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The class war intensifies.

On 17 Feb 2015 at 1:06pm Occupy wrote:
This government is the most ideologically driven since Thatcher`s.They have declared war on ordinary working people and are a government for the rich lead by the rich.The main opposition to this government if they are reelected and if the latest ICM poll is right will most likely come from the streets if the opposition parties are not up to the task of of representing the majority.Remember even if the Tories win with 36% they will represent only a small proportion of national opinion considering the number of people who are likely to vote in the national election.
On 17 Feb 2015 at 1:23pm Old Bloke wrote:
Ideologically driven?
Of course you're not
On 17 Feb 2015 at 2:41pm bastian wrote:
And the irony is that if they are elected on just 36% of the vote, they really can't expect unins to only strike if they get 4% of the vote in action debates.
This governemnt was just biding its time while NEW labour (one of its clever inventions) rolled by but the ground work had been done by Thatcher years before, especially deregulation.
The answer here is, we cannot trust any of them to be honest.
I wish a day would come when politicians come up through the workplace in the real world, not come out of Oxford with a PPE degree but no atcual experience in the hard ship of working life.
Thta is where the divide is, the lack of life experience in the houses of parliment, only it used to only be on the Tory benches, now it is on both sides of the house. There is no one who represents the working man and especially no one to represent the working Woman, so how can they ever understand what their policies (that are largely in excell on paper) actually mean to the resl people. it's a bit more complicated than knowing how much a pint of milk costs (which seems to be the bench mark for understanding the real world).
If you cut adrift your electorate like thsi, the fools will vote the tories back in because they think the job is only half done and that they must be given a chance to see the difficulties through, the voters who normally vote labour are confused as to what labour ia ny more (so their ratings go down), those who have values will vote green, and those who don't want to rock the boat, have retired and are therefore not affected by the cuts that much or changes to working hours, new pension payements etc will vote LIB DEM because they are harmless, aren't they? (not as harmless as you think).
This leaves what exactly?
the wacko parties, far right, monster raving loonies (not a bad idea), and UKIP-whoa re happy to work with the tories and vice versa.
On 17 Feb 2015 at 3:52pm trooper wrote:
I read the latest posts with trepidation. We will not get in this country the government we need as we are overrun with
Do-Godders,bleeding hearts,and God wallopers, and Focus Groups, and we have an administration who see it far more important to send vast sums of our money to third world countries who bye and large, hate us. The aid we supply is sold in the market places and a large amount is used to equip militia armies loyal to their tribal leaders and corrupt politicians. We excercise little or no control over these funds,the current Sec of State is a joke the word clone comes to mind,this will not change, irrespective of what party gets in,PC is rampant, you all will be told that it is necessary to tighten your belt. O.7 of GDP buys a lot of Kalishnikovs and ammunition, and power, however if we make many of our Armed Forces and Emergency Services redundant it will be OK we will have the money.
Think what this money could do for our economy.
"Bastian" very interesting post,very thought provoking.
On 17 Feb 2015 at 8:02pm Ben wrote:
Yes we have a government that represents the rich. As the rich pay the most in income tax as a percentage of the gross take, isn't it right they should be in government? Sounds fair to me, don't they have the right to decide how their money is spent?
On 17 Feb 2015 at 8:21pm Don`t make me laugh. wrote:
Is your surname Dover?
On 17 Feb 2015 at 8:39pm Ben wrote:
I take it from your rude and ignorant post that you disagree.
On 17 Feb 2015 at 9:11pm Laughing still. wrote:
Or Dee,perhaps?
On 17 Feb 2015 at 9:33pm Beneficial. wrote:
When a man tells you he got rich through
hard work, ask him: 'Whose?'*
On 18 Feb 2015 at 12:30am wrote:
That is wrong on so many levels.
The rich are advised how not to pay tax by pretending to live offshore, or hiding it away illegally, or simply getting HMRC to let them off. They pointedly do not pay taxes. I saw a story earlier today about an outsourcing service provider claiming 'they' contribute 400m a year in PAYE payments. ie, what they take from their employees' salaries.
That's good of them, eh?

Even if they did pay their share, those that donate to Tory coffers and get their wishes granted don't contribute more than everyone else.
And even if they did, your argument would defend feudalism. Why don't we just have a dictatorship representing the wishes of a narrow coterie of well rewarded hanger-on barons. It would be their own money they're spending, seeing as nobody else has any.
On 18 Feb 2015 at 9:20am Ben wrote:
Of course the working class pay all their taxes don't they! They set such a shining example with which to deride the rich. Who on this forum has never paid cash in return for a discount? Who on this forum has been paid in cash and not declared it? Yes......none of you. All rich people don't stash their money offshore, that's rubbish. Your average rich person on 500k is taxed at source, and it is these tax payers who contribute the majority of our tax income. Yes there are some headline grabbing rich tax dodgers, but their combined tax dodge is nothing compared to the tax not paid by people in the building industry alone. There are good and bad at both ends of the scale.
On 18 Feb 2015 at 11:41am bastian wrote:
your average builders, all of them put together, couldn'y match the unimaginable pile of dough (5.5 billion ) being kept from the british governement by the rich. Ben, you must have your eyes shut tight if you can't see that.
On 18 Feb 2015 at 12:26pm Ed Can Do wrote:
It's almost impossible to not pay tax as a builder since they introduced CIS tax whereby every builder is taxed at source at 20% then has to claim back the difference (Personal allowances etc) on their tax return.

Perhaps a similar scheme should be put in place for investment income? Tax it at source at 40% then leave it up to people to claim back the difference by providing a complete paper trail of where all the money went. Whilst your at it, tax large companies on their revenue at source and then they can claim back what they spent on expenses at year end. If nothing else the interest paid on the tax income would clear the defecit in months.
On 24 Feb 2015 at 1:26pm mikey wrote:
All tories are bad and want to crush the poor and destroy the N.H.S. All socialists are saints, or so some people would like us to think.
On 25 Feb 2015 at 7:13pm Chris wrote:
Class war on a lewes forum ?
Oh the irony

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