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On Wed 19 Jan at 9:10am David Stanley wrote:
So is everyone fine with their children, grandchildren etc being expendable for neocon goals?
On Wed 19 Jan at 10:57am Nevillman wrote:
Funnily enough David I would have to say probably not but I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about so would need a bit more explanation before giving a definitive answer.
On Wed 19 Jan at 11:42am David Stanley wrote:
16 Air Assault Brigade are in Ukraine tasked with destroying Russian armour.
Let's hope and pray negotiations go well.
Hopefully the Germans attitude will persuade the US to back down. This is much more important than anything else happening at the moment imho.
On Wed 19 Jan at 12:44pm Nevillman wrote:
What do the Ukraine people think about being invaded by Russia and should we defend them? Sounds like one of those horrible international conflicts that we pay lots of people good money to sort out.
On Wed 19 Jan at 3:43pm David Stanley wrote:
Something strange is happening. 5G is bringing used as an excuse to cancel flights but this is not convincing.
We'll know soon enough but I've got a bad feeling....
On Thu 20 Jan at 7:29pm Cedric wrote:
Why are my postings not showing?
On Thu 20 Jan at 7:31pm Cedric wrote:
The last one was the first of 3…..,shan’t bother to repost my comments on Ukraine. Just wait for it all to kick off.
On Thu 20 Jan at 8:47pm David Stanley wrote:
All our Javelins are deployed, hope it deters them?
On Thu 20 Jan at 8:54pm David Stanley wrote:
Eight C-17s have flown from UK airbases to those near Kiev in the last 48 hours.
That's quite a lot of ' advisors.
On Thu 20 Jan at 11:38pm Tom Pain wrote:
Sabre rattling. Covids losing traction. Keep up the fear. The mice must stay in their holes. You will have nothing and you'll be happy!
On Sat 22 Jan at 11:18am Green Sleeves wrote:
You're still spooked by that WEF Powerpoint slide Lets all weep with fear at the "GREAT RESET"....or the control-alt-delete as it could be renamed to if Bill Gates gets his wicked way.

You shouldn't be so quick to judge what others "fear"....they often seem more rational to the fears you keep peddling.
On Sat 22 Jan at 7:32pm Tom Pain wrote:
What do you make of the w.e.f. slide? Do you think they're just having a bit of a laugh?
On Sat 22 Jan at 8:10pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I make very little of it to be honest - and i certainly don't weep with hysteria like you do so frequently, and consider it to be something sinister that will mean the big bad global communist government are coming to take our sweeties away, and we must comply and be happy.....

You seem quite fixated on it. I'm sorry it has you spooked. Personally, I would rather tend to agree with this assessment of the whole thing, linked, but I'm almost certain you will loop it all into the conspiracy in your mind as it seems far more feasible...:

Check it out here »
On Sun 23 Jan at 10:04pm Tom Pain wrote:
Not those fat chequers again, Reuters eh? They really are a safe pair of hands! I wonder who owns them, not. Keep taking the boosters, Braveheart. No, actually I wouldnt wish that, even on you.
On Sun 23 Jan at 10:26pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Its a pity that the sources you tend to provide all end up being debunked or sounding hysterical that only someone with an overactive imagination could take as gospel.
On Sun 23 Jan at 10:45pm Tom Pain wrote:
Yes the UKHSA is debunked by you and that elsevir site you debunked by totally misquoting - shysterically, to abuse your word of the day, Tarzan.
On Sun 23 Jan at 11:39pm Green Sleeves wrote:
You are the one misrepresenting and misquoting people TP. Do you ever wonder why you've never convinced anyone about the evil globalists? You're seeing stuff that only a few are desperately trying to see.
On Wed 26 Jan at 9:21am Tom Pain wrote:
Which fat chequer are you quoting now greenslaves?
On Fri 28 Jan at 9:52am Tom Pain wrote:
The Ukraine situation becomes more worrying by the minute with Vlad the Evil Dictator vehemently rattling his sabre. But then Variable Omicron looks more likely to decimate the population, at least those over the age of 99. Not forgetting the Klimate Krisis which is guaranteed to destroy all human life AND countless winsome, small furry animals. Also there's the problem of the Metropolis planned to house the 5 million Hong Kong refugees fleeing the wrath of Khan, the evil Eastern Dictator, in Plumpton. This is all extremely worrying but foremost of my concerns is- will the victimised ABCDE minorities suffer even more than the over privileged white colonialist rabid right wing working class natives of blighted Blighty?
On Fri 28 Jan at 10:01am Tom Pain wrote:
PS- I neglected to to mention the unfortunate denizens of Liverpool and their understandable concerns about waste removal. Our thoughts are with you in your hour of need Liverpool, mother of the Beatles, keep calm and carry on singing.
On Fri 28 Jan at 6:12pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I think you may have finally flipped.

On Fri 28 Jan at 9:27pm Tom Pain wrote:
Yes, I've got my sunny side up!
On Sat 29 Jan at 10:12am Green Sleeves wrote:
I'll rephrase it then. I think you may have finally cracked, like a boiled egg (without soldiers).
On Sat 29 Jan at 12:53pm Tom Pain wrote:
I've certainly cracked it. Let's hope the Canadian truckers crack that soft boiled egg Justine Trudeau.
On Sat 29 Jan at 4:09pm Green Sleeves wrote:
You must have cracked your head in the past to be the way you are.
On Sat 29 Jan at 8:39pm Tom Pain wrote:
Keep following the science greeny.
On Sun 30 Jan at 11:02am Green Sleeves wrote:
I thought it was "follow the money"? Make your mind up.
On Sun 30 Jan at 9:52pm Tom Pain wrote:
You're not the infamous landport passage stalker are you? The one who has baffled the finest minds of lewes constabulary with cryptic questions left on unheaded scented notepaper at the scene of his heinous crimes? If so, I'm out of here.
On Thu 3 Feb at 12:13pm deadasdisco wrote:
I dont think our and Americas action in the Ukraine count as classic neo-conservative action. Its far more defensive than other classic examples.
If I can point to a single plus from the current situation its that it may hasten the desire of nations to invest in renewable energy solutions so as to stop relying on some of the worlds worst people.
Also Vlad seems to be doing a Scargill. If he waits much longer then winter will be over and the consequences of energy supply disruption will become less severe.
On Thu 3 Feb at 11:43pm Tom Pain wrote:
Defensive? Are you talking about a threat from the Russian military base on the Isle of Wight? Does the sun renew batteries or the wind- turbines?

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