called 'Staykill' - available online at loads of sites for around a tenner. Twice a year, spray the stuff around the floors and areas where the pets tend to hang out, and you will see a vast reduction in fleas. The council will spray the same stuff around your rooms (not on laminated floors though) for a small fee.
On 7 Sep 2009 at 11:26am Frak wrote:
I've found that frontline seems to have stopped working as well - would also like to hear about spot-on's performance in the flea killing arena.
On 9 Sep 2009 at 11:51am brixtonbelle wrote:
we use program and have ordered online from vetscriptions. Cliffe do seem to be expensive compared to our old vets in SW London.
On 9 Sep 2009 at 2:03pm Ed Can Do wrote:
Our vet down at Pet Doctors (Through the Cuilfail Tunnel, left into the industrial estate, left again) told us that as so many people use Frontline, fleas are getting immune to it. We use some stuff called Advantage now which seems to do the trick and get that online. Pet Doctors are a fair bit cheaper than Cliffe in general we've found, plus they're really nice and they pay commission if you refer new people!

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