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On 13 Sep 2013 at 10:07pm Frustrated daily driver wrote:
Come on old bill and or CEO's Every schoolday outside logs B nightmare , can you not do something ! My random idea would be for the kids to gather in a class room and when all the cherubs for one particular bus were actually ready , the relevant bus could be called from its parking place . Say county hall to lad up and go rather than sit there fr ages blocking the town off , not helped by hapless short sighted drivers , but that's another argument for 5 yearly driving ability teases , rant ove
On 13 Sep 2013 at 10:25pm Lumberjack wrote:
You seem to be describing the USA system of school Buses - yes it would be good for the UK . But you cannot pass( overtake) a school bus that`s stopped and loading/unloading ! Hey, that could be another revenue raiser for our old bill - 60 on the spot from a Community Officer riding shotgun ! You seem to be writing in American prose too - I can understand it because I`m a Lumberjack and I`m OK , Sleep all night and work all day - and my dress sense is none of your business !
On 14 Sep 2013 at 6:01pm Frustrated daily driver wrote:
Ops , should have put my specs on for last post ,
On 16 Sep 2013 at 11:49am Another frustrated drive wrote:
Friday morning was a nightmare around LOGs. I appreciate that the school is not to blame for the bottle neck, but it could emphasise to parents that dropping little Johnnie off right outside is causing issue. Lewes is a small enough town to walk and if commuting in perhaps park somewhere less busy and walk from there. Equally it would help if the school could have there deliveries outside rush - hour as opposed to having a huge lorry parked directly outside the school during the 8.30 / 9am peak time. And whilst I'm at it the school buses need to drop off etc from somewhere else, not right outside, could they not come to an arrangement with the hotel to use the carpark for dropping off / collecting, but not take up any spaces??? Phew, rant over.
On 16 Sep 2013 at 1:19pm Grrr wrote:
There should be double red lines all along that stretch of road and cameras to fine those who still drop off there including the damn buses. There is a car park at the YMCA they should use that or negotiate something with Shelleys to use theirs. The road is dangerous when blocked if there were a fire at ESCC it would force the fire brigade to race through side streets or go the long way round.
On 16 Sep 2013 at 2:15pm Also frustrated wrote:
I agree the school bus situation is a nightmare, but as far as deliveries are concerned the school is hardly the only, or even chief, offender. The whole of the High Street is an obstacle course at 8.30-9am. The law courts seem to be the most voracious consumer of deliveries arriving in large trucks, but there is also a persistent problem with selfish drivers stopping in random places, most commonly the Barbican, to disgorge passengers, seemingly oblivious to the chaos building up behind and around them. I really don't know how people have the nerve to hold up an entire high street simply in order to avoid driving a bit further for a suitable stopping place, but equally there's little disincentive to stop when the parking wardens routinely disregard people on double yellows while hotly pursuing people who have overstayed in a car park by 5 minutes. Throw in the scaffolding trucks that seem to breed in the narrow Lewes streets, the catering truck that regularly stops right in the middle of the bottleneck delivering to Baltica, the small army of couriers in double parked vans, and the succession of oversized cars driven by people who don't seem to be able to judge whether there's room for them to pull in ahead of parked vehicles, and the result is complete anarchy. I take my hat off to the buses for managing to get through, not to mention emergency vehicles. If I ruled the world there would be no parking allowed on either side of the High Street from the war memorial to the Black Horse. Since people regularly complain about how little parking is currently available there, it would hardly inconvenience anyone.
On 16 Sep 2013 at 8:19pm Driver wrote:
The main problem is the drivers of oversized cars, and others, who pass parked vehicles without checking that there is room to pull back in again.
The High Street is there for access to properties. Through traffic should be using the expensive by-pass.
On 17 Sep 2013 at 10:00am Another frustrated drive wrote:
Someone obviously pays attention to the forum, 2 traffic wardens stood like lemons outside the school today. Admittedly no cars were stopping, but I doubt they'll be there everyday and it will all be back to normal tomorrow.

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