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The bitchin' BONCO bitching thread...

On 15 Oct 2015 at 7:12pm Bonfire Belle wrote:
Let the trash-talk commence!
On 15 Oct 2015 at 7:30pm Ding Dong wrote:
Toilet roll. Not dissimilar to IZAL
On 15 Oct 2015 at 8:38pm Outintheestates wrote:
Like the fifth this used to be a cracking night but it seems to have lost something that I cannot put my finger on . I don't even go out the front door now unless I go up the tally
On 15 Oct 2015 at 11:06pm Puzzled wrote:
What on earth are you all talking about?
On 16 Oct 2015 at 12:21am Bonfire Belle wrote:
We are talking about why you need to move back to London
On 16 Oct 2015 at 7:47am Shifty wrote:
Totally agree. The BONCO comps have definitely lost something. It used to be a great evening but after a few years of poor judging and winning costumes that have never or will never see a 5th it started to die a slow death and people lost interest. I now think something needs to change and be reinvented into something new.
On 16 Oct 2015 at 8:00am Puzzled wrote:
Thank you, Shifty. Now I know. But, Bonfire Belle, don't assume that because we don't belong to a bonfire society we must be DFL.
On 16 Oct 2015 at 11:30am Shifty wrote:
It's the Bonfire Council annual dress competitions. Happens this time every year at the town hall. Great place to go if your thinking about making a costume (and I don't mean a striped jumper). Plenty of ideas.
On 16 Oct 2015 at 11:42am Slarty wrote:
In advance of tonight then, and covering most bases...
The judges were just wrong.
Judges didn't like furs/feathers * tonight.
I don't understand the judging.
The judges didn't talk to me - that must be wrong.
The judges asked me questions - that must be wrong.
How was that shop bought costume even allowed in.
There is no way that costume could be worn on the 5th. It is just for the comps.
Cliffe/Commercial/Borough/Nevill/Southover/Southstreet/Waterloo * cheated
No way could (s)he walk the 5th in that.
Well done Cliffe/Commercial/Borough/Nevill/Southover/Southstreet/Waterloo * a deserved victory
Nice beer from the bar.
That is professionally made.
Wow, it is hot in here (said by every contestant who's costume is designed for being outside on the 5th).
Why is he/she sweating (said by all contestants who are wearing an impractical, but pretty outfit)
Why do so many non-contestants hang around the changing rooms so the contestants can't change?
In my day........
2.50 for an adult - you've gotta be kidding - I'm entering the comps.
(S)he'd catch her death if she wore that on the 5th.
Ah, how cute, a baby Viking/Mongolian/Indian/Civil War/Monk/etc
Racist, blacking up.
Of course, bonfire is more than about the costumes.
This proves we are the best society as be have the best costumes.
What a great rendition of Bonfire Prayers at the end.
* = delete as approriate
On 16 Oct 2015 at 3:16pm Turnip wrote:
Shifty - I am interested in the continued response over the years that "winning costumes have never or will never see a 5th". How could you possibly know which of these costumes get worn on the night itself? Are you able to be everywhere on the night and identify each costume in a town full of thousands dressed up under torchlight?
On 16 Oct 2015 at 3:27pm Slarty wrote:
Turnip - butting in before Shifty replies, but if you have been to Bonco for the last 10 years or so then you would have seen winning floor length costumes with a long trail behind them entered for a few years running. I'm fairly sure that such a dress would be very quickly trashed on the 5th and that a new dress is not made to the same design every year for the comps and then worn on the streets.
Also, knowing some of the winners and other entrants and seeing them on the 5th helps sway my opinion that shifty is right
On 16 Oct 2015 at 3:55pm Turnip wrote:
Forgive me Slarty but you are wrong.
I have dressed up at Bonco now for a number of years and very often it is the same few people who dress up and represent their society so you become familiar with the costumes.
Costumes are repaired and remade. I have done so myself. Costume making is as much a passion to some as fireworks are to others. I take great pride in the hours spent on my costumes and I am proud to wear them out on the Fifth.
Also, in this digital age, there is enough photographic evidence shared to prove that the costumes are out on the night.
On 16 Oct 2015 at 5:13pm Slarty wrote:
To quote a previous poster..."How could you possibly know which of these costumes get worn on the night itself? Are you able to be everywhere on the night and identify each costume in a town full of thousands dressed up under torchlight?"

I know that the society I am with, winners of the classes and overall competition (including some dressed in the pioneer group class) have not worn it on the 5th. But there is no rule that you should though. It was getting a bit silly a few years back with obviously not suitable costumes entered though.

If you go I'll possibly see you tonight and if you watch the comps, you'll see me.

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