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Maria caulfield newsletter

On Mon 2 May at 3:16pm Nevillman wrote:
Three main items in the latest newsletter from our MP.
A memorial to drowned fishermen has been unveiled in Newhaven. Hopefully this will make them feel a bit better about the brexit deal her party has negotiated for them.
257 extra police officers for Sussex. Whether you think this would have been better spent on the health service or education will depend on your recent experience of crime, health care or education but there is nothing to suggest why they chose to spend it on police like increased crime. My recent experience of the health service has left me in no doubt of the need for extra expenditure here. Maybe if spongers like sunak, mogg and the other tax avoiders could be persuaded to pay their dues and we were all prepared to vote for a government that got us all to cough up a bit more then we could pay to have an acceptable level of service in all of them. No word from caulfield on that.
She also seems to be quite happy to praise her own role in preventing new developments. I hope the councillors who were responsible were happy to share the credit.
No word at all on the scandal facing her own party or her views on Johnson.
Keep up with the nursing skills Ms caulfield. You may well be them again before too long and it will be good for you to help people once again.
On Tue 3 May at 9:52pm Tom Pain wrote:
If you payed a little attention to our financial system you'd find that there could be enough to boost the health system and education. As I remarked before, it's self inflicted by deliberate willing ignorance.
On Thu 5 May at 12:32pm Green Sleeves wrote:
The healthcare and education system got sufficiently reasonable funding during parts of the last Labour administration, so it clearly can't be something that affects all parties equally. The notion that all parties are basically the same is deeply flawed and dangerous. Just as not all politicians are the same and liars - some actually are decent people with principles, and not in politics to expand their egos or bank balance.
On Fri 6 May at 9:36am Tom Pain wrote:
No doubt they got "reasonable" funding in "some parts" of the present administration, they're still just about there. That's such a vague statement, it could apply to anything. The different parties are irrelevant, no matter how venial or saintly. The problem is that the government is partnered with many other stakeholders in a " public private partnership". The Tories have done nothing to lessen the power of global corporations, you're right but who ushered in the system? That's it New Labour! The cabinet is stacked with WEF members and no doubt the next Labour one will be, no matter who the leader is; and he's a member of the tri-lateral commission which has publicly stated it's preference for world governance, itself a weasley term,just vague enough to evade definition.
On Fri 6 May at 9:56am Nevillman wrote:
I'm sure coming out with all the above cobblers allows you to feel much less guilty about your past voting behaviour Tom but I'm afraid it is complete tosh. A government that was prepared to raise tax to pay for us to have a decent health service could easily do so if they could persuade enough of the electorate to vote for them. People with false views like yours have left us in our current predicament. Don't get ill Tom. You really won't like waiting hours for an ambulance or hours in a and e for massively over stretched staff. Don't even think of calling the surgery. You might get someone to call you back in a few weeks. This could all be remedied by a government with the will to do it whatever nonsense about the wef you spout.
On Fri 6 May at 12:02pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Conspiracy theorists tend to lump all politicians and parties together, as if their manifestos are identical and we are blind to it. Last Labour government spent too much on public services according to most tories. So if they are the same, why make profoundly different policies? Makes no sense, because it is nonsense. Like virtually every cringey thing TP says.
On Fri 6 May at 7:52pm Tom Pain wrote:
Methinks the creature doth insult too much, perchance the rascal hath no other legs to stand on having been bit off by lizards in the darkling hours. Alackaday forsooth I trow he be the viridian viper after all.
On Fri 6 May at 8:26pm Nevillman wrote:
That isn't an insult. It is an accurate analysis of the behaviour of people who tend to believe in a lot of conspiracy theories. Disagree with it if you wish and put forward your argument. You may disagree that you are a conspiracy theorist. Sorry Tom. You are. I hope you are proud of that but let's have reasoned arguments to support your views rather than just chastising us for our ignorance.
I've heard a lot of good arguments to contradict the conspiracy theories I've encountered but never many to support them.
On Fri 6 May at 8:54pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Indeed - I don't have any need to insult TP, as he tends to hang himself anyway. I don't even need to give him any rope. He gets defensive, avoids the main points, and disproportionately focuses on what he perceives as a slight against him, then goes into gibberish mode.

