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On 31 Dec 2018 at 12:17am David wrote:
What's happening with the snowdrop, seems like a sinking ship these days?
I see so many thirsty customers sadly trudging back along South Street as they are frequently closed.
On 31 Dec 2018 at 7:11am Future wrote:
Seems typical of the embarrassment of pubs in this town recently.
2 years ago we would of had a load of good pubs to choose from but now it?s trying work out which one is even open.
Snowdrop - greedy, clueless owners that have a history of running pubs into the ground after making it a success which I find weird and slightly dodgy.
Dorset - let?s not even go there on this thread.
Grardeners - is actually improved but still a tiny pub that is far to clique
JHT - either empty or full of pissed bills staff and their crews, nice in the summer if you want to drink in a car park
Volly - at least it?s consistant, enough said
Lamb - empty and lifeless, biggest downfall of a pub in recent years. Might of been full of hippies a few years ago but at least it had a heart and was busy.
Lewes Arms - new Landlord may of put the prices down but a bit more effort from the whole team wouldn?t go a miss.
The Elly - seing the longest standing Landlord leave was a shame but could see it coningbfor a while. Big pub but the food was awful, seems like the new guys have carried that tradition on.
ROM - expensive With a militant Landlord. The food is good.
The Lanny - always had a young drunk crowd but had control. That seems to have gone out the window since the manager left, either under age drinkers, street druggies or half cut staff falling over the bar these days. Real shame.
Kings Head - haven?t had the chance to check it out yet, but don?t really fancy eating a steak from a pub that never has anyone in it.
Swan - best pub in town, always busy, friendly staff and nice garden. Shame the menu doesn?t change that often and the beer is sometimes slightly odd tasting.
Brewers - only family run pub in town I think and you can tell but the uniforms, menu and decor is stuck in the 80s.
Black horse - good pub now they have sorted the food out. Slightly out the way for me.
Tally Ho - again to far for me to comment but seems like a typical estate pub.
That?s my pub review done and it?s pretty gloomy. Rather jump on a train for 15 mins and be in Brighton.

On 31 Dec 2018 at 12:48pm bored2 wrote:
^^Give it a go yourself if you're so disappointed with the current crop. It's easy to fling mud from the sidelines. The pub trade is a tough one with long antisocial hours and next to no support from whatever brewery or pubco owns the building and controls the price you pay for beer (hint: they make it really expensive).

To address your list, I think you're looking at the situation in the wrong way. What I read is:
If you are a young un wanting a boozy no holds bar night out hit the Lansdown.
Looking for good food and no nonsense manager keeping disruption to a minimum so you can enjoy yourself in peace, the ROM for you. Lewes prices.
Lewes Arms, better value recently but could do with paying staff a bit more.
The Swan is great and knows not to mess with their menu trying to chase the fashionable ingredient of the day. Customers should remember to clean their teeth before going to avoid weird tasting beer.
Tally Ho has long term friendly staff and no pretentions to be anything other than a local with pool and sport.
Black Horse is good but inconveniently situated on the High Street.
Brewers is an institution which gives the long term customers what they want while still being good value. Combines food, drink, sport and games well with polite staff and a sneaky nice sun trap.
Kings Head ruined by Enterprise Inns just like the Crown.
The Elly with it's great selection of craft beers and ales is an ideal place to meet in groups or enjoy big sporting events. Standard pub food at a price that doesn't break the bank.
Lamb tried something a bit different as not enough customers in Lewes to keep all current pubs as pubs. Looks like it's struggling.
Town centre JHT busy whenever people are in town or when the local workers finish shifts. You can sit at one of their many outside tables but if they are all full you can choose to sit by the river in a car park.
Snowdrop not as good as it used to be and locals like to gossip about it's owners. Lewes prices but a few different drink options to other pubs as free of tie.
Dorset had a nice makeover to remove the travelodge feel but shot itself in foot a little lately.
Gardeners is tiny but has a loyal crowd so generally full. Lovely beer.

Cheer up and have a pint
On 31 Dec 2018 at 3:45pm Marco wrote:
Itís always an emotive and interesting debate when it comes to pubs in Lewes. I think we are fortunate to have so many in what is and will continue to be a challenging time for the industry.
For me... Iím not a fan of the Swan as the service is poor. I like the Brewers as itís beer is well kept. I like the ROM as food is the best by far in Lewes and the guvnor runs a tight ship so no idiots! Iím sad to see the demise of the Lamb. I admire the entrepreneurial attitude of Andy at the Pelham Arms.
On 31 Dec 2018 at 6:36pm Decent Citizen 1 wrote:
If itís friendly staff and good food you want,make the effort to get up to the Black horse.
On 31 Dec 2018 at 6:39pm Decent Citizen 1 wrote:
Sorry all,my comment started a new post!
On 31 Dec 2018 at 8:10pm janet street preacher wrote:
Iíve always found the service at the Swan to be very good and genuinely friendly and the Chili is quite possibly the best Iíve ever eaten.
On 31 Dec 2018 at 9:20pm Blatant Liar wrote:
The black horse is good as long as youíre looking for a choice of eight similar tasting pale ales/IPAs
If you choose a pub on anything other than beer selection and quality, then youíre not really getting it. Better off staying at home
On 1 Jan 2019 at 6:50am Marko wrote:
Oh future you are a mean one. So many inaccuracies in your demonising of the staff and landlords of the town too.
Snowy is for sale at £800k, not a bad return for the owners who allegedly paid less than half of that.
How can you classify the landlord at the lewes Arms as ďnewĒ he is solid and him and his lovely team run a good ship. The lamb are trying hard and people may come round to the idea, I would encourage people to use it or lose it. The excellent previous landlord that you mention from the lamb is now working at The Lansdown, who by the way make a choice to offer the homeless ( described by you as street druggies) shelter and free hot drinks. Whilst the Brewers may be a little dated for your well travelled Brighton eyes it works brilliantly and needs no alteration! The Elly landlords have been in less than a month, give them a break and The Swans beer always tastes great. You have even managed to slate pubs that by your own admission you have never frequented. We are so lucky to have a great diverse choice of pubs. Now bugger off on your 15 min train journey.
On 1 Jan 2019 at 10:19am Decent Citizen 1 wrote:
Blimey,someoneís full of New Year Cheer.! All that thumb downing lol.Or,rivalry re decent pubs and food?
On 1 Jan 2019 at 3:00pm Meic wrote:
Have to disagree with Future's opinion of the food in the Elly. Always been good when I've eaten there, Great roasts, and the best burgers I've ever had. Haven't eaten there under the new regime yet.
On 2 Jan 2019 at 5:28am Rumpole wrote:
With the exception of the LA and, sadly, The Lamb, all of the Lewes Pubs have something to offer everyone at different times of the day. I have been in Lewes only 6 years, and can't think of any that have closed down in that time apart from the Crown and that was no pub. It seems to me, with the addition of The Patch, The Needlemakers place, and what was Buttercup (I don't know what it is called now), that there is more demand than ever for varied drinking places. The slow demise of the Snowdrop is sad. When living out in the sticks in my youth, it was the go to place, as was The Rainbow and was always a great night out. I particularly remember the chaos upstairs after a particular England game, maybe Euro 2000. These days, I think the Elly is pretty much perfect and The Lansdowne on a quiet mid day lunchtime takes some beating, although with age having caught up with me, I wouldn't go near on a Friday evening.... HNY all.

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