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Sunday parking charges

On 9 Sep 2014 at 3:03pm Oldbutintouch wrote:
Being old, but in touch, I hear that Lewes District Council are thinking of raising extra cash by charging visitors for off-street parking on Sundays. Lewes residents and traders have spent many painful years "Lewesifying" the present ESCC scheme, and have finally persuaded NSL/NCP to behave in a civilised manner, LDC now propose to reopen the whole can of worms! Imagine the negative publicity that this penny-pinching proposal will generate, all for a few extra quid in LDC's coffers. Our still awful parking scheme needs further liberalisation, not this attempt to make it yet more draconian. I know one or two LDC councillors monitor this forum - kill this stupid plan before it even sees the light of day.
On 9 Sep 2014 at 3:15pm bastian wrote:
Go and have a drink in the back bar of the Gardners Arms some time, there are a few ideas on the wall in there.
On 9 Sep 2014 at 4:56pm Here We Go Again wrote:
LDC would be undermining the entire scheme if they started charging in car parks, but not on street, as they would be displacing cars into shared residents spaces and undermining the scheme and how it works. I suspect this would breach policy.
But above all Lewes residents, have made it very clear that they were already fed up with many aspects of the un-neighbourly scheme imposed on them, including Sunday charges, and Bank Holidays.
Councillors are supposed to represent residents, not Officers who are looking for ways of remedying the cash shortfall of a scheme that does not work. Another way of saving money is to not run a completely flawed scheme which loses money.
Incidentally, I noticed on another thread that someone is claiming that ESCC have been misleading Cllr Milner about people living outside the HS Zone having eligibility for HS Zone permits. I noticed that Cllr Milner has never been able to forward the eligibility criteria, presumably because no one at ESCC will provide it. I look forward to reading Cllr Milner's explanation of how permits can be issued to residents that were not intended to be in HS, and indeed, aren't in HS.
I would certainly join the queue for an HS permit if 1: not living in HS, and 2:the Council not having intended me to get a permit in HS, are the current qualifying criteria for the HS permits Cllr Milner identified are being handed out to non-HS residents!

On 9 Sep 2014 at 8:37pm Informed wrote:
I have checked with the powers that be, and been told that there have been no discussions to charge for off-street parking on Sundays.
On 9 Sep 2014 at 11:22pm WTF wrote:
Park outside Laura Ashley or down at Lewes Station, tickets may be dished out but they are never enforced because they are unenforceable in British Law. If you get one, don't pay.
On 9 Sep 2014 at 11:30pm Border Control wrote:
If they sold our assets off at realistic values, and charged the proper going rate for a concert in a field they wouldn't be financially short, would they ? Built more houses to get more rates. stop milking the cash strapped motorists. if we could vote Yes to escape them, we would be blooming mad not to.
On 11 Sep 2014 at 6:03pm Merlin Milner wrote:
HWGA the last email from ESCC. BTW I am a Town Councillor.
"Thank you for your further email of 11 June about HS zone permits.
As mentioned previously we do not issue any HS zone permits to residents who do not qualify for them. The permit eligibility map along with the zone map for Lewes is available to be viewed on our website at the following link:
Resident permit application forms are available from the Parking Shop in Lewes and on our website at the link above. The guidance notes attached to these forms detail the criteria required in order to qualify for a permit.
In my last response I said that by not including the permit eligibility in our traffic regulation orders this allows us be a lot more flexible and respond to specific parking problems or needs in Lewes. As there is not a hidden qualifying criteria or secret HS zone permits being issued, there is nothing to be added to the permit information on the website.
Thank you for writing to me about this matter. I hope the information will be of use to you and the person corresponding with you. As requested previously if this person believes a permit has been issued to an address not within the qualifying area I would be happy to look into this further. In order to do so please provide me with more details of the permit, or the address it has been issued to."

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