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The Tories are self destructing.

On 9 Apr 2015 at 8:52pm Westminster Mole wrote:
Panic stations at Tory central office as Lynton Crosby`s expected surge fails to materialize The nasty party are indulging in some serious bloodletting behind the scenes.Night of the long knives?Just a stab in the dark?Deportation back to Van Diemen`s land for Crosby?Watch this space.
On 9 Apr 2015 at 9:00pm Gaffe or Naff? wrote:
Michael Fallon will shoot the country in the foot, just as he shot his own today.Fallon a nuclear accident waiting to happen or just a loose cannon? Some Defence Minister!
On 9 Apr 2015 at 9:03pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
I'd be happier if this was happening a week before the election, instead of 4 weeks.
A lot can happen between now and May 7, and people have short memories.
On 9 Apr 2015 at 9:10pm Happy Labour Warrior wrote:
Most people have seen what the Tories have in their locker and quite frankly they don`t much like it.They have nothing left but smears and lies .I feel their power is slowly ebbing away. The tide is slowly turning.
On 9 Apr 2015 at 9:50pm Voter wrote:
Calm down dears you're all taking this far too seriously, the only thing that should worry any of us is the prospect of a Labour/SNP coalition, terrifying thought for any right minded English man or woman
On 9 Apr 2015 at 10:44pm Right Minded Englishman wrote:
The Tories are a bunch of self serving idiots (to put it politely).
You only have to look at their 'Bullingdon Club' roots to see that. They're truly the 'Naztie Party' They have no empathy for the ordinary uk person on the contrary they have nothing but contempt for the ordinary folk. They have started to dismantle the NHS and Sell Off seems to be their mantra and thats just the start.
Cameron doesn't give a dam that he's about to lose the election, he's already made himself a hell of a lot of money. He'll be in the Bahamas when we're stuck here picking up the pieces!
On 10 Apr 2015 at 12:08am MPs expenses scandal wrote:
Michael Fallon, a senior Conservative MP, claimed £8,300 too much in expenses for the mortgage on his second home.Between 2002 and 2004, Mr Fallon regularly claimed £1,255 per month in capital repayments and interest, rather than the £700-£800 for the interest component alone. After his error was noticed by staff in the Commons fees office in September 2004, he said: “Why has no one brought this to my attention before?”

Check it out here »
On 10 Apr 2015 at 9:43am Voter wrote:
Right minded Englishman what has the Bullington Club or stupid Naztie Party labels actually got to do with politics? The economy is recovering & the borrow to pay debt philosophy is being tackled by Osbourne, there is pain no doubt but should we expect any different? I've not heard one convincing alternative to the Tory/LibDem policies of the last 5 years & I doubt you'll have one either but just focus on one aspect namely the NHS which has had funding ring fenced by this government. Too much focus on the politicians backgrounds etc & not enough on what actually matters, the state of our country
On 10 Apr 2015 at 10:04am Bullingdon Bullies wrote:
Is this a good background for our future representatives? Absolutely not.Prospective new members are proposed by a current member and then subjected to a club vote. This is all done in secret. You can be "put up" and blackballed and never be any the wiser. The first a new bug knows about it is when his rooms are invaded (ideally, via the window) and ceremonially trashed by way of initiation ("they overturned some of my flower pots," recalls my source). The financial costs run to the outfit, which at close to £2,000 is safely beyond most student overdrafts. There have been rumours of wealthier members paying an annual stipend of up to £10,000. And then there's the budget for a Bullingdon beano, a fairly open-ended prospect depending on champagne consumption and collateral damage reparations. Not that this matters much in practice. If you can't afford to be in the Bullingdon, you're extremely unlikely to be asked to join in the first place.
Once you're in, the Bullingdon year revolves around two annual events: the breakfast, a colossal booze-up at which each member is allotted his own bin bag to assist in vomiting without leaving the table (a club offence); and the dinner, a gut-tighteningly opulent affair of lobster, foie gras, suckling pig and so on. This is usually held at some unsuspecting rural restaurant where a table has been booked under a pseudonym, partly because the Bullingdon's reputation for casual vandalism precedes it; and partly to avoid any unpleasant comeback if things get out of hand.Breakages, scraps and bust-ups seem to be a hazard of membership. Standard Bullingdon practice is for club members to pay off in cash any injured party (usually a bemused restaurateur with a private room full of broken china). It's this high-handed brand of yobbishness that has drawn most public opprobrium. It's not so much the damage that causes offence. It's the attitude, the innate sense that position and - more specifically - wealth will always be able to make good any inconvenience suffered by "civilians".
This kind of thing can be quite shocking. On one occasion the Bullingdon hired a string band to play at a garden party and ended up smashing up all the instruments, including a Stradivarius. Which might have been quite funny if it was the work of the Drones Club, Bertie Wooster's old school platoon of policeman's helmet-stealing Pall Mall ne'er do wells. But this isn't a light comic novel; also, none of the Drones ever made any serious attempt to convince you he was actually just a really regular guy.

Check it out here »
On 10 Apr 2015 at 10:15am Original 'voter' wrote:
As much as I would like them to be , the Tories are not on meltdown, are they? People are so used to Politicians talking rubbish, they have started copying them.
On 10 Apr 2015 at 10:47am Local wrote:
those of us who remember the 1997 election have already seen a Tory electoral meltdown, which is why we know that , despite our greatest hopes and dreams, we know that this isn't one.
On 10 Apr 2015 at 11:28am Voter wrote:
As suspected no politics & ignoring the truth that Tory/LibDem had very little option but to implement the policies of the last 5 years. Now is not time for another financially crippling Labour government especially one propped up by the SNP! Bullington Club is irrelevant to this election, let's actually here some politics from those opposing Cameron, I'm all ears
On 10 Apr 2015 at 11:33am Redistribute the Profit wrote:
Oh Ye of little faith.The Tories crumbleth into the dust like old camel turds in the desert sun.Rejoice! A new dawn is nigh.Darkness is banished!
On 10 Apr 2015 at 5:17pm Norm wrote:
Looks like I'm not going to be looking for another job after all. I wish i hadn't resigned as a minister now.

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