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On Sun 19 Apr at 8:28am Mark wrote:
Hmm... It looks like Rupert Murdoch has decided to get rid of Boris.
On Sun 19 Apr at 12:41pm Nevillman wrote:
Not following the news at all Mark so I would appreciate it if you could tell me why you say this.
On Sun 19 Apr at 2:29pm Stephen Watson wrote:
Scathing report in the Sunday Times analyzing government failure over Coronavirus. It's behind a paywall of course but there's a useful Twitter thread (see link).

Check it out here »
On Sun 19 Apr at 2:54pm Mark wrote:
And Gove (sleazy weirdo) utterly back-stabbed him on Andrew Marr this morning. I know that there's no love lost between those two, but I do think that an agenda is emerging. Watch this space...
On Sun 19 Apr at 7:34pm Tom pain wrote:
Murdoch who lied to get brexit is now telling the truth?? Oh yeah. Matt Hancock in tears over teenager coronavirus victim buried alone ,no family allowed? Pity he doesn't look at alternative sites where he could have seen same boy died four times in different countries under different names. We're living under total deception from all sides. Everyone's waiting for Bill Gate's (of hell) vaccine. He killed or paralysed about half a million children with his polio jab in India. Now he's been kicked out polio cases have fallen rapidly. The head of the WHO is an ex terrorist who wouldn't stop flights from China to Ethiopia because, well I wonder...etc.etc. and here we are locked down with the economic outlook so bleak that ,at least, Boris will have a good excuse for not building all those hospitals. There's lots of reports on line from n.h.s. staff of empty wards but don't expect to see them in the media~the consequences of whistle blowing are dire, I know someone who did.? Meanwhile deaths are still lower than for seasonal flu in spite of the corona virus being blamed for the passing of people with severe existing complaints.
On Sun 19 Apr at 9:14pm Frank wrote:
Wow Tom Pain - what a rant! I think you've successfully exposed yourself as the utter right-wing paranoid conspiracy theorist nutjob that you are.
On Sun 19 Apr at 11:07pm Basil wrote:
Mark wrote: 'Hmm... It looks like Rupert Murdoch has decided to get rid of Boris.'

He'd probably like Blair back. There was a man who did what he was told by Murdoch.
On Mon 20 Apr at 9:51am Tom pain wrote:
Hi Frank, thanks for the endorsement. If I am some wing or other it's somewhat to the left, far to the left of the sold out parties I see on the political scene. I presume the labels you give me exonerate you from any responsibility to actually say anything meaningful. When lost for a reply just yell an insult, it will impress the mob and give you a smug feeling of consensus,though in what I don't know. Keep your mask on and enjoy your confinement in rapt contemplation of vaccination by your saviour.
On Mon 20 Apr at 10:35am Tom pain wrote:
Second thoughts~frank could you explain to me why a paranoid right winger would object to a fascist lock down by a right wing government? I'm intrigued to know.
On Mon 20 Apr at 12:24pm David Stanley wrote:
Tom, it's not that you are wrong necessarily but the fact you care is an indication of your status. It's a tell.
On Mon 20 Apr at 2:40pm BUzzard wrote:
If you go far enough to the left or right you end up meeting the lot coming in the other direction.
On Mon 20 Apr at 10:05pm Tom pain wrote:
Now it's suggested that pubs and restaurants may not open until Christmas! Give them an inch and they'll take more than a mile. It's going to be austerity on steroids, looks like the Tories are going full on fascist (how's that Frank?). They're going to play this "crisis" for all it's worth. Not that labour are going to do anything to stop them, they're all feeding at the same trough.
On Tue 21 Apr at 12:35pm Tom pain wrote:
Wow Frank looks like you've exposed yourself as the utterly prejudiced ,unthinking troll we all suspected! Here's something else for you to jeer at and go into denial over~Neil Ferguson of imperial college who's computer modelling predicted half a million deaths and caused the government's panic lockdown has even more "previous" than I was aware. His advice caused the pointless slaughter of 6 million cattle in 2001 over foot and mouth. In 2002 he predicted 200,000 human deaths from mad cow and sheep disease ,there were177! In 2005 he predicted65,000 fatalities from bird flu, there were457! Pretty good going eh? Why do they bother with this joker? Could it be that he is very good at scaring people into compliance with draconian government decrees? That would be a conspiracy theory wouldn't it? but whether or not it's paranoid is open for debate. We'll have to see if this expert has had any input into the disastrously inept climate predictions that never materialise!

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