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UK & US Vulture Funds Destabilising Economies?

On 26 Sep 2015 at 11:22pm Corvus Corone wrote:
Who's really to blame for so many crises in the World?
Is it our own Government & the US Government being Economic and Financial Terrorists?

Uuuumphaa... Ahh let me have a little think about it..

Check it out here »
On 27 Sep 2015 at 2:50pm Don Corleone wrote:
On 27 Sep 2015 at 5:48pm Corvus wrote:
What a waste of space..
You're really so keen to be seen as the little troll that you are?

Don C = Little wind up merchant with a VERY LITTLE BRAIN!
Probably Newell Fisher or Someone of his ilk!
On 27 Sep 2015 at 5:52pm Carrion Crow wrote:
Fly off Corvus
On 27 Sep 2015 at 6:05pm Joe Crow wrote:
Well Blow Me Corvus, methinks you've been here before, dropping your guano on our old Forum Favourite, Curate. My ilk is nothing like the ubiquitous Mr. Fisher's. Would you like to call me "Legion" for my names are many, and in the Bible I was a nutter living in caves in the desert. P.S one doesn't have A very little brain, and size is not important when trolling, it's wit that counts. I have to admit to a degree of narcissism, it's what us trolls feed on.
On 27 Sep 2015 at 6:23pm Joe Crow wrote:
No I'll pay a few coppers for you to blow me Joe Crow.
I'm due for a change from the little Piggies.
I'm recording a show & it would be such fun having you on init.
You can contact me at jim.taylor@bbc.co.uk
On 27 Sep 2015 at 7:01pm Edgar Alan Poe wrote:
Well Joe doppelganger Crow have you heard of The Raven? To your request for me to be on the wireless, I have to say never, never, nevermore.
On 27 Sep 2015 at 8:36pm Joe doppelganger Crow wrote:
No Poe, I herd o Thee Mahgpie!
On 27 Sep 2015 at 8:44pm Thee Mahgpie wrote:
Wats tha yu sa Poe thee Mahgpie di yee sa?
Aaar Noo I ain't herd o thee Mahgpie!
Wa up wi thee Mahgpie flen Poe du tel?
On 27 Sep 2015 at 11:52pm Corvus Corone wrote:
Anti-Gentrification protesters in Shoreditch.
What would you expect when this Government is so fond of stomping upon the poor & pushing inequality.
Follow the link:

By the way Joe Crow & the rest of your aka's & Trolls, You have managed to hijack many of posts on the Forum with you idiotic, senseless & belittling posts.. Are you employed by the Tories or are you mates with Paul Newman?
Because you certainly seem to be!
There's more to your Trolling than meets the eye!

Check it out here »
On 28 Sep 2015 at 3:42am Finn wrote:
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On 28 Sep 2015 at 7:27am editor wrote:
So the satire doesn't suit you Corvus ? Get over it - or post on a properly regulated forum where politics is debated and rude words delivered in a "carry on " style are not deleted. And above all find one where one has to sign in with one nickname/real name. By the way drop the Latin moniker, Carrion Crow is more Lewes Working Class.
On 28 Sep 2015 at 12:22pm EDITOR wrote:
You Pr@t!
Satire you wouldn't know it if it smacked you in the face.
You know very well what your doing. You have stifled free speech.
You don't always have to be plonker whilst being anonymous!
I'd be very careful 'editor' or whatever your new aka is as your getting on for harassment!
On 28 Sep 2015 at 10:33pm Corvus Corone wrote:
Webbo can you please delete my entire thread as it been trashed by one person who has some idiotic and sociopathic tendencies.
Its a shame one can no longer debate serious issues on the forum without fear of certain mindless individuals multi replying with mind numbingly awful comments, which they mistakenly call 'satire'?
It STOPS all serious debate..

Maybe there should be a new rule saying that when a person makes 3 or more replies to a post that doesn't have 'anything' at all to do with the thread then that persons reply(s) are automatically deleted from that thread?

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