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Speeding on A26

On 31 Jul 2014 at 10:25am Moaning minnie wrote:
Cars are entering Lewes speeding on the A26 and are still going between 50 and 60 mph by the time they reach church lane. I have never been a fan of traffic calming, but it seems like an accident waiting to happen. With the school there and lots of people crossing the road, surely something needs to be done to slow the cars down? Any suggestions?
On 31 Jul 2014 at 12:03pm Depressed Gardener wrote:
speed camera.
On 31 Jul 2014 at 1:01pm First Aider wrote:
Couldn't agree more. Drop the speed limit to 40 at Ham Lane and then 30 before the bends and cottages, about where that poor man was killed the other week. Speed cameras to hit people who think it doesn't apply to them where it hurts.
On 31 Jul 2014 at 2:57pm Slarty wrote:
First Aider, What is the point of a 40mph speed limit on a straight road with no path and no pedestrian activity on it??? I believe that if pointless speed limits were removed and proper speed limits were enforced a little more, everyone would start obeying the important speed limits (like around town where there is a high level of pedestrians). Works in France!
I agree the cars need slowing down in Malling, but then there is a 30mph limit that should be enforced, by a speed camera (although only good for a 10m section and then all speed up again like Lewes Road in Brighton) or get the actual coppers there. Perhaps a neighbourhood scheme like Ringmer have?
IMHO, traffic calming general ruins traffic flow and causes tail backs and pollution.
On 31 Jul 2014 at 3:55pm Old Cynic wrote:
The nice chaps from Community Speedwatch have been out recently - on average (at 07.30) cars are doing 37 to 45mph in the 30 mph zone. Some of the language hurled at these guys from passing vehicles was horrible
On 1 Aug 2014 at 7:20am Sussex Jim wrote:
A 40 limit starting just before the bend by the alottments would probably help bring drivers down to nearer 30 at Earwig Corner.
On 1 Aug 2014 at 10:24am Slarty wrote:
Sussex Jim, Why would that happen when a 30 limit before Earwig Corner (apparently) doesn't slow drivers down from 50-60mph by Church Lane?
People need to realise speed limits are limits, but if there are lots of long a pointless speed limits (Surrey is very bad for this where 30mph zone spread between villages a couple of miles apart) then people forget why the important speed limits are there and ignore them. They soon start remembering when points are put on their licence, but as everyone can learn the location of Gatso cameras, I think police speed check (lots of them in a different location every day) and points on licence (no courses to skip points) is the best way forward. Unfortunately, finances don't allow this.
IF speed limits were realistic and sensible and not just there to dumb down to morons, then I cannot see why anyone, except those that speed (and as already said the speed limits should be appropriate for the road, so speeding would, by definition, be inappropriate) could object.
Also, the reverse to dumbing down speed limits is true. People think that because it is a 30 zone they can do 30mph in their car safely, rather then thinking as they pass a school at throwing out time when it is raining and slowing down.
On 1 Aug 2014 at 2:21pm Ed Can Do wrote:
Speed cameras are pointless. Locals know where they are and slow down for them before speeding off again and other motorists have a tendancy to slam their brakes on when they notice them, potentially causing accidents. On top of that, while you're crawling through the camera zone watching your speedo in case you creep over the limit, you're not looking at the road properly so are more likely to cause an accident that way. Futhermore, numerous experiments and studies have shown that putting in speed cameras does exactly nothing to reduce the incidence of speeding, they're just a revnue machine.

There's a perfectly good pedestrian crossing at the top of Church Lane and a Lolipop lady outside the school so there's no reason for anyone to try and dodge traffic crossing the road, it's a bit of a non-issue on that stretch. I often think a bit more pedestrian education would go a long way in these situations, like all the idiots who dash across the road by the bus station when there are crossings fifty yards in either direction, utter madness and people just being lazy.

