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Tesco to sell antiques and brew beer

On 30 Jan 2009 at 2:18pm Mystic Mog wrote:
Tesco are considering selling antiques in their flagship Lewes store if they get the go ahead for their planning application and brew their own local beer.
A spokesperson said "Lewes has a great history of selling antiques and we feel that we can supply excellent antiques too. The will be a value line of antiques for those on low incomes and who find the Sunday car boot sale too wet and windy. We will also have a weekly auction for large ticket 'Finest' items. We respect the other antique sellers in Lewes and will therefore be allowing our car park to used for an extra hour by all Lewes shoppers.."
Tesco also plan to open a micro brewery called 'Lewes Finest lager' with a contemporary reworking of the Lewes coat of arms. A spokesperson says "this beer will offer our customers a chance to drink a local beer with a modern twist using finest New Zealand hops, Canadian barley and French water". We respect the other brewer in Lewes and will therefore be allowing our car park to used for an extra hour by all Lewes shoppers.
We feel that these additional products will enhance shopping experience in Brooks High Street - the heart of Lewes"
Finally Tesco has agreed to give the Environment agency £4.57 to help with the Cliffe flood defences. Tesco says "we are delighted to contribute to this finest ancient ghost town."
On 30 Jan 2009 at 3:04pm Dotty wrote:
Will the expanded store include a cinema as well to compete with the one Angel would never really build if their Phoenix plans ever went ahead.
On 30 Jan 2009 at 3:26pm Mystic Mog wrote:
A Tesco spokesman intimated "we may consider a cinema for phase 7. We are considering adding 5 more floors to include a cinema, 'toad in the hole' arena, permanent Thomas Paine themed bowling alley and the new Town Hall. Phase 7 will be our interim measure for the relocation of Lewes' town centre to the historic Brooks High street."
On 30 Jan 2009 at 4:45pm English Heritage Spokesman- 2020AD wrote:
We are proud to announce funding for a new visitor attraction that looks at the history of Lewes Shops and Shopping. With our joint funders, Tesco's, the new exhibit will look at the golden age of shopping in Lewes when quaint small shops sold different things at different prices. The central exhibit will feature an interactive recreation of the original Tesco store, which was a small multi-aisled trading unit on the outskirts of the town, nothing like the glistening glass and orange tiled village that we see now. As the once green flood plain became filled with business units, and a shoddy half baked residential estate with no cinema, the store was relocated to its current height, on massive but innovative stilts, through which a view of the historic castle still remains today. English heritage are as pleased to support this exciting modern development, as an enhancement to the other old stuff.
Residents of Lewes's historic conservation area, are expected to marvel at how areas such as Cliffe high st and School Hill used to bustle with quaint white delivery vans and people walking to and from little shops. Indeed the global fast food chain 'Bills' once started as a humble street cafe, with a coffee plaza that at one time stretched from the bridge, to Malling St.
A Lewes District Council representative said. When Tesco's originally took over every aspect of profitable shopping in the town, people were extremely cynical, but I am pleased to see that like other once bustling small commercial towns, we have eradicated the poor standards, and unpredictability of poorly run family businesses, and given Lewesians the town centre they should really want.
Cllr Gardiner, speaking with conviction from a care home in Ringmer said....where's my jelly?
On 30 Jan 2009 at 4:49pm Dotty wrote:
And will there be affordable housing at the expanded store and a heliport to fly people out in case of flood? Is a local cutting-edge architect being commissioned to design the towers (none of which will be higher than 8 stories)?
On 31 Jan 2009 at 5:20pm Lopster wrote:
New Zealand Hops
Canadian Barley
French Water!!!!!!!!!
.......MY @RSE
now I know its a wind-up - they are having a field of cows shipped in too - for milk and cheap leather shoes
On 3 Feb 2009 at 1:47pm Mystic Mog wrote:
They already do that.

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