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More haste......

On Wed 17 Nov at 4:12pm Tom Pain wrote:
More traffic strangeness on nevill road. Waiting at the prison cross road lights to go down Winterbourne Hollow: I was surprised to see a car pass me on the pavement. WONDERING WHAT HE WOULD DO aT THE END I WAS FURtHEr SURPRISED TO SEE HIM HIT THE TRAFFIC LIGHT (CAPital malfunction) and turn upside down. People are riding roughshod over the highway code these days, whatever next? Is the Cerne Collider opening a portal in the space time continuum or what, strange days indeed.
On Thu 18 Nov at 9:45am Nevillman wrote:
Has anyone else noticed that any tools or DIY equipment that can be bought at homebase can usually be bought for a fraction of the price at Screwfix just round the corner?
On Thu 18 Nov at 11:32am Tom Pain wrote:
Whatever happened to the old nevill store? I used to get all my hardware supplies there, pendulum whistles, sailing sieves, paintbrush sharpeners, all the daily necessities of amateur toxicologist.
On Sun 21 Nov at 4:04pm SomeLewesian wrote:
I miss Bunces
On Wed 24 Nov at 11:28pm Tom Pain wrote:
A very interesting statement from the prime minister the other day- the jab does not stop you catching the disease and it doesn't stop you infecting others. That's not a vaccination in the traditional meaning of the word. It lessens the symptoms that's all. Wouldn't that make you more dangerous as a spreader? I mean- if you're really ill, you don't go out, do you? You can't! Can anyone make any sense of this?
On Thu 25 Nov at 8:26am Nevillman wrote:
I remember bunces. Service with a scowl. Made such a refreshing change.
On Thu 25 Nov at 10:32am Tom Pain wrote:
Just the place to get your booster Nev, and the next and the next.
On Fri 26 Nov at 10:51pm Tom Pain wrote:
According to alarmist predictions the Arctic sea ice is thinning. Unfortunately some shipping companies believed the hype and now their vessels are limping back to Archangel after being trapped in the thickening sea ice. I wonder if Al Gore will recompense them....not. Barents Observer Nov 25.
On Sat 27 Nov at 11:57am Tom Pain wrote:
Especially for greenie - Elsevier, Quaternary Research, vol 53, issue 1, May 2000, p. 302. Holocene tree line history and climate change across northern eurasia. Boreal forest advanced to or near coastline 9000-7000 years bp and retreated 4000-3000 years bp.
On Sat 27 Nov at 12:25pm Nevillman wrote:
What has that got to do with bunces Tom?
On Sat 27 Nov at 11:04pm Tom Pain wrote:
Sweet Fanny Adams, Nev, what's it got to do with you?
On Sun 28 Nov at 8:23pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Thanks TP for finally providing a source i can at least find. Not sure how it either undermines what we know today, and also not sure if it even confirms your own original claim. Its still accurate to say trees havent been growing within the arctic circle for millions of years and this particular piece of research doesnt contradict that. I was hoping for some controversial evidence that makes me re-think about this issue on climate, but it really didnt. It may have knocked your confidence on man made climate change, but it didnt for me, nor the actual scientists who will be much more familiar with this than we are.
On Mon 29 Nov at 9:56am Tom Pain wrote:
Its not controversial, just one of many small details that show climate change is perpetual and hardly affected by mammalian species, no matter how self important they are. It's not a lurid headline to blaze you and get you all worked up like a spoiled,attention seeking Swedish teenager cleverly manipulated by global business interests. Talking about lurid headlines, how about the LATEST VARIANT, the pestilence of the NOTORIOUS GANG OF FOUR from Botswana. Get your hazmat suit out, be afraid, be very afraid. Four men, fully vaccinated, out of the 6% in the country who are, have got IT. According to the official Botswana government statement, that is. You won't see that in the Gates and government funded Retardian propaganda rag. It must be amusing to coincidence theorists that the variant is an anagram of MORONIC and the coincidence that it evolved in the vaccinated 6% minority, nothing to see there eh, hurry along, don't rock the boat, keep complying.
On Mon 29 Nov at 10:52am Green Sleeves wrote:
We know climate changes for various reasons, but we also know billions of humans (and billions more intensively factory farmed animals) creates problems for the environment, including excess co2. Its not just burning fossil fuels, its destroying large swathes of forests that typically help absorb it.

We may be just mammals, but we have unfortunately been irresponsible with the planet. People like Greta Thunberg are pointing this out and some are choosing to ignore it or undermine her, even though she is only relaying information from scientists. Theres been a lot of hate for a young child who isnt advocating violence or war.

As for the new covid variant, i read that it evolved and mutated mainly in those with weak immunity. Which means those unvaccinated or those with compromised immune systems (such as people with HIV, sadly too common in those countries still). Cases in the UK will rise, and once again those that end up in ICU and on ventilators will be overwhelmingly and disproportionately those who think the vaccines are evil and part of some 5g conspiracy and in their wisdom decided to abstain.
On Mon 29 Nov at 5:44pm Tom Pain wrote:
Er, proof? So 94% of Botswanans have aids? 5G conspiracy, youve just made one up, you theorist you. By the way,there were forests growing in the arctic 4.000 years ago not millions as you misleadingly state, you crafty one!
On Mon 29 Nov at 7:34pm Green Sleeves wrote:
94%? Where did you get that from. It appears to be a quarter of the adult population though in Botswana have HIV, so not an insignificant number!

I'm sure you have mentioned about 5g and trees (speaking of forests) on a thread here a while back. Perhaps you have come to your senses, although I doubt it.

No, there were no forests 4000 years ago, at least not within the arctic circle. You will need to add a few more noughts to the year. The research piece you shared didn't say there were forests in the arctic circle 4,000 years ago either. You have misinterpreted (deliberately or ignorantly) the study.
On Tue 30 Nov at 11:36am Tom Pain wrote:
I suggest you visit an optician or actually read the study.
On Tue 30 Nov at 12:05pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I read it, and double checked again. You have drawn a false conclusion from it. You make a habit of it.
On Tue 30 Nov at 5:33pm Tom Pain wrote:
Another study I suggest you ignore is the Greenland Ice Sheet Project. If you were to look at that even your magic spectacles would contradict your brainwashing and inability to distinguish between thousands and millions. Don't go near it without a portable sensory deprivation chamber.
On Tue 30 Nov at 6:44pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Just save me the bother and explain how this undermines current scientific consensus on climate change. Your previous recommended study didn't do that, I'm not optimistic this will blow away my current belief in those evil scientists.

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