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Tesco parking ticket.

On 27 Jul 2013 at 12:00pm annoyed wrote:
Just wondered if anyone else has recieved a parking ticket from a company representing Tesco called Highview Parking and did they pay the amount or did they ignore the `notice?`
On 27 Jul 2013 at 1:24pm Townie wrote:
How long was you parked in tescos for ???
On 27 Jul 2013 at 1:31pm padster wrote:
Did you overstay the 3 hours free parking? If so i would expect you will get a ticket. however there are many cars seem to park there overnight, so either it was not enforced until recently and now tesco have employed a company to manage this for them.
Threaten to stop shopping there and say your sorry , it's in their (tesco) interest to not penalise their customers particularly local customers.
On 27 Jul 2013 at 1:35pm historyman wrote:
unfortunately I was there for three hours but I have googled this company and all forums say do not pay, I just wondered if anyone else had the same experience, in all honesty I will just pay, I dont have the strength to fight it.
On 27 Jul 2013 at 2:54pm Peter Pan wrote:
Historyman that's sad , that you feel that you cant fight it ,but I do no were you are coming from !! having spent a life time fighting all the injustice that we have been subjected to ,there is a time when you feel you just cant fight another fight Dont pay just see if they follow it up
On 27 Jul 2013 at 2:54pm Ryanthelion wrote:
If you stay in Tesco's carpark for over 3 hrs you deserve to get a ticket. The signage is clear enough. Do you think you should be entitled to all day free parking? What planet are you on?
On 27 Jul 2013 at 3:12pm Driver wrote:
They cannot legally force you to pay unless they make a civil claim through the County Court. If you took the mickey and parked there all day, then you have a moral obligation to pay. However, if you just misjudged your timing it would be fair to offer a token payment, say 5.
Either way- ignore all threats sent through the post. If the worst happens (unlikely) all you would ultimately pay is the "fine" plus about 10% court costs.
On 27 Jul 2013 at 9:09pm uckersbarry wrote:
freeloader I expect you've been doing it for a while
On 27 Jul 2013 at 10:08pm historyman wrote:
I agree with you in principle Ryanthelion but I was just visiting my parents after getting their shopping in Tesco and I was about ten mins over the 3 hours anyway The signage doesnt say a great deal just how much (70) and a telephone number..oh, and that all the `profits` will go to charity..
On 28 Jul 2013 at 5:26am The Kronic wrote:
Sorry Historyman, there are quite a few new signs, all clearly visible with 3 hours max stay and the penalty of 70.
You screwed up mate, stop trying to blame other people, pay the fine, get over it and move on.
On 28 Jul 2013 at 8:33am Deelite 2 wrote:
I got a parking ticket at Tescos a year or two ago, ignored it and I never heard from them again.
On 28 Jul 2013 at 12:53pm Bongo wrote:
Just write back to the parking company and tell them you were not driving that vehicle that day, it was somebody else, and tell them to stop writing to you. The bill has to be addressed to the driver of the car committing the 'offense', not the owner of the car, and you are under no obligation whatsoever to tell them who it was driving. These parking companies rely on peoples' ignorance of their civil rights, and coin it in. This only applies to parking offenses on private property ie Tesco car park - you cannot wriggle out of a penalty notice issued on a public highway or public car park in the same manner!
On 28 Jul 2013 at 1:07pm Belladonna wrote:
Hang on. - isn't there a historical right for free local residents parking in Tesco? I seem to remember someone saying as such on this forum a while ago, it was a condition of the planning permission ....
Either way don't pay it, wait for them to chase you.
On 28 Jul 2013 at 1:52pm The Kronic wrote:
For f@*k sake Belladonna. It's always been 3 hours with Tescos, like it or lump it. If you want to use the carpark for visiting the relatives, i have no sympathy if you go over the 3 hours time.
What on earth you can find to do in the town for 3 hours is beyond me
On 28 Jul 2013 at 6:36pm Your money there tricks wrote:
There was a program was on bbc the other day saying they cannot legally get the money out of you without taking you to court (which they won't be bothered to do). My mate got one in Aldi last year and never paid it, nothing has come of it they just give up.
On 29 Jul 2013 at 1:30am Fairmeadow wrote:
Under the planning agreement you don't have to shop in Tesco to park there, but you are supposed to be gone within 3 hr. If it was 3 hr 10 min, and you did actually park in Tesco, well worth taking up with Tesco - they will be able to confirm it if you used your loyalty card.
Had a friend who got a ticket from Aldi when it was a 90 min limit. Amazingly she had actually spent 100 min in Aldi all the time (accompanied by a very small daughter as a trainee shopper). She explained and was let off. Personally I'd be prepared to go to the trouble of composing a few emails to avoid paying 70, but it depends on your minimum hourly rate!
On 1 Aug 2013 at 12:43pm Mutts Nutts wrote:
Ignore it.
They have to prove who was driving the vehicle at the time, not who is the registered keeper.
Don't even aknowledge receipt of the ticket,
You are under no legal obligation to supply them with the information of who was in charge of the vehicle at the time.
They huff and Puff but don't take you to court.
I've had four, from luton airport, macDonalds etc etc.
Ignored them all, and never paid a penny.
They will send letters ramping up the pressure, but they give up after about four letters, and expend their energy in more fruitful areas, ie scary first letters.
Check out the link on Moneysaving expert.com
On 3 Aug 2013 at 1:09pm Jonny boy wrote:
Yup, agree with you all, ignore them, dont speak to them, write to them or enter into any conversation with them and they will give up.
On 19 Jul 2015 at 5:54pm bob wrote:
Is it free on sunday
On 25 Sep 2015 at 7:32pm Carol wrote:
Annoyed - What was the outcome? Did you pay it? I've just received a charge notice in the post.
On 26 Sep 2015 at 11:22am Regular Tesco parker wrote:
I park in Tesco every day Mon to Fri and have ignored their parking fine requests as it is not a PCN, and as yet I am awaiting them to take this to the next level. Don't pay and ignore it, they have to prove the owner was the driver..
On 28 Jan 2016 at 4:10pm michael wearne wrote:
i just had a letter from highview parking who is the parking mamagement in tesco truro they are saying i got to pay a fee of 70 or a reduced amount of 40 i was only there for 43 minutes & i know you can shop there free up till 3hrs should i pay or tell them to bog off
On 19 Dec 2016 at 1:35pm Becky wrote:
Why do people come on here and be dickish about what others are asking? E.g. "For f@*ks sake belladonna it's always be 3 hours with Tesco like it or lump it". There's obviously a legitimate reason for someone to have been there 10-15 minutes over the time so get off your high horse and off the page. Clearly only coming here to cause trouble.
On 19 Dec 2016 at 1:38pm Dick wrote:
Well said

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