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The lane marking on the Ashcombe roundabout

On 22 Jul 2005 at 10:49am Smiler wrote:
Is it me or are the lane marking on the Ashcombe roundabout just plain wrong?
I come out of Lewes to turn right to Brighton so I get in the right lane only to find that the middle and left lanes go to Brighton and the inside one just goes round and round!!
On 22 Jul 2005 at 9:00pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
Yes, I thought that too.
On 25 Jul 2005 at 4:24pm DATS wrote:
I agree, v confusing!
On 25 Jul 2005 at 8:14pm me wrote:
I'm trying to work out the sticky out bit of white line on the left as you come from brighton. It seems as though you have to swerve out into the traffic only to go back into the left hand lane to turn left into lewes.
On 25 Jul 2005 at 8:15pm me wrote:
forgot to mention the lovely roadside ornaments all around the roundabout that are made to look like out of action traffic lights!
On 25 Jul 2005 at 8:49pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
Yes, that area of chevrons makes no sense whatsoever.
On 25 Jul 2005 at 8:53pm Avidfan wrote:
Maybe it's been put there to guide potential visitors along the road to Eastbourne where the parking is free.
On 25 Jul 2005 at 10:46pm me wrote:
On 29 Jul 2005 at 11:36am Mystic mog wrote:
Very confusing. I am trying to work out why the changes were made. It seems far more dangerous than before. If you are travelling west and wish to go to Lewes there is no right turn lane, only straight on or left. If you go in the right hand lane for Lewes you then have to switch lanes as you are going round the roundabout, otherwise you end up going East!!
On 29 Jul 2005 at 7:31pm Lewes Born and Bred wrote:
Yes Waste of Money!
NO NO NO NO NO to the rest of you. Its a roundabout. You Drive round it. You Check your mirrors. You manover to the correct Lane. Its not a mensa test! When driving through Lewes and you come to a mini roundabout you don't drive straight on just cause there is only one lane approaching it!
Just get on and Drive!!!!
On 11 Aug 2005 at 12:11pm Mystic mog wrote:
Dear Lewes Born and Bred. yes I know what a roundabout is and know how to drive round it. However to see the ammount of reworkingt hey have done with the markings etc prove that thei roundabout has been poorly marked / laid out.
On 11 Aug 2005 at 12:36pm ... wrote:
also, 20 odd sets of traffic lights is a bit much
On 11 Aug 2005 at 5:35pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
There seems to have been a number of accidents on the newly laid out roundabout. I,ve heard of three, any advance ?(is it true it flooded the other day)
On 15 Aug 2005 at 11:08pm RU 1 2 wrote:
You should try pulling out of Kingston on to the Ashcombe Roundabout! It is no better!
Then there is the confusion of changing lanes!
The pedestrian crossing.
I am very pleased there is at last a proper crossing.
But if you get of a bus on the Brighton Bound carriage way you have to walk from the bus stop to the roundabout cross over then walk back the same distance on the opposite side.
I thought the plans were to move the bus stop closer to the roundabout, by the pedestrian crossing which would also enable busses to pullout of the bus stop more safely.
Finally I am not sure the buttons for the pedestrian crossing, on the west bound carriageway, actually work!
I pushed the button 3 times and waited almost 2 minutes and they did not change! I finally crossed when there was a gap in the traffic. I never change to red after I pushed the button!
On 16 Aug 2005 at 3:11pm RU 1 2 wrote:
The changes were made because the increase in the number of accidents.

The original roundabout was poorly designed - oval shaped - allowing traffic to rush straight off the A27 and on to the Lewes by-pass with out slowing down sufficiently, to allow traffic to pull out from Lewes or Kingston.

This resulted in long tail backs from the round-about up to the prison and from the round-about down into Kingston. As a result people took risks pulling out resulting in accidents.

With the traffic lights in place it is easier to pull out from Lewes on to the roundabout but then the lanes get very confusing.

Pulling out from Kingston is still very difficult - possibly worse, since the changes have been made!
On 19 Aug 2005 at 10:35pm Village voice wrote:
I agree with those who think the markings are daft, particularly from Kingston when trying to get to the A277 into Lewes. So is the fact that, approaching the roundabout from Kingston, there is a traffic light warning sign, but of course there are no lights there to make the entry on to the roundabout any safer! Do we suppose anyone from the Highways Authority will read any of these views, though?!

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