I've always thought a mini-roundabout on the entrance to Orchard Road would slow traffic coming down Malling Hill (Where there is no pedestrian crossing for some distance) plus make pulling into or out of Orchard Road much safer but I fear the road isn't wide enough and nobody has ever been hurt there so it's a non-starter.
On 1 Aug 2014 at 3:22pm ed can dont wrote:
@edcando you seem to be missing the point. The issue isn't with pedestrians crossing, it appears to be more about cars travelling at excessive speed.
On 1 Aug 2014 at 5:46pm Old Cynic wrote:
Ed Can do, you need to resit your driving test if you are do distracted by pedestrians and speed cameras! The issue on Malling Street is excessive speed, numerous cars pulling in and off the road (the new pet shop and vets hasn't helped) plus a lack of safe crossings, ie one pelican on at the top and one very dangerous pedestrian refuge half wAy down. The speed limit is 30 it's been shown that there is a speeding problem and a lack of policing - start spot checks on a regular basis with fines will start to solve the problem
On 1 Aug 2014 at 5:58pm Ed Can Do wrote:
I never said I sped down there, in fact I'm one of the few people that does do no more than thirty along that stretch. What I was saying is that speed cameras are not a magic cure to the problem of speeding and often cause more problems than they solve. Malling Street is particularly bad, hence my suggestion for a mini-roundabout but I don't see there being a specific issue at the top of Church Lane or along Malling Down as people rarely need to cross the road there and there's a crossing if they do, right next to the bus stop. I assumed that people were anti-speeding because of risk to pedestrians rather than just as a general concept because the road up there is straight, relatively wide and with a seperate filter lane for people turning into Church Lane and Mill Road meaning they won't stop suddenly in the flow of traffic, unlike people turning right into Orchard Road further down the hill or turning into the car parks for the pet store or tyre place. I've needed to go up the hill from Just Tyres before and found it easier to turn left and go round the roundabout at the bottom rather than try to cross the fast moving traffic down the hill so I agree completely that people drive too fast down there.
On 2 Aug 2014 at 5:51am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
I agree entirely about the Orchard Lane junction, Ed. I've given up trying to turn right out of there, and go through the estate and along Church Lane instead.
It has poor visibility and that, combined with the speed of traffic coming down the hill, make it a nightmare to pull out from.
On 2 Aug 2014 at 8:47am the kronic wrote:
With regards to our do-gooders, Ooops, community speedwatchers, instead of being out there on a sunday morning at 7 in the morning, try it when the school runs are on and hopefully you'll catch the real idiots rather than the odd person doing 3mph over the 30. Boils my p1$$ that does.
On 2 Aug 2014 at 9:09am Red lights wrote:
The crossing by Church Lane isn't much help when cars regularly don't stop at the red lights. Often because they're going so fast that they've driven through them (mainly coming in from the Ringmer end) before they've noticed that they're there. Despite Ed's opinion, lots of people do need to cross the road here - either from / to the bus stop or the houses in the area.
On 2 Aug 2014 at 10:23am Out on the Reservation wrote:
A roundabout at Earwig corner would solve a lot of problems.
On 2 Aug 2014 at 11:46am Afraid of retribution wrote:
That is Lewes for you; One Brand new police building, the Police Headquarters... But no police (on duty anyway).
That is one good thing about having a prison in your town, people that have stayed there tend to not hang about once they get out.
On 3 Aug 2014 at 12:52am Slow Boat wrote:
Thur 31 Jul
The nicest show there's been in the Hop Gallery this year.
That's the one that's on the card, I like it.
There's something very uplifting about the pastels... painting music.
What a clever idea! (very common sentiment)
Fri 1 Aug
Really nice choice of music, too
Sat 2 Aug
Very interesting
- That was interesting really
- Certainly was
- A bit different
A roundabout at Earwig Corner would certainly make a difference. The speeds down Malling Hill are far slower at peak times when people are queuing. The problem is the speeds coming into Lewes at non-peak times, and the state of the road up as far as Ham Lane. It's a windy, narrow stretch, there are coaches, trucks and vans constantly popping on from side roads, and every now and then someone flies off and hits a house.
Someone told me they meant to straighten it (and deal with Earwig Corner) years ago, but the Friends of Lewes objected that some flint walls would go. Yet they keep get knocked over anyway by vehicles that career off the road. Nice one.
Someone else told me it was because a few nice folk from Offham objected that the street lights that would be put in at Earwig Corner would spoil their nighttime view across the valley. Plausible though that might sound, I can't believe such a trifling objection could derail a major road improvement scheme.
Whatever the truth, I reckon some of the Bexhil Bypass money might have been better spent sorting out the Earwig Corner Mess. Slowing people down a minute before they hit Malling Down would save lives and improve lives for people half a mile in both directions, not to mention thousands of commuters...
On 4 Aug 2014 at 9:08am Zebedee wrote:
@First Aider.
Dropping the speed limit to 40mph al the way to Ham Lane is excessive. That lomg straight bit of road has great visibility is very useful for getting past slow moving vehicles (like those stupidly large tractors). The speed limit is currently reduced in exactly the right place; at the point where visibility over a good stretch ahead becomes restricted.

If you overdo speed restrictions people start to ignore them and can end up taking none of them seriously, even when there is good reason for them.

A roundabout at Earwig Corner is very necessary. Getting out of Lewes at 5pm is currently very silly.
On 4 Aug 2014 at 12:28pm Slarty wrote:
IIRC, when the last improvement to Earwig Corner was done, there was a report into a roundabout being put in. I think the traffic flow was wrong (nothing coming from Ringmer turning right or from Uckfield turning left and the traffic flow is mainly South in the Morning and North in the evening were two points I remember) so they decided against it.
On 4 Aug 2014 at 1:59pm Magic Roundabout wrote:
Slarty is correct, mini-roundabouts only work where traffic flows on all approaches are fairly evenly matched, esp at peak times.

In weekday evenings traffic approaching Lewes on A26 (southbound) would probably find it almost impossible to get across the roundabout into town due to the high volume of traffic leaving town and turning from A26 up Earwig Hill towards Ringmer. Likewise in the mornings, the high volume of traffic into town from Uckfield woudl effectively block access onto roundabout for traffic coming down Earwig Hill.

I use junction heading out to Ringmer am and back into town from Ringmer pm, and generally find it works okay both times, in morning enough folk heading south kindly let traffic turn right up Earwig Hill, and in the evening the traffic coming down A26 tends to be a broken stream, so turning left out of Earwig Hill is not a major issue.

Howoever, the speed of traffic coming down A26, and poor visibility form Earwig Hill stop line does make it a bit of a pain assessign which "gaps" are suitable to pull out into, so yes, dropping spead limit to a properly enforced 30mph just before the alotments might help improve safety for all users of the junction and of Malling Hill.

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