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Negative Remain

On 15 Jun 2016 at 5:53pm Martin S wrote:
Today is the day my mind has been made up.
This whole business of an emergency budget has gone to far. If this was necessary, why were we not told about it weeks ago, it really is outrageous.
The Remain campaign has got absolutely nothing positive to say about the EU, we're safer, clearly not, climate change, if climate change is reliant on us staying in the EU then it doesn't stand a chance, workers rights, like they didn't exist before the EU . The Green party have just put a leaflet through the door trying to be positive listing things like Green jobs, LGBT rights, Animal welfare, Safer lorries, are they joking, is that the kind of stuff that is going to make me vote IN.
Basically , what the Remain campaign has told us is that we are in to deep and if we vote to leave we as a country wll be bankrupt.
Unless something major comes along in the next week, as of today I will be voting LEAVE.
On 15 Jun 2016 at 6:05pm Tony H wrote:
Something major will be along - it's called a recession. Today Britain posted record low unemployment figures. Say goodbye to all that in the coming months and years in the Leave vote gets its way. Sorry if that's too negative for you, Martin, but I hate to see a nation commit economic suicide.
On 15 Jun 2016 at 6:16pm Martin S wrote:
With respect Tony, I think the recession you talk about wunt be far away if we Remain. Italy and potentially France going under and bringing the Euro down with it ,will see to that. It will be a tough few years economically regardless of next weeks result.
On 15 Jun 2016 at 6:18pm Oh Err wrote:
Tony I guess you're more than happy with the cock of Brussels firmly up you rear
On 15 Jun 2016 at 7:16pm Tony H wrote:
Well, I have lived with the cock of Brussels firmly up my rear, as you so delicately put it, for the past 44 years. Hasn't been so bad really. What did we have in the 44 years before that? Hitler, the Holocaust, the Spanish Civil War, Franco, the Second World War, the Soviet annexation of large swathes of Europe, and dictatorships in Greece and Portugal? Now that was uncomfortable
On 15 Jun 2016 at 7:17pm Mavis wrote:
Think ! If we were voting to join the EU on June 23rd, would we ? I very much doubt it !
On 15 Jun 2016 at 7:39pm I dont live in lewes wrote:
Mostly agree with Martin S and would add that the UK leaving the EU could pave the way for other members to follow. It's not just the UK who has serious issues with the workings of the EU.
On 15 Jun 2016 at 8:12pm Tipex wrote:
I wish Mumford & Sons would visit again and November 5th be brought forward to July 5th to relieve this incessant bickering!! Truth is people vote with their hearts and instincts and no end of headlines and dubious "facts" will have any impact whatsoever.
On 15 Jun 2016 at 8:25pm Stewpot wrote:
Tony I agree with what you wrote about peace but with political union that wont last.
Europe is wonderfully diverse, if political union is to work it's aim has to be to make us all the same, this is the route it is taking. Countryman across this great continent are proud of their heritage and their individual nationality. The fact that the EU is slowly eating away at that is the cause of the growth of the far right.
We can have union in many different ways with our European cousins that isn't political, trade for starters.. The whole thing needs tearing up and starting again and I believe that us voting to leave next Thursday will start that ball rolling.
I believe that you have been let down Tony by all the corporations and big business that is behind the EU, The European Union could be great but political union will never work and nor should it.
On 15 Jun 2016 at 8:55pm Tony H wrote:
Tear it all down, Stewpot, and I believe we're back where we were in the late 1940s, complete with an militaristically adventurous Russia, vulnerable East European nations, and western European countries becoming inward-looking and protectionist, veering between popular unrest and dictatorship, but this time with no Uncle Sam to hold our hands and distribute largesse.
I can only quote the respected military historian Alistair Horne in last week's Spectator: "It would be hard to imagine a worse fate for Britain than to find ourselves out of Europe with few friends in the United States and an entertaining jokester as Prime Minister - which would be the progression if Brexit were to win." No need to say who the 'entertaining jokester' is...
On 15 Jun 2016 at 10:02pm Ben wrote:
Remember Greek bailout? It's not gone away, nor is it going to. When time finally runs out for Greece the knock on effects in EU will be catastrophic. Spain, Portugal will follow them down in short order with Italy close behind. Tell me we wouldn't be better off out of that mess when it happens. Cameron has supposedly ring fenced us from bailouts but I'll bet it's not that simple.
I'm swinging towards out on this point alone.
On 15 Jun 2016 at 10:29pm Tony H wrote:
Ben, Greece is going to look like a model of prosperity compared to Britain after Brexit, because we will have no one to bail us out. No one. And we will go down the shoot fast for all the brave words by Vote Leave. We are a hugely indebted nation who relies on inward capital investment to keep us going. That simply is not going to be there once the world sees us finally pursue this folly. They will put their money elsewhere. Don't kid yourself, this is serious
On 15 Jun 2016 at 11:27pm Clifford wrote:
'We are a hugely indebted nation who relies on inward capital investment to keep us going. That simply is not going to be there once the world sees us finally pursue this folly. They will put their money elsewhere. Don't kid yourself, this is serious.'

Oh Tony, don't get yourself into such a tizzy. You're being lied to by a discredited Chancellor and a discredited former Labour Chancellor. Why do you believe these people? The EU is unravelling, thanks to the idiocy of the Euro, and we'll be doing our fellow Europeans a favour by speeding this up.
On 15 Jun 2016 at 11:38pm Chantel wrote:
Why haven't the bureaucrats in Brussels pleaded for us to stay ??
On 16 Jun 2016 at 6:48am Metatron wrote:
Chantel, the European bureaucrats have been told to keep out by David Cameron because their intervention would push us further towards Brexit.
I read that in the German paper Der Spiegel, which incidentally is worth a read and especially the comments.
On 16 Jun 2016 at 9:40am Tony H wrote:
Clifford, I'm not listening to Osborne or Brown, both of whom are actually far from ideal spokesmen for Remain - in fact it's hard to think of a British politician who is - but to the markets (65 billion in foreign investment withdrawn in the last two months alone), the domestic firms considering relocating, and the gleeful chop-licking in Dublin, Paris and Frankfurt as they prepare to pick up London's business. Meanwhile all the national and international bodies warning of spending cuts, tax rises, job cuts and rising interest rates are just corrupt liars bought off with EU gold. In the unknown with Michael Gove, Douglas Carswell and Boris Johnson? No thanks.
If I am "in a tizz", as you so condescendingly put it, it's because I actually care about all this. The complacency of the Leave camp is just astounding.
On 16 Jun 2016 at 11:52am Lopster wrote:
TTIP will be the absolute death of society as we know it - probably within a generation
It must be voted out at all costs
Cameron and the Tories will probably foolishly embrace it
Ironically our only chance to keep TTIP out is by staying in Europe who are at least going to have to discuss it and hold some sort of democratic vote for or against it
On 16 Jun 2016 at 12:51pm . wrote:
TTIP is an secret EU led deal can you not understand that very simple fact?
Out of EU out of TTIP.

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