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On Thu 29 Nov at 9:55pm SaveLewesSchools wrote:
Evening all,
There is a plan to remove all Lewes Schools from local authority control and hand them to a Multi Academy Trust. A significant number of parents have concern over this idea - however it may be allowed to happen with no appropriate parental consultation.
We have a petition running to express our concerns and objections. There is loads of info out there. Have a google, and please sign the petition if you support the parents of Lewes with this view point. Thanks.

Check it out here »
On Thu 29 Nov at 10:01pm Western road parent wrote:
Ive signed. Keeping fingers crossed
On Thu 29 Nov at 10:14pm Gender reverse zion wrote:
Give them all a sex change in line with the Zionist agenda and then see what happens you liberal perverts.
On Thu 29 Nov at 10:20pm Newbie wrote:
I really feel very strongly that Lewes is losing all of its appeal.
This will be the final nail in the coffin, for me and many others.
On Fri 30 Nov at 12:47am Local wrote:
Teachers worried about losing their unionised perks and having to face the real world.
On Fri 30 Nov at 7:59am Western Road Parent 2 wrote:
Dear Local: Possibly. However for the moment there is a ground swell of parents significantly concerned at a change being pushed through with no consultation. With no more money coming through from being a MAT - the benefit of doing so is limited to things like easier access to selling off playing fields for short term gain. Surely something that should be discussed. Priory for example has said it's going to ignore parents as part of the process. There's loads of information out there. Have a look. If folks agree, then support the petition. If not, then thats fine too. Lets help shape a proper debate on it. Thanks.
On Fri 30 Nov at 8:43am Common sense wrote:
@Western road parent 2, what difference would it make? Priory have never included parents as 'part of the process', in any meaning of that vague phrase. Decisions at priory are pushed through by cretinous members of 'senior management'. Parents weren't consulted when they brought in the blazers and ties to try and imitate a private school ten years ago, or when they even more fatuously made girls wear trousers.
On Fri 30 Nov at 9:15am Tax payer wrote:
If the local authority aren't running the schools any more would that mean they're not paying for them either? I don't have kids so I literally don't care how the schools are run but if this change means a drop in council tax or an improvement in local council services I'm all for it.
On Fri 30 Nov at 10:15am Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
ESCC will no longer bear the cost of running the schools, but they will also lose the money that they get from central government for doing so, so it should, theoretically, be cost neutral for the local taxpayer.
However, there are central services provided by ESCC which will become proportionately more costly as more schools lose out, because of the loss of economies of scale.
Having worked with families who have children in academy schools, I'm appalled by this. They seem to be run by a bunch of megalomaniacs who are all about results and nothing about the welfare of children. They also seem to be incapable of taking a sensible attitude to the behavioural challenges faced by children with special needs.
I'm not a parent, but I hate the bloody system with a vengeance.
On Fri 30 Nov at 10:56am Observer wrote:
ACT, I think you're missing the point. I think the MAT will be run by the schools' current management as a not for profit trust. As far as I can see, this is a precautionary move to try to ensure that the schools cannot at some point in the future be packaged up by east Sussex and sold to precisely the sort of megalomaniacs you describe. This is a real risk given the council's funding issues.
I am all for consultation but let's not end up protesting against what could be the least worst option - meaning we end up with a far worse situation in a few years time.
On Fri 30 Nov at 11:23am Border Control wrote:
Same old story - too many people not enough money.
On Fri 30 Nov at 11:49am Lorrie Turner wrote:
As long as my children will be free to pursue their own genders, I'm ok with it!
On Fri 30 Nov at 6:18pm bored wrote:
@border control. No, we have plenty of money, it's just that instead of running things properly we make short term decisions and pursue our special goals. Blair wanting everyone to go to uni, tories turning all schools into academies (and failing), some bright spark deciding it best to sell land and rent it back to save money, uni fees that fund an explosion in huge wage increases and new management positions at uni doing f all.

When someone tells you there's no money and it's someone else's fault, have a think about where the money is going at the moment. Not to teachers, not on schools, supplies or playgrounds that's for sure.
On Fri 30 Nov at 7:13pm Inthegutter wrote:
“Huge wage increases” as a result of fees. Hahahahaha... what right wing rag did you read that? As a Uni lecturer I know that to be demonstrably untrue. Pay rises have been below inflation for the last decade.
On Fri 30 Nov at 8:45pm Old Malling wrote:
ESCC are busy making “difficult choices” and our schools aren’t going to be immune from this. Do you really think that the schools are better off in the hands of the council rather than a MAT which is formed with the blessing of school governors and head teachers? There are a lot of unanswered questions about governance and funding of the MAT at the moment but I’d much rather wait for a properly formed proposal before making a decision. Signing this petition based on gut feel and misinformation is reminiscent of a recent referendum decision which didn’t go entirely to plan.
On Fri 30 Nov at 10:51pm Stevie wrote:
Gender Reverse - PLEASE tell me you're not a parent.

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