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On 24 Jul 2023 at 8:47am Nevillman wrote:
Hi everyone. I need a post writing service. Can anyone recommend one?
On 24 Jul 2023 at 12:27pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Sorry, nothing for posts....but if you need any help with essays online....
On 24 Jul 2023 at 1:42pm Nevillman wrote:
Would knowledge and creativity intertwine harmoniously?
Anyone else help with posts. I need some that are irrelevant to the thread and cannot be explained or open to discussion. Just asking for a friend.
On 25 Jul 2023 at 8:22pm Cedric wrote:
Is it wood or concrete posts that you are interested in as Covers have a good selection and the local vandals are creative artists ?
Currently they are writing on windows and doorposts but could assist after completion.

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On 25 Jul 2023 at 9:56pm jagaj74547 wrote:
Asome tread

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On 26 Jul 2023 at 7:50pm jagaj74547 wrote:
I never thought I would turn to such services for help, but I was pleasantly surprised! If you need a quality essay at a reasonable price, this is the perfect option. I tried to order for a small amount to check, and the result amazed me. Professional approach to work, unique text and quite fast deadlines cheap essay writing service. It seems that I found the optimal solution for my educational needs. I recommend you to try it too!

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On 26 Jul 2023 at 8:35pm Tom Pain wrote:
I can only presume that nev needs assistance writing his usual posts because he is at present glued the grass verge outside his house saving the local insects from the Ecocidal Strimmers of Doom.
On 28 Jul 2023 at 9:52am Nevillman wrote:
Very droll Tom.
I'm amused that the bot known as jagaj74547 thinks that an essay writing service is the "optimal solution for my educational needs". I thought education was about learning stuff rather than having some bot writing essays for you. Does anyone know who these ads are aimed at?
On 28 Jul 2023 at 10:12pm Tom Pain wrote:
I suppose it's part of the fake qualification industry. I got one from Sussix Uni in gender studies, now I've got a very lucrative position at a Hub. I'm not quite sure what it is but neither do any of my colleagues,I believe. I've written a lot of essays in my degree subject though, goodness knows what they do with them.
On 29 Jul 2023 at 4:12pm Victor M wrote:
They probably snigger at the grammar, punctuation and spacing errors and then bin them!
On 29 Jul 2023 at 11:21pm Tom Pain wrote:
No chance, none of them speak English.
On 30 Jul 2023 at 2:34pm Nevillman wrote:
I know you don't like having to explain what your posts are about Tom but I'm really struggling with your last 2. It sounds like you're trying to have a go at women, local government officers, graduates and immigrants. Please let me know if I've got it wrong or missed out any other groups you were aiming at.
On 30 Jul 2023 at 4:28pm Tom Pain wrote:
I'm not having a go at anyone and when I do it's upfront and obvious. I can't imagine why you've picked out your examples, are you particularly phobic about them or just want to suggest I am?
On 30 Jul 2023 at 10:55pm Nevillman wrote:
Well Tom. I realise that your posts were a joke but the fact that you chose to say that you studied gender studies suggested a dig at women. The hub suggested local government. The lucrative position with people unsure what they were doing looked like a dig at local government officers. None of your colleagues speaking English suggested a dig at immigrants.
I offered you a chance to refute all of these accusations.
You might like to think that when you have a go at someone it is upfront and obvious but I assure you that after long experience of reading your posts it is not.
On 31 Jul 2023 at 11:05am Tom Pain wrote:
You're wrong. One thing, does gender mean woman? Hub is a very recent term, does it mean local government? All in all might I suggest that your suppositions are coloured by a very negative attitude. I could ask if you claim that all immigrants can't speak English, for such is the inference a petty mind might make about your question. As you say, my post was in a humourous vein and there's nothing more futile or tedious as explaining jokes. Give it a rest.
On 3 Aug 2023 at 3:26pm Green Sleeves wrote:
You're a wiley old left wing progressive, deep down, aren't you TP??
On 3 Aug 2023 at 11:28pm Tom Pain wrote:

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