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The UK is a failed state.

On 26 Aug 2018 at 1:26am Goodbye to all that wrote:
Sadly, Brexit is a symptom of a much deeper malaise, and the attempts by Englands politicians and newspapers to impose Brexit on Scotland and Northern Ireland is just part of that.
It is the UK that is a failed political and economic union, and not the EU.
On 26 Aug 2018 at 8:04am Sad twazzock wrote:
Was that worth saying at 1:26am? Or at any time come to that.
On 26 Aug 2018 at 8:47am Mark wrote:
Yes it was... There's the tip of the hat to Robert Graves and the mind drifts on to Evelyn Waugh and Vile Bodies and post WW1 malaise. We've had malaise before. Not on this level for many decades though.
On 26 Aug 2018 at 9:51am Q wrote:
It's only mallaise to 48%. The rest of us are in a positive mood. In a year or two, when the sky hasn't fallen, we will all be much happier.
On 26 Aug 2018 at 12:15pm Mal Aise wrote:
Thatcher covered malaise with gung ho war and R T B. We ain't seen nothing yet. LOL @ Q only one L in malaise - 2 in Pillock. Kind regards.
On 26 Aug 2018 at 1:38pm Mal Hayes wrote:
This 'project fear' threat coming from the government that if there's a no deal situation it'd get horrible for you, and you, and you over there too is just pitifully vapid.
Yes, a no deal situation would be awful. Lack of supplies would lead to the government unveiling it's stockpile (of ration books), the pound would be worth diddly squat and there'd be lorries backed up for miles either side of the channel tunnel.
This much we know, just as we know there'd be mass unemployment as companies ground to a halt due to the finance industry collapsing and all air travel to and from the EU stopping dead in their tracks.
But the good news is that among the ensuing civil unrest and food riots, Scotland and Wales both threatening to leave the UK and the army refusing to act as a police service just to save May's bony @rse - we'd also find the Tory Party becoming so toxic that the grand old party of the British right wouldn't be just unelectable for a generation or two, it'd become as much a historical anachronism in Parliament as the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Lenninist).
Talking up a no deal Brexit isn't going to scare anyone, let alone have the Eurocrats trembling with terror under their beds at night, it's just Theresa 'strong and stable' May again showing how cack handed she is when it comes to sloganeering.
Ooh, let the Tories have their say at the expense of what the EU wants, or, or, there'll be no Tory Party left after 3 months of Brexit poverty and won't EVERYONE be sorry!
Won't they?
On 26 Aug 2018 at 3:39pm Clifford wrote:
It fascinates me how people who voted Leave are treated as a tiny minority of zealots by Remainers. I know Remainers are on the side of the City and the banks (our masters), but they are still a minority.
On 26 Aug 2018 at 4:09pm Mark wrote:
I think that it's very unlikely that that's still true Clifford. A sizeable proportion of Brexiteer voters will have been people who are incapable of pointing to Syria, Libya and Roumania on a map. Many would, I'm sure. Others will have noticed that there is no Brexit dividend. There is no £350m extra for the NHS. That the Pound has lost a third of it's value against the Euro - and this is before we've even crashed out of the EU. I'm not on the side of the banks. I'm just concerned about the economic future. We have very little to offer the world apart from financial services.
On 26 Aug 2018 at 5:24pm DavidGrant wrote:
The royal "We" there Mark?
You sir may have nothing to offer the world but you certainly don't speak for all of us.
We (as in the UK) have some of the most respected companies in the world...
Royal Dutch Shell, Johnson Matthey,
Spirax-Sarco Engineering, Rotork, Melrose, Victrex, Croda, BHP Billiton, Kier Group.
We're a research and engineering powerhouse with some of the best universities in the world.
We have of some of the best medical research companies developing treatments for some of the most debilitating conditions.
Tech hubs for start-ups are the envy of Europe. Have you been to Google campus or TechHub in London?
We've got a lot going for us and will thrive when we can foster relationships with any country we choose.
On 26 Aug 2018 at 7:55pm Mark wrote:
Wow... While, I disagree with almost everything that you've said DavidGrant, I take my hat off to you. That is just about the first time ever that I've come across a coherent argument pro-Brexit on here. Normally it's, "Boo yah, you losers, da score was 52-48. Get used to it and put a big L for Losers on your forehead. Really though... I can name companies that people have actually heard of.... Bosch, Phillips, BMW... Aren't you gazing at the world through rose-tinted, Brexit specs?
On 26 Aug 2018 at 8:00pm Q wrote:
I wonder how much money is being thrown into propaganda for Remain. Every time I switch my phone on a dozen unwanted Remain rants pop up. Mal Hayes, so grateful for your constant kind regards, but why would a government carrying out the wishes of the people, against everything being thrown at them, be unpopular for that. For other things maybe, but not for that.
On 26 Aug 2018 at 8:10pm DavidGrant wrote:
If London is too far, go visit the engineering faculty at Sussex University. Then we'll talk.
If engineering isn't your thing, try the medical school, or the Sussex Innovation Centre.
They all love visitors.
On 26 Aug 2018 at 10:51pm DavidGrant wrote:
Unicorns, everywhere I see unicorns.
On 26 Aug 2018 at 10:52pm Clifford wrote:
Mark wrote: 'I'm not on the side of the banks.'

