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New shops

On 23 Dec 2008 at 5:44pm FA wrote:
I had the "wonderful" experience of of going into Lewes today for the first time in ages for some last minute bits. Ive got man-flu so i drove in....couldn't park. So i parked in Tescos and walked through only to be confronted by another shop that sells crap.....the shop that was formally Mooreys. It's similar to the one that sells the crap in Fisher street !!!
Off i ventured up school hill...being dazzled and blinded by out wonderous festive street decorations and lights, only to get up to the memorial and be confronted by another bloody antique shop which has very cleverly disguised itself as "household furniture"
Im dreading to know what Woolies is going to be !!!
Happy xmas
On 23 Dec 2008 at 5:47pm Lewes Laugher wrote:
I think you've answered that question yourself FA. It's a dreadful prospect.
On 23 Dec 2008 at 7:03pm Spinster Of This Parish wrote:
Moorey's is to be called "La Magasin" (with French accent).
Lyon's Newsagents is now called "Regency" something or other (yes I too spotted the "Gulliver's-Travels-size" furniture in the tiny shop today).
At least they have not fallen to the "change of use from business to residential" craze - so we should be relieved that they are still businesses, even if it is more old tatt!
On 23 Dec 2008 at 7:18pm FA wrote:
"LA MAGASIN".....un-f***ing-believable.
Is it going to sell frech crap ?....we have enough with that bloody French market every so often.
On 23 Dec 2008 at 7:44pm FA wrote:
*French* (typo above)
On 23 Dec 2008 at 8:35pm Jester Thomson wrote:
Woolies should be replaced with a Lidl or Aldi so the poor can feed themselves!!
On 23 Dec 2008 at 9:18pm zola wrote:
Nuff said.
I have written to the MD of Poundland,stating we heve lost our Woolies and it is ripe for a Poundland.
On 23 Dec 2008 at 9:29pm chav wrote:
Poundland? Just about sums you up love. At least in Woolies there is some stuff worth nicking. I aint keen on frogs eiver. Tell you what though, Stella is so cheap in tescos that it aint worth nicking. You workers are getting it to easy
ps. I'm out again. Them screws are too soft these days
On 23 Dec 2008 at 9:54pm Lopster wrote:
Short sentences now Chav. Thought it was quiet. Missesd your repartee. You'll soon be sick of oats for breakfast.
On 23 Dec 2008 at 11:41pm mr happy wrote:
Definately need a Lidl. All those lobsters for £4.99. The people who own La Magasin? used to own the antique shop next to Thackerys. I cant quite make out if its a coffee shop or it actually sells something?
On 23 Dec 2008 at 11:47pm Interested wrote:
Well,I have looked in the window,not quite sure what kind of shop it is...Coffee shop/gift shop? I don't think it's a winner with Bills just down the road....
On 24 Dec 2008 at 8:58am George Doors wrote:
Rather just looking in the window it might be worth venturing inside to see what they do actually sell. They still sell the following that Mooreys did:
newspapers, magazines, soft drinks, cards, bread, sweets and cigarettes. as far as I can make out they no longer sell: lottery. porn mags, string, rubber bands, basic groceries, pet food, milk (I have heard that they are geting a chiller, so might sell milk again). However I am sure that the owners must know what does and does not sell from running Mooreys as it was for 6 months. Do not forget that it had to compete with Smiths.
It is easy to knock new shops, one that are not the norm etc, however it be worth going inside, supporting a local trader and suggest lines that they should sell.
On 24 Dec 2008 at 6:16pm The Tooth Fairy wrote:
I wouldn't bother supporting this travesty, local or other wise. I professionally dealt with this couple a few years ago, he's an arrogant twat and the old women is the mother of cows. Avoid. You can look stupid down the road at Bills. At least his was the original 'look at me, I'm drinking coffee, IN A SHOP!
On 24 Dec 2008 at 7:29pm cliffe and the shadows wrote:
I've recently moved to Lewes from one of Britain's "crap towns". I know I'll never be considered local, maybe my kids or grandkids will... but I don't see myself moving anywhere in the next lifetime, it's lovely here.
However I am constantly amazed at the moaning you lot get up to. Lewes is an amazing, amazing place. Alright, it has some eccentric shops. That is a good thing, I believe.
Trust me, you lot should consider yourselves lucky there aren't any Lidls, Aldis, Poundstretchers, 1970s multi-storey car-parks, 1960s concrete office blocks (well, one or two) McDonalds, Burger Kings, gangstas, crackheads, junky beggars, 85 kebab shops, Arndale centres, 92 fried chicken shops, 'nite'clubs, 'theme'pubs, happy hours, late night pizza joints, flyovers, underpasses, pubs with soggy carpets in the toilets, litter, litter? oh you haven't seen litter, attitude, grief, stabbings, sirens and such and such etc.
