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Railway Station Zebra Crossing

On 2 Feb 2007 at 3:44am SHS wrote:
The yellow-paint money saved (see Saturday Job) could be used for white paint to create a couple of zebra crossings - at the Station Street / Friars Walk junction and again outside the station itself. Amazed no-one's been killed at these locations.
Are zebra crossings yet another item now required to be financed by voluntary donations and private business? Does anyone know why we have never had a zebra crossing here?? Is traffic flow really so much more important than pedestrian safety in Lewes???
On 2 Feb 2007 at 8:38am me wrote:
Zebra crossing make matters a lot worse and in some cases a lot more dangerous. They create more queues (one for you grenn fascists) and quite frankly a fair proportion of people ignore them. Not saying that is right, but sadly is a fact. Also pedestrians ignore them to a certain degree as well. I've lost count of the amount of times i have seen cars come from the offham road and completely ignore the pedestrian standing outside the elly waiting to cross. But I have also seen countless people crossing on the bend opposite Lewes Video R.I.P when a crossing is only 50 yards away. In particular i see a lot of mums with pushchairs do this. Great example to set to your kids. So in the end zebra crossings cost a lot of money for not a lot of benefit. The only reason the zebra crossing is beneficial outside the hospital is because the traffic is virtually stationary anyway. Just my opinion!
On 2 Feb 2007 at 12:39pm Chav wrote:
They are dodgy for Sam Boe too because you can only see him every other step.
On 2 Feb 2007 at 2:46pm The Super K wrote:
Does the traffic move fast enough along either strech of road mentioned? I think not (having travelled along both nearly EVERY DAY) Always queued back. As for no one getting killed thats because pedestrians don't just walk out on cars!!!!!!! common sense really "car coming...... I'll wait on the kerb" or as SHS seems to think "car coming ..... quick dash out in front of it, I'm a Padestrian It'll move!!!"
On 2 Feb 2007 at 5:35pm SHS the Padestrian wrote:
Agree with me on the Offham Elephant crossing & confess I've done it myself - crossed not 15 yards from the zebra. But the situations are different due to the number of unpredictable car movements. Outside the station you have cars leaving the taxi-rank parking, turning into it, and stopping or starting from either side of the road. At Station St you have 5 exits that cars are turning into or leaving from. In both cases, having waited for 6 months because too many cars are coming even the most alert and agile pedestrian can be surprised mid-crossing by a combine harvester or other vehicle arriving at speed or making an unpredictable manoeuver. Lots of school kids at these locations, not to mention weary travellers with 15 suitcases and green shoppers with 15 Tesco's carrier bags.....
On 3 Feb 2007 at 12:14pm learner wrote:
Is that the real chav? what a shabby comment - for all his nihilism, I never thought he was a creep. I'm disapointed.
Racists, tax dodgers, kiddie fiddlers - they're all the same thing.
I hope a close family member gets cancer.
On 3 Feb 2007 at 12:39pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
'shabby comment'? so what was your last one then? At least chav's had some element of humour (and yes every joke is at someones expense). Can't say this, can't say that. Grow up moron.
On 3 Feb 2007 at 11:19pm Rita wrote:
Yes grow up chav your comments are upsetting and also unfair on people who post discussions on this site so i agree with the tooth fairy.
On 3 Feb 2007 at 11:27pm learner wrote:
Well done TF, defending racist scum. You're an inspiration!
'element of humour'? How about;
They are dodgy for whites because you can only see them every other step.
Is that making mik come out of your nose?
It draws on exactly the same mental image construction - a rather weak one, don't you think? You only find chav funny because he pokes fun at blacks.
When you suggest I grow up, I presume you mean 'adopt the Daily Mail values of us old people'. You should be utterly ashamed of yourself.
Personally, I don't believe its the real Chav, I've read (and enjoyed) lots of his postings, but I reckon you're the real TF, a disturbed little creep.
On 3 Feb 2007 at 11:29pm learner wrote:
Now that sounds like the real chav.
On 4 Feb 2007 at 12:27am Voice of Reason wrote:
Wrong time of the month is it, dear? I've always thought this forum was a place for the liberal left to voice their insidious propaganda, and you're one of them. Ashamed to be British/white, can't tell a joke as it might upset someone, deny our history, you know you can't be chairman anymore 'cause that term's sexist. As TF says, grow up, you pinko faggot/dyke.
On 4 Feb 2007 at 1:59pm Mark Rolfe wrote:
Rita you have completely misread Toothy's post,try reading it again and you will see that he was not having a go at chav at all,he was in fact having a go at learner.
On 4 Feb 2007 at 6:53pm Chav wrote:
You've done it now Learner. My hamster, who I've become real attached to, has been diagnosed with the big C. How do I get over it? I know, stripey voddy. That should do it.
ps. Are you an egg and spoon, or just looking for a bit of attention
On 13 Feb 2007 at 3:11am expat wrote:
I think you're funny Chav. I think Learner needs to learn to have a broader mind and a sense of humour. I expect you helped to remove the golliwogs from Enid Blyton books too Learner!
On 13 Feb 2007 at 1:20pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
Speaking of the Robinson golliwogs, a Finnish confectionary company Fazer has used a similar illustration on one of it's products for many years. Now, under pressure from the eu and bleeding heart liberals it has now decided to stop using said black person caricature. A sad reflection of the pc fascist world in which we live, this has brought many Finns to voice their disaproval and to realise just what joining the eu would bring in so much as losing control of many things they took for granted. A couple of years ago, a Finnish football team promoted the offending chocolate bars and took sponsorship from Fazer. Fascist Finns I hear you cry, until you find out that all of the team were black.
On 16 Apr 2007 at 4:53am KenMarshall wrote:
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