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Phoenix Rising

On 21 Jul 2015 at 3:07pm LTLR wrote:
Just had the latest Phoenix Rising leaflet in the door.
Phoenix Rising need to get their fasts correct,1.Rob Martin from furniture Now - owns a small plot of land on Malling brooks site so could move on to Malling Brooks.
2. Approved planning permission for Malling Brooks site is Light industrial use only NOT a BUS STATION or DANCE ACADEMY ECT. Working times Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm Sat 8am to 1pm no Sundays or bank holiday working
Phoenix Rising are conning people into Donating money for their cause but do not mention at any time They DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE LAND at Phoenix / North Street area so are unable to build on the Land.
On 21 Jul 2015 at 5:41pm trooper wrote:
In the light of the information supplied by LTLR one can only assume that "Phoenix Rising" is rather like the "Second Coming" and we all know how long that has been.
On 21 Jul 2015 at 6:11pm bastian wrote:
And all of you are happy for the whole area to exclude all actual industry like Tecknica/Cutform. Who have actual jobs, that have been run out of town by "Light Industry" requirements of the land owners Santon.
When it comes to work spaces, well, they are jobs, for whioh people get paid and run their lives and you are happy for those jobs to go to, in rder that a few may be supplied by John Lewis?
There is a long term thinking goping on, but it isn't conducive to local spirit, and it doesn't include amazing things thta are made down there.
It is very hard to keep facts straight when your own elected council run private meetings behind closed doors.
On 23 Jul 2015 at 3:13am Whatareyouonabout LTLR? wrote:
1) Individuals cannot own a charity.
2) Just because Mr Martin may own some land why should he just give it away to a charity or do you not think he has done enough for good causes?
3) Who would pay for the new building to be constructed - Mr Martin?
4) Planning permission can be changed. www.sussexexpress.co.uk/news/county-news/nhs-to-sell-lewes-site-to-developers-1-6863523
5) People who donate to LPR are not that stupid and know exactly what they are supporting.
Phoenix Rising may not own any land but Santon does not own ALL the land (60%); Please explain how or what the second largest owner - LDC (that's us) are actually benefiting from handing land to Santon just so they can make a profit? I've tried to find out - maybe one of our online councilors could explain.
The Health Center; that's not an addition it's a relocation.
Housing;I want houses but I cannot see how it will make a pin prick into the districts housing shortage for people on low or moderate incomes.
Jobs;On the Phoenix they can make anything - a bold statement but true.
Welders,mechanics, carpenters, furniture makers, embroiders, screen printers, metal fabricators, set designers, programmers, potters, artists, musical instrument makers, electricians. dental makers, paint sprayers, solar panel and bio mass fitters, pump system engineers, chefs... and as you mentioned a host of community & arts organisations. Around 450 jobs are at risk of disappearing to be replaced by;
A 'Creative space' - who will run it and pay for the maintenance and staffing?
A new bridge -so the new locals can get to Tesco's quicker?
I support the LPR plan because it tries to retain the best of this unique economic/cultural cluster without loss to the housing numbers and they are more than willing to work with Santon & LDC.
There are skilled jobs on the Phoenix and the vast majority on the site pay their taxes and business rates. I find it hard to believe our own representatives would support a developer making a huge profit without considering the future of local workers and their families.
On 23 Jul 2015 at 9:18am Barker wrote:
I think its pretty clear what is going to happen. The developers will make their money; individual councillors will be rewarded for their co-operation, either now or later. Lewes will have a sprawling mess that turns the town into a Crawley replica. And then, one day, the floods will come.
On 23 Jul 2015 at 2:17pm neighbour wrote:
'Crawley replica','sprawling mess'? Walk up onto Malling Down and look down (or use Google Maps). You will see that this is a small part of a large town.

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