So what if someone's opened a slightly barmy newsagents? Would you rather Lewes looked entirely like Cliffe precinct, because that is more like the reality of the modern high street in most towns nowadays, a chavved-up rubbish-strewn badly-designed mess with no soul, no charm, no bonkers shops, no tourists, no visitors and no room for the independent shopkeeper.
Stop whingeing about your lovely town!
On 24 Dec 2008 at 7:50pm Hank Marvin wrote:
I couldn't agree with you more I was born here and think it's a lovely town, unfortunately a lit of interlopers seem to come in and start slating everything about it!
Who needs places like McDonalds and the like, and if you'd seen the way that some idiots were just dumping their cars anywhere they liked in town you can even understand why we've had to have parking control, I know extreme but obviously something was needed!
On 24 Dec 2008 at 8:40pm Lewes Laugher wrote:
Funny you should mention '1970s multi-storey car parks' Cliffe and the shadows because that's exactly what one developer wants to build on the Phoenix site. If you're against things like that and think they would ruin the town we all love perhaps you'd like to join the 'moaning'.
On 26 Dec 2008 at 11:47pm Mr Happy wrote:
i was born and bred in Lewes and chose to move out of town when I had children as I didnt want them to grow up in Lewes as I did. I have lost many friends to drugs in Lewes and there are the same problems in Lewes as you get in the towns you were talking about Cliffe and the shadows. Lewes has its good points but there are still many problems there. I have also been told by a friend who lives in Cliffe High St that La Magasin does not sell any bits that Mooreys sold and are upset to have lost somewhere to go and buy their paper, cigs and milk.
On 27 Dec 2008 at 9:17am cliffe and the shadows wrote:
Laughter, I'll happily moan about multi-storey carparks any day of the week with you!
Mr Happy, Sorry to hear you too have lost friends to drugs. But there must be people taking drugs in every town in the country, what was so bad about Lewes that made you leave? And where did you go to feel safer instead?
I'll make a recce to the old papershop today to see if they do fags and milk. I know they do papers. What else are the prerequisites of a good papershop everyone?
On 27 Dec 2008 at 10:47am Cliffebimbo wrote:
A good pick and mix. A papershop has got to have sweeties.
On 27 Dec 2008 at 12:18pm Sylvia wrote:
If anyone's missing or looking for Macdonalds,horrible, pedestrianised town centre with nothing useful to buy, a ring road to stop traffic jams in the centre, a multi-storey car park and plenty of underage drinkers, drug takers, vandals and those who are ASBO qualified, move 8 miles away to Newhaven. Then you'll realise how lucky you are to live in Lewes.
On 27 Dec 2008 at 2:12pm FA wrote:
Sylvia...apart from the Macdonalds and multi storey car park, you are very naive to think Lewes hasn't got any of the rest on your list
On 27 Dec 2008 at 2:54pm Girls allowed wrote:
I would be interested to know out of all of you who complain about the town becoming "shock, horror" slightly more like a clone town, are you from here? It seems to me that it is the outsiders who are against progress.
On 27 Dec 2008 at 11:22pm Spinster Of This Parish wrote:
Sylvia has a point - Newhaven is the ASBO capital of this area!
Girls allowed - I am an "outsider" but I like to think that I have invested and contributed to this town over the last 12/13 years, and I have a good knowledge of the town and it's inhabitants. Am I excluded from contributing to the community that I serve and embrace?
On 27 Dec 2008 at 11:25pm Spinster Of This Parish wrote:
Sylvia has a point - Newhaven is the ASBO capital of this area!
Girls allowed - I am an "outsider" but I like to think that I have invested and contributed to this town over the last 12/13 years, and I have a good knowledge of the town and it's inhabitants. Am I excluded from contributing to the community that I serve and embrace?
On 28 Dec 2008 at 9:10am Chav wrote:
I would have been born in Lewes but it has a men only nick so me mum had to have me in the smoke. Stop dissin Newhaven. Thats where I take me holidays.
On 28 Dec 2008 at 11:45am Spinster Of This Parish wrote:
Chav - you really must splash out and have a trip to Bexhill & Hastings.
On 29 Dec 2008 at 4:04pm Mr Happy wrote:
I have just spent a weekend in Lincoln where they had an Ice Rink in the town for christmas. Good idea for Lewes next year??
Going back to the drug thing, Lewes has always had a reputation for drugs and many of the Lewes lads that I went to school with have died or are battling with drugs. I know that its a common thing these days but you dont expect it in Lewes. I moved to the country so that my kids couldnt hang around the town all night swigging from a bottle. Dont get me wrong I still love Lewes and my parents have lived there all their lives.

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