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Plebs can`t cook.serves them right.

On 8 Dec 2014 at 2:13pm Lady Muck wrote:
Plebs can`t cook so only have themselves to blame says Tory peer on £400 a day allowance from the taxpayer.

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On 8 Dec 2014 at 3:23pm mr right wrote:
Well that tory for you. a few tory m.ps can not do a lot . but ok with the lap top
On 8 Dec 2014 at 3:39pm Mrs Patmore wrote:
Can't cook - won't cook ?

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On 8 Dec 2014 at 5:33pm Sussex Jim wrote:
The fact is that many on the lower income (or benefit) levels either can't cook or prefer not to. You can feed a family surprisingly cheaply-and healthily- by cooking from the right ingredients.
Mrs. Sussex and I eat on a budget of £50 per week. And we have meat every day. Our "treat" is a takeaway once a week-outside the budget.
How many visitors to the food bank also fund a Sky TV subscription and a tobacco habit?
On 8 Dec 2014 at 5:34pm Domestic scientist wrote:
Domestic science MUST be put back on the curriculum ! - even the milksnatcher would agree
On 8 Dec 2014 at 5:58pm Doh! wrote:
It's called food tech and it is on the curriculum. Today my 13 year old lad made a Tai curry.
On 8 Dec 2014 at 6:28pm I Ask You wrote:
Doh! I wouldn't expect Sussex Jim would even know what a Tai Curry is! With his income you'd think that he might of been ejaculated proper, I don't think he's ever heard of a chip & egg. Also he gets a weekly treat too! Bad Dog!
On 8 Dec 2014 at 6:58pm Old Bloke wrote:
@I Ask You - could you possibly repeat that in English?
Sussex Jim is right - it's possible to eat very well on a small food budget.
It's also true that a great many people these days can't or won't cook and that applies through all income brackets - via a mix that includes laziness, convenience and ignorance.
Staple diet for many appears to me to be ready meals (expensive and s**t) oven chips, crisps and fizzy drinks (all expensive and s**t)
Parents back in the 50's and 60's had bu**er all - far less in proportion than the poorest today but still managed to ;put decent food on the table.
And I don't know what a Tai Curry is but I am familiar with a Thai Curry.
PS Anyone who gets upset, tearful and goes all girlie because they're called a pleb needs to take a serious look at themselves and in the case of the men a glance in their pants to see if they've got a pair
On 8 Dec 2014 at 7:23pm Sussex Jim wrote:
I Ask You- my ejaculations may be proper;but are of a personal nature, and nothing to do with you.
I have enjoyed a Thai curry in the past; also egg and chips.
And a pie&pint in Lewes for lunch for under a fiver.
On 8 Dec 2014 at 7:28pm Arty dodger wrote:
You must live in a parallel world. When I think about it I know no-one who does not cook for themselves. Do you? Really? Or are you just regurgitating images and prejudices received from elsewhere?

As for Jim. I'd love to know what he eats. Hey Jim... what do you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for all seven days of the week? I can almost bet my bottom dollar that, unless his wife is dead and he has the appetite of a sparrow he cannot fit it into £50 a week.
On 8 Dec 2014 at 7:40pm Old Bloke wrote:
@Arty dodger - our food spend is very often similar to that of Sussex Jim.
Our Sunday evening meal was one large chicken leg each plus roasted potatoes, peppers, courgettes, garlic, celery, onions. sweet potato plus some sprouts.
Very nice it was too and very inexpensive.
I'd invite you round to sample it and see how it's done but you sound such a high minded spiteful sarcastic sniveller I fear you would make me vomit.
Try and understand that Sussex Jim might come from a generation a bit wiser and cleverer than you
On 9 Dec 2014 at 6:23am Mark wrote:
Let them eat cake.
On 9 Dec 2014 at 10:19am Earl of Lewes wrote:
Lady Muck (and several other people on this forum) - you're using the wrong key for your apostrophes. "Can`t" looks odd. Try the key with the @ on it and you'll get "can't". It looks much better, don't you agree?
Yes, I know I should get a life...
On 9 Dec 2014 at 10:57am wow wrote:
Have you all not got anything better to do than pick s##t out of eachother? Its really sad and pathetic, not to mention quite embarassing
On 9 Dec 2014 at 11:13am Flower aka Depressed 40+ wrote:
I spend about £40 a week for 3 of us and a dog. I make all our own cakes, puddings, a lot of meals from scratch etc and we grow most of our own veg. It is possible to eat well and not spend much.
On 9 Dec 2014 at 1:18pm UKIP Patriot wrote:
There are no hungry people in this country just lazy scroungers ans foriegners on the make.
On 9 Dec 2014 at 3:06pm Zebedee wrote:
Flower (aka) Depressed.
I'm envious. Can I ask you if you manage to that whist the two adults both work a full week? If you do, I'm very, very envious.
On 9 Dec 2014 at 3:13pm Flower aka Depressed 40+ wrote:
Hello Zebedee,
I work from home (part-time) so I have enough time to do stuff like that. I found it much harder to cook from scratch when I was working in an office and was out most of the week (and was tired!).
On 9 Dec 2014 at 7:46pm Annette Curtin-Twitcher wrote:
People on low incomes struggle with energy costs as well as food bills.
If you're down to your last fiver and the meter's low on leccy, a cheap ready meal that can be microwaved can work out cheaper than heating up the oven for a casserole.
On 10 Dec 2014 at 1:30pm Grafter wrote:
There is a link between tv watching and poverty. As someone of at best average intelligence I have never earned a lot per hour yet I own two properties and need not work anymore. All I did was spend less than most around me thought normal. I like my luxuries and have owned boats and light aircraft in my time. As a single man I could live on £10 for food a week even now. Just buy tinned vegetables,sack of potatoes and rice etc. Thing is I never needed consumer validation or ever felt ashamed for not owning a flash car or big house. The wealth in this town is unbelievable, I just found a way of helping the wealthy share a tiny bit with others. It isn't rocket science you just have to forget about yourself and give them value.....and stop watching tv..it's designed to make you passive.
On 10 Dec 2014 at 9:35pm Pippi wrote:
I spend around 100 pounds twice a week on food, but could spend less. Depends what you eat and if you buy wine. Now Xmas is here we tend to over eat but that's Xmas for you.....

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