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My ideal Lewes pub

On 14 Jun 2012 at 7:54pm hugh jarse wrote:
My ideal lewes pub:
The space and food of the Pelham
The beer of the snowdrop
The hours of the Arms
The occasional 20-something totty of the Ele n Castle
The blonde bartender of the Kings Head
The demographic mix of all the above
Darkstar and seasonal Harvey's on tap
It would not have:
Any smokers anywhere near it
A fruit machine
the assortment of all day drinkers you get in the Con Club (wtf is wrong with those people)
That fat woman who is always in the Arms dressed like she's going to a party. You can't polish a turd,love, but admittedly you can roll it in glitter.
On 14 Jun 2012 at 8:42pm Wanderer wrote:
This sounds pretty close to my ideal Lewes pub too. Wanna start one up? You provide the money. I'll do the chat bit.
On 14 Jun 2012 at 9:47pm Double Top wrote:
Just Glad your pub wont have a TV, means I wont have to put up with 'your sort' in the normal pubs.
On 14 Jun 2012 at 9:52pm Brussel Sprout wrote:
The woman in The Arms sounds marvelous. I want her to be in every pub I go into from now on.
On 15 Jun 2012 at 2:15am Glittered Turd wrote:
I love the idea of rolling turds in glitter ...... will have to give it a go! Thank you
On 15 Jun 2012 at 8:33am Y,F & S wrote:
I think I'll pop in the Kings head tonight for a change.
On 15 Jun 2012 at 11:16am Nevillite wrote:
" food of the Pelham"
My call would be the food of the King's Head. Consistently excellent. Maybe the prices of another pub though....
On 15 Jun 2012 at 12:22pm B&B landlady wrote:
Agreed, Nevillite. That's where I send my B&B guests and no-one has ever returned with anything but the very highest praise (including veggies and vegans, who rarely get really good quality food apparently)
On 15 Jun 2012 at 12:53pm Webbo wrote:
I was in there last night and I really like the place.
On 15 Jun 2012 at 2:07pm Mr Forks wrote:
The Gardeners Arms, has everything I need!
On 15 Jun 2012 at 6:52pm Pubuser wrote:
I disagree about the space of the Pelham. It does have a lot of space but is not shaped quite right. Too many bits that feel like annexes rather than one pub. The best pub 'space ' for me is the front bar of the Black Horse. Too early to say if the changes have been for the better or worse but in terms of what a pub should be shaped like, its my favourite
On 16 Jun 2012 at 11:11pm hugh jarse wrote:
willing to take the point about the food from the kings head on board. loving the lack of argument here.
Brussel Sprout - you really don't wanna go there.
On 16 Jun 2012 at 11:40pm Local wrote:
Do you not know that the Con Club opens at 4pm Mon-Thurs? All day drinkers?
On 21 Jun 2012 at 5:39pm Sussex Jim wrote:
My ideal pub would be one where the beer prices were the same as up north or South Wales.

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