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Predictions for 2015-16

On 28 Dec 2014 at 12:32pm The Oracle of Lewes wrote:
1 -Norman Bakers personal vote will see him over the line. People will not be able to support the Greens, whose wish to leave NATO, dismantle the armed forces et al, put them on the lunatic fringe. The maths of a large public sector payroll and a deceased Labour Party will make Baker the plastic bag in a tree. No-one known why or how he got their; but no-one can be bothered to remove him.
2- Osborne`s miscalculated effort to present the Labour Party as deficit deniers has left space for them to shore up their core vote, whilst taking the Labour facing Liberals seats. We will have the most left wing union dominated government since Callaghan ,and the most inadequate PM ever.
3 Labour cannot win an overall majority without the Scottish seats they have lost in the aftermath of the referendum. They will be in a coalition with the SNP.
4-The following period of misrule will all but destroy Parliamentary democracy and the country. Money will be diverted from services to promised pay rises for Red Ed`s Union backers and spending control loosened. As the growth of National debt accelerates, interest rates will have to be hiked up pitching the economy into slump alongside its European neighbors.
5-England will finally lose patience with a system so weighted against their interests as to be a dictatorship of those who hate them. Finally English Blairite MPs will combine with UKIP and Conservatives to force a vote of no-confidence and new election will follow in 2016.
6- UKIP, that unlikely beneficiary of popular revolt, will swell to the size of the old Liberal Party,forcing an English Parliament into existence and helping to settle a federal form for the UK`s future. Like the SNP, however, the one thing they will not get is their raison d`etre. With the economy weak people will not vote for less jobs when the promised referendum arrives. We will stay in Europe.

7 Finally with the Scottish and European questions settled and Labour`s immigrant and Public sector vote facing a majority Liberal /Conservative UKIP coalition England will begin to set its house in order.
8-Throughout these momentous events the simple folk of Lewes will be by-standers having returned an irrelevant MP twice who will continue to open things and write articles or whatever it is he does .
Happy Christmas
On 28 Dec 2014 at 12:41pm The Testicle of Lewes wrote:
Wot a load of bolix
On 28 Dec 2014 at 12:50pm pythia @ delphi wrote:
Sorry lost interest when you mentioned Baker had been returned.
Oh god isn't 28 years of Baker enough
Time for a new broom.
On 28 Dec 2014 at 4:25pm trooper wrote:
"Predictions" I really do not care for the tone of your predictions but, I have to say I find it difficult to refute them. There is more than a grain of truth there. However it is impossible to believe that the present crop of "Politicos" will ever get it right.
We are, I feel politically doomed, and this country as we now know it will dissapear to be taken over by a combination of religions,races do gooders etc etc.The expression GOD help us is redundant he gave us up years ago. My comrades gave their lives for what?? Camerons Multi Culterism or Millibands "Let it all hangout" never mind the other clowns. This is not England it is Sate Number?? of the EU despite what our leader tells us,who will continue to pour vast amounts of money into "Foreign Aid"at the same time telling you all that we must "tighten our belts" I have seen this AID and it is a disaster there is no control or management, there is corruption at every turn. There will be NO EU REFERENDUM because Cameron is terrified of Merkel and co and he wants them to be his "Pals",Hi guys I am DAVE"
2015 WILL IT CHANGE??? NO NO NO.In the words of a US President "You aint seen nothing yet".
On 28 Dec 2014 at 5:24pm the kronic wrote:
Get a life, who gives a stuff about your predictions
On 29 Dec 2014 at 8:15am Futuristic Floozy wrote:
I predict nothing will change whoever wins/loses the general election.
I predict that 2015 will be just like 2014

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