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That EU lark again

On 18 Feb 2016 at 12:25pm SHS wrote:
I read yesterday that the EU costs us £125 million a week after allowing for all the subsidies, rebates and concessions we have very kindly been granted. More to the point, yes we may be offerred a 'deal' which doubtless we'll be told is very generous and in our favour, but how does Cameron know what we want? Were you asked? Was anyone asked? Did I miss something? Are we too weak now to consider a future alone? (My answer - get out and get strong!)
On 18 Feb 2016 at 1:35pm Sad but sanguine wrote:
Heath told the electorate that signing the Treaty of Rome would lead to no essential loss of National Sovereignty but later admitted that this was a lie. Astonishingly, Heath said he lied because he knew that the British would not approve of him signing the Treaty if they knew the truth. Heath told voters that the EEC was merely a free trade association. But he was lying through his teeth. He knew that the original members of the EEC had a long-standing commitment to political union and the step by step creation of a European superstate.
I will not condone politicians lying to people and purposely depriving them of the democratic sovereignty that is their birthright through the ballot box.
I will not be ruled by people we did not elect and who we cannot get rid of and who seek to impose laws on us that we did not vote for.
I will quietly and solemnly cross the leave box in honour of those who have been betrayed and those who fought and struggled for my freedom and look forward to us becoming an independent, prosperous and proud nation once more.
On 18 Feb 2016 at 2:10pm bastian wrote:
do you know who recieves the majority of the EU grants in the Uk? The rich land owners/farmers-but I would fight for the right for them to claim them if it also meant that my employment laws were upheld, and that TTIP was held at bay, and that peace was kept in europe by trade and that we were not made slaves to America and Russia and China. Britain loses nothing of its identity for being in Europe, I remember that every time I order a pint. Before you go throwing the baby out with the bath water-look ahead to what the possible future may bring outside Europe- and before some Smart Ar5e comes along and says we shouldn't stay in for fear of pulling out-it isn't about fear, it's about strength within against rampant capital outside-we are not one of the big players any more, not on our own, and without the EU we, the little people could be well shafted by the big boys.
On 18 Feb 2016 at 2:24pm bastian wrote:
Furthe rto the last post-Cameron is fighting to rid himself of the ristricyions of humanity-many of the Tory cuts to welfare (money given to those who are not able to work, which could at any point, be any of us if we are unlucky enough to have an accident etc) have been blocked and /or questioned as illegal by the EU to whom we presently subscribe. The way genuinely sick people have been forced through tests that have claimed over 3000 lives, was questioned as illegal. If he wins, other EU countries will follow suit-this is an open attack on the last vestiges of humanity based socialism, a too advanced concept for the capitalist to embrace, what it will leave in its wake is you and me, the voters (for what that is worth anymore), being run into the ground, sold things that are bad for our health-because EU law will no longer restrict the sales/ adulterating or use of dyes and chemicals in foods or medicines-and an open market through which to screw every penny out of you to keep you alive privately.
Hands up who wants that more than staying in Europe. They are using Syria to make you fearful about immigration (where are Camerons hands in the Syria pie?), so you'll vote out, because they know how vulnerable you can be made just by reading the daily mail. It's so beautifully orchestrated-you have to admire it, but it stinks.
On 18 Feb 2016 at 2:33pm bastian wrote:
And those who forget the history of Europe-still alive in the minds of living people, are doomed to repeat it. Look at the rise of the far right in Europe now , it happened like this last time, the banks crashed, and the far right grew based on fear and scapegoats, this time refugees from a land devestated by a war that was started by meddling countries outside its borders to keep oil prices afloat. Wake up, this is no simple deal he's doing, he's unpicking an historic cohesive union for his own capitalist desires, so he can legally cut welfare to his tax paying people whilst propping up his mates in the business community by keeping theor tax out of Europe where it can be seen and collected.
On 18 Feb 2016 at 2:56pm Mr Ryder wrote:
Bastian you actually know and understand very little.
TTIP is a secret EU-US deal - voting to remain will see this implemented in the UK with a severe risk to the NHS.
The EU enshrines neo-liberalism through privatisation directives most notably post and rail. It is a corporate racket in hoc to multinationals and big banks.
The UK is the fifth largest economy and has a global reach and presence stop doing the country down.
People aren't fearful of immigrants they are opposed to uncontrolled mass immigration an illogical policy that has never been approved or voted for. EU migration ran at 180,000 last year representing over half of all migration into the UK and rising these bring benefits and drawbacks but the UK electorate should decide the levels not the EU.
In my view a country that is serious about it's economic policy would base it's immigration policy on skills rather than geographical location.
The rise in the far-right is down to specific undemocratic EU policies most notably Germany in forcing 1 million migrants into the country without the prior consent of it's people which is causing anger.
Don't slur people who want to vote out as 'daily mail' readers it is not a political divide and those in favour of brexit come from all parties and political spectrums. Labour socialism has a long history of euroscepticism for example.
The EU is a failing utopian project, the sooner you realise it is a badly run political construct and should of stayed as a free trade organisation the better you will be able to look at the issues objectively.
On 18 Feb 2016 at 4:26pm bastian wrote:
I have read some real cr*p on here in the last few weeks, I'm sick of the rubbish that I hear spewed out of mouths, all of whom profess to know everything-the headlines make uneasy reading at the moment and it's time someone put up a different postion for others to read.
On 19 Feb 2016 at 1:36am 8 miles from home wrote:
" Hey EU leave us Brits alone" Pink Floyd
On 20 Feb 2016 at 12:31am I`m voting in wrote:
Well said Bastian.

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