Really Mark? And you've never wondered why the banks are on the side of the EU? You've just gone along with the idea that the neo-liberal project is in some way 'progressive', think you're among the 'nice people' by supporting it, not like those nasty working class people? You never noticed what the EU, working through the eurozone, did to Greece? Never asked yourself why there was so much unemployment in EU members in eastern and southern Europe that they reluctantly had to come here for minimum wage jobs when they would rather have been at home working?
On 26 Aug 2018 at 11:42pm The science appliance wrote:
Britain stands to lose around half a billion pounds of annual European science funding in the event of a no-deal Brexit, jeopardising research into cancer and other health treatments.
The UK receives €1.28bn (£1.15bn) every year from Horizon 2020, the EU’s funding programme for science and innovation.
The nation would lose around 45 per cent of the cash, and its ability to influence key European projects, in a no-deal scenario, according to analysis by the Scientists for EU group.
The government had previously attempted to reassure scientists by claiming they would still have access to EU funding under ‘third country’ rules, in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
On 27 Aug 2018 at 1:59am one wrote:
There are three sorts of people who voted for Brexit;
1. People who think what Australian, Russian or French media tycoons tell them to think
2. People who think unelected neo-con EU government is worse than the House of Lords
3. ‘I want my country back’ Bigots
If you think your life is going to be a bed of social mobility and roses after Brexit, when the MNBCs have all moved out and we can all prosper from the co-operative banking societies that are going to replace them, when the Tories can finally instruct their donors to share the profits of economic growth with their employees, when Tories will turn around their decimation of the NHS and start funding it an extra 350m a week instead - then you fall into the 4th category - twats.
On 27 Aug 2018 at 6:22am unicorn7 wrote:
Momentum, I see momentum everywhere.
On 27 Aug 2018 at 9:31am bored wrote:
The tiresome pigeon holing of groups of about 16-17 million into a few categories is really dull. People vote for something they think will make their life better. This happens at all elections. We're all different in what we think.

The frustration I feel is that there is a lack of information and more so a lot of misinformation that is used as part of the reason to 'Stick to your guns' and 'follow the will of the people'. We have moved from 350 million to the NHS each week to miles of portaloos and lorries on hard shoulders, spending £3billion on our own GPS system and insisting that stockpiling will see us through. Do you think many MPs will be stockpiling canned goods?

We've gone from 'signing new free trade deals with the world' to copy and pasting the deals we had courtesy of the EU and hoping (naively) that these other countries will not try to get a better deal from us on our own as we have much less leverage than the EU.

Nothing good that was and still is promised by leave is remotely faesible. Instead we are getting a growing list of problems which we will deal with i.e. us regular folk will have no choice but to deal with.

On the plus side the Telegraph reports the tories are preparing for a push for corporation tax to go to an even lower record low of 10% to keep those poor businesses going. Wouldn't want them struggling to pay bills or rent would we, oh wait, that's us again.
Rant over, enjoy your Bank Holiday
On 27 Aug 2018 at 4:11pm Englishman wrote:
Thank goodness our "failed state" is now a modern democracy. There were times when the above posters would have been incarcerated in the Tower for treason- or worse.
On 28 Aug 2018 at 12:35am one wrote:
This is an entirely fair point, and maybe the one consolation Theresa May will find in Brexit is that she will finally be free to withdraw us all from the Human Rights convention that our current rulers have always hated.
Happily for the ‘I Want My Country Backs’ the UK can then make a step towards locking people in the tower, or worse, when they contradict or disobey the ruling elite – lobbying for Brexit, for example.
So, yes, celebrate your democracy while you can, you’ve got it until April at least. Brexitears have voted towards dismantling it after that.

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