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Parking Meeting

On 31 Mar 2005 at 2:27pm paex wrote:
Anybody going to this meeting on Monday? I keep seeing signs on lamposts etc. Whats it all about then? I thought everybody in Malling had garages and driveways and they are in the middle of nowhere. Who wants to park their car there anyway? Probably come back to see it on bricks!!!
On 31 Mar 2005 at 11:16pm me wrote:
It seems that all the police that are the overspill from the tiny car park that is at the police headquarters now park on 2 roads in malling. Added to the mayhem which it the school run mornings and afternoons, you get an almighty mess. You would have thought that the police could afford a car park extension considering the massive ammount they have fleeced off law abiding citizens using the Gistapo cameras.
On 1 Apr 2005 at 8:54am I-dont-live-in Lewes-anymore wrote:
"Me" makes a lot of very valid well thought out points.
Speaking as a superior being I can only think it a matter of time before Lewes adopts the Seaford model... where parking abounds.
Surely it can't be much longer before the loyal but simple "Chavs" realised that they have been taken for mugs?
On 1 Apr 2005 at 5:02pm pax wrote:
I hate to rain on your parade but there is a very strong rumour that Seaford is soon to get its very own parking scheme.My source as they say must stay unnamed but is impeccable.
On 1 Apr 2005 at 7:52pm chav wrote:
Why would anyone want to park there? When I'm there on my Kwaka Gti-turboZZR deristricted 50cc roadster moped, I drop a cog and get through as quick as I can. The smell of blue rinse and urine is too much for me.
On 1 Apr 2005 at 8:08pm paex wrote:
I hope the wicker basket on the front is strongly affixed. You could always use your polydent.
On 2 Apr 2005 at 10:37am I-dont-live-in-lewes-anymore wrote:
Doubt if Seaford is inline for a parking scheme, as there is much more residential parking available.
However, last weekend I confess to seeing a couple of those very nice bandsmen nicking a car parked on a single yellow line in Broad Street... all a bit pathetic really as pickings are so much easier in Lewes... as you know...
On 2 Apr 2005 at 3:13pm me wrote:
I think the wardens cover the entire area e.g lewes seaford, peachaven , newhaven and in between. beware rodmell the swan vesta impersonating gistapo are coming :-)
On 2 Apr 2005 at 8:05pm paex wrote:
Phil X. Oh how I wish I was as naive as you. The more residential parking, the more bays, the more revenue and the seafront is a goldmine. Don't say I didn't warn you. PS Dont laugh Newhaven you are next.
On 3 Apr 2005 at 10:05am I-dont-live-in-lewes-anymore wrote:
The Seafront parking doesn't affect me... so to be quite selfish about it I would have no complaints if they levied a parking charge. I doubt if there's many towns where you can bask on the beach all day and park your car for free.
I would still be suprised if they introduced a Lewes style of parking system where so many residents are expected to pay a fee for parking outside of their houses. Residential parking isn't an issue here (thank God). Halleluja for a garage and a driveway that holds 2 cars.
I left Lewes just a few weeks before the system was enforced and I recall the households that weren't involved in the scheme praising their good fortune. Having close friends in both the Southdown Avenue area and Malling I know that they are far from happy now.
Predictably, people park further away to avoid the high parking charges.
It remains unclear why they never built a multi story car park.
More profitable to charge the naive paex's I guess...

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