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On Tue 9 Feb at 11:50am Mark1234 wrote:
I have several friends in other parts of the UK (London and Norfolk) who are 65-70 who have had their first Covid vaccination or will have in the next few days (they are not in any other priority group). Does anyone know when that age group will start being vaccinated in Lewes? I dont want to bother my GP but there is nothing about this on the Foundry Healthcare website.
On Wed 10 Feb at 10:03am Hamlyn Fourteen wrote:
I would think soon. You can get a rough idea by looking at the national calculator...

Check it out here »
On Fri 12 Feb at 6:33pm IDM wrote:
Having formally become vulnerable on Wednesday (with a COVID secure get-together), Foundry 'phoned me the same day to offer me a vaccine. That suggests they must be very close to 65-69s.
They could not give me an order within group though; neither date of birth nor name. So working out exactly when ...
Now I must explore my 6am browsing at Waitrose (or perhaps not).
On Tue 16 Feb at 11:59pm Tom Pain wrote:
Call me pedantic but what is being offered is not a vaccination as we understand it but a gene therapy. It is not the introduction of a weakened version of the disease to warn our immune system and prepare it for attack by it. It is an experimental attempt to modify it genetically to do the job. No vaccination has ever been found to be successful against Corona viruses such as the common cold before.
On Tue 23 Feb at 9:08am Green Sleeves wrote:
The "common cold" isn't particularly deadly, and we certainly don't have to lockdown the globe for it, and there are reasonably successful jabs that manage and reduce the more severe symptoms of flu.

I wouldn't call you pedantic. I'd just call you strange and attention seeking.
On Tue 23 Feb at 7:55pm IDM wrote:
Well TP, for once I more or less agree with you. I agree with your definition of "vaccination" as now current usage. I used to be ultra-pedantic, only allowing "vaccination" for smallpox! It was a bit rich of Boris to suggest that current successes were founded on the proud GB heritage of Jenner.
But for us to have a vaccination for the common cold, there would have to be a weakened version of that virus (smallpox/cowpox style). Is there one?
On Sat 27 Feb at 9:31pm Tom Pain wrote:
As far as I can gather, no isolated specimen of this novel Corona virus exists. Various freedom of information requests throughout the world have been made for this information without result.
You might find me strange greenie, but I do not seek attention, quite the reverse and least of all, yours.
On Sun 28 Feb at 11:07am Green Sleeves wrote:
You can't resist replying to me and getting your "last word" on the matter. Which tends to drift back to the globalist elites. I can understand it all feels true to you, in your mind and in your reasoning....but try to understand how your posts come across. But don't worry, you're far from unique - there are plenty of anonymous edgelord bozos trying to prove the sky is falling down....or erm forever crying "wolf!", whichever fits best.

On the other hand, this forum would probably be dead without you!
On Sun 28 Feb at 6:44pm Tom Pain wrote:
Your ability to see globalist elites in my last comment is little short of phenomenal. Edgelord Bozo hallucinating wolves and falling skies bestriding the forum in green trousers declares- Apocalypse!
On Mon 1 Mar at 6:58pm Nevillman wrote:
In that you think a global elite is behind the panic over the virus then green is fully justified in his accusation Tom.
On Mon 1 Mar at 8:42pm Tom Pain wrote:
Not so.Where do I say that in this thread Nev? Tell me, because I can't see it. I know greenie mentions it in his every post. What possible relevance has it to the subject at hand other than being a red herring to distract attention from my statement which obviously bothers him, as well it should and anyone else with a questioning mind, for that matter.
On Mon 1 Mar at 11:46pm IDM wrote:
Can anyone tell me what "globalist" means? Is it a term of insult?

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Can anyone tell me what "globalist" means? Is it a term of insult? more
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