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Unexpected Act of Kindness Acknowledged

On 10 Nov 2014 at 7:21pm Leafer wrote:
I live in Wallands.
The local services swept the road the other day - and also drove into my drive and cleared all the leaves lying there too!
No sarcasm, no subtext, but I'm posting it here to simply acknowledge that it was appreciated.
On 11 Nov 2014 at 8:57am tom wrote:
Leafer, So you're seriously saying my taxes paid to clear your private driveway?
Personally i think you should pay for it yourself because a private driveway in Lewes is an expensive luxury nowadays.
On 11 Nov 2014 at 9:31am Windy Walland wrote:
Tom maybe 'Leafer' is a respected member of the community less able than most?
Or the 'local services' thought it best to clear all the leaves lying in Leafer's drive because next week they will be back clearing the road full of leaves that emanated from Leafer's driveway?
On 11 Nov 2014 at 9:36am Old Bloke wrote:
Act of kindness?
Not really just doing a fraction extra on what is, after all, their job that they are paid to do.
Glad to hear they've swept up in that bit of Wallands because they haven't in mine - much like the rest of Lewes is covered in wet leaves for the elderly to slip over on.
Far as I can see all I get for my excessive council tax is the bins emptied (often badly) each week.
Don't tell me I get the benefit of the Old Bill because they're nowhere to be seen, aside from the clown near the Elephant and Castle on Sunday who thought it was clever to pin a Poppy on his helmet (no pun or joke intended). Must have thought it was some sort of carnival.
On 11 Nov 2014 at 11:01am Horseman7 wrote:
People are inherently kind; they are good; they care about others.
Some posters lose sight of that but I'm glad you said thank you.
On 11 Nov 2014 at 1:22pm Taff wrote:
Likely find those leaves down the nearest drain, many other blocked drains round town too. Just above bottleneck RHS going West. And this is at the top of the hill.
On 11 Nov 2014 at 4:44pm Leafer wrote:
Thanks Horseman7...think we may be in a minority on this forum!
On 11 Nov 2014 at 5:24pm Helen T wrote:
Tom and Old Bloke - what happened to you in your childhood to make you so utterly depressingly negative?
On 11 Nov 2014 at 6:32pm Belladonna wrote:
There is a problem with leaf clearing in this town though. Usually resulting in blocked drains - such as the one on the corner of the Avenue, or the one on Pinwell lane. Result is flooding/ large puddles across road and wet feet
On 11 Nov 2014 at 8:11pm mrs patmore wrote:
and i would like to pass on a big thank you to the bin men in case any are reading…. when i forget to put my bins out (doesn't happen very often ) they come and get them out of my front garden to empty….massively appreciated, they don't have to do that.
On 11 Nov 2014 at 11:08pm Zzz.. wrote:
We should definitely chop all the offending trees down
On 12 Nov 2014 at 5:24am Historian wrote:
ive never seen them clearing the drains in Lewes, used to be a regular thing elsewhere !
On 12 Nov 2014 at 10:14am trooper wrote:
"Historian" I have over the past week seen the drain clearing vehicle in four different locations in Lewes. The drains were cleared in my own road two weeks ago. Yesterday they were at work on School Hill in the late afternoon.
On 12 Nov 2014 at 12:18pm tom wrote:
Leafer - I think your private driveway in Wallands shouldn't be a priority for the public resources. Please understand that announcing this on a public forum is likely be unwelcome to those who are genuinely struggling to afford very basic living expenses such as food and heating.
Helen T - My childhood was bad but not as bad as many. I don't understand why this is relevant to wasting public money by clearing leaves from very affluent private driveways in Lewes.
On 12 Nov 2014 at 3:21pm Grunge wrote:
Leafer: Oh dear, it's easy to upset some people, isn't it!
On 12 Nov 2014 at 3:42pm calm calm my lovelies wrote:
oh my golly, what a tizz we can all get in to just for someone saying thanks for something!!
On 12 Nov 2014 at 3:55pm Leafer wrote:
Sorry - let me get this right - me "announcing" that a kind gesture that took 20 seconds was appreciated is secretly me gloating about my unbelievable luck in having a drive, thereby just adding to the class divide?
Is that right?
On 12 Nov 2014 at 4:50pm Good king Wallandslas wrote:
Looked out .........When a pleb came in sight , gathering winter leeaves etc. LOL
On 12 Nov 2014 at 4:56pm Old Bloke wrote:
@ Helen T - what's negative about noticing heaps of wet leaves that the elderly will quite easily slop over on?
You must work for the council in some highly overpaid non job
On 12 Nov 2014 at 5:42pm lewes born and bred wrote:
Makes you wander why you bother eh leafer ?
If ever there is a case for people to have to sign up and register to this forum, this thread is it.
On 12 Nov 2014 at 5:52pm Leafer wrote:
lewes born and bred - well put, an innocent little good news post - which is itself fairly extraordinary on here - turns into a moan fest where it's hinted that I am some Lord of The Manor instructing the oiks from the village to tend my vast estate!
Saying that, your post, and those from Horseman7, HelenT, Grunge and others went some way to balancing out the negativity, so thanks again to those.
On 12 Nov 2014 at 7:28pm Janet Street Preacher wrote:
The world (and Lewes) could do with a lot more Leafers
On 12 Nov 2014 at 7:52pm John Street Sweeper wrote:
Well said Jan
On 14 Nov 2014 at 1:18pm Taff wrote:
Belladonna, the drain problem in Lewes can only be one of econimics. To send out drain clearers as routine maintainence is expensive and to what avail. To send out drain clearers to cure flooding is necessary for the authorities image and only needs to be called upon when needed.

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