The NHS and Education system could always do with more investment from any government, but there are valid reasons as why those sectors are not in total disarray when Labour are in power and the polar opposite under Conservatives. You usually get what you vote for with Labour, higher public investment and expenditure at the possible expense of higher progressive taxation. With tories its all about shrinking the public sector, and saving a few quid on taxes, particularly for the wealthiest in society. Except this time, they decided to raise tax on NI (another failed manifesto pledge), which tends to affect the lower or middle earners the hardest.
On Sat 7 May at 6:10pm Tom Pain wrote:
Ok nev, tell me what conspiracy I'm theorising, just that.
On Sat 7 May at 7:28pm Nevillman wrote:
I realise that what is classified as a conspiracy theory to some extent varies but if we take the Wikipedia definition of an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by a group of powerful groups when other explanations are more probable then the conspiracies you have professed belief in include global warming is a myth, the covid vaccination was to be avoided, a huge economic conspiracy, 5g masts are dangerous, they are poisoning us with drinking water. Please remind me of some of the others green. You don't really argue for any of them properly Tom. You just harangue and insult people on here who are trying to have a proper discussion.
Green is right that people who believe in conspiracy theories tend to lump all politicians together just like you do Tom.
On Sat 7 May at 7:37pm Green Sleeves wrote:
He got a bit carried away with the whole Ukraine/Russia conflict, as well seeming to deny that Russians poisoned the Skripals in Salisbury a couple of years back, and were genuinely just two russian spies travelling to the UK on a fake passport to see the Salisbury Cathedral at the very same time there were poisonings in the city.

There are likely many many more, and I wouldn't be entirely surprised if one of the very very many, actually landed or partially was the truth, but he tends to deal with far too much guff. I suspect much of it is far more interesting than the dreary reality, so I can kind of understand why he'd find them so appealing.
On Sat 7 May at 7:49pm Nevillman wrote:
Yes I'm sure it makes him happy and I am genuinely pleased about that. He is a bit better at not interrupting other threads with a completely unrelated conspiracy at the moment but that may be mainly due to the lack of threads generally.
On Sat 7 May at 11:37pm Nevillman wrote:
I was forgetting the twin towers and I wouldn't mind betting he's not completely convinced about the moon landings either.
On Sun 8 May at 9:49pm Tom Pain wrote:
I have said that the planet gets hotter and colder in cycles. Obviously it is getting warmer since the last ice age. Damned planet's conspiring eh? I avoided the jibjab but did not recommend so doing, merely gave my opinion, and never mentioned a conspiracy. I think there is too much electromagnetic radiation in the air and it's not good for us or any living creatures. Ive never said it's a conspiracy. The financial system is a big ponzi scheme ripping us off. Have you ever heard the words "conspiracy to defraud"? Or am I alone in thinking people do that sort of thing? When have i mentioned poisoning the water? The twin towers? Well Bush's conspiracy theory about Osama, previously recruited by Brzezinski to combat Russians was pretty unbelievable. Why don't you explain to me how building 5 fell down for a laugh. You two are a great comedy team. Tell us the one about the Azov battalion again, green. Ooh nev, should I? Maybe not, just say tom thinks the queen's a lizard, that gets us splitting our sides.
On Mon 9 May at 12:02pm Green Sleeves wrote:
Yes, the planet naturally cool and warms in cycles over tens of thousands of years, but we have seen a significant shift in climate change since the industrial revolution barely over a century ago, and its ramped up as humans have destroyed rainforests and oceans, and expanded its meat and fossil fuel consumption as the population and demand has swelled. This is what 99% of climate scientists are gravely concerned about. But no, instead of listening to experts who have spent their entire lives researching it, we should flock to the fountain of knowledge on climate change such as Donald Trump, Sarah Palin or the dude that wrote Jurassic Park.

Of course the danger of it all is that the worlds biggest polluters, such as the military, aviation, oil and gas and livestock industries will do and say anything to avoid impacting their profits, even if it ultimately screws up the world they and their offspring live in. They are hugely powerful and influential, and lobby governments to protect their own interests. This is a real conspiracy, not some bonkers rubbish about vaccines changing our DNA or world trade centre building 7. Its massively short-sighted, but humans are well known for being short-sighted and greedy.

I take it by your keenness to talk about the Azov Battalion that you think Putins invasion and destruction of Ukraine is justified? Its a neo-nazi group after all, so therefore all of Ukraine must be destroyed by a nuclear superpower.
On Mon 9 May at 8:07pm Tom Pain wrote:
Im trying to figure out what we did to cause the medieval warm period and the Minoan before it. And of course those pesky trees growing in the Arctic circle that you confused yourself with. Then there's all those bison in America, farting away like no tomorrow for millenia, trying to destroy the planet until buffalo bill stuck his oar in. We won't mention those climate gate emails revealing that they were sexing up the data because that was people colluding to misinform and we know what that is! The forbidden C word. Computer models just put out what the modeller puts in and with serious expert world class scientists like Ferguson on the keyboard, we know what that means. All those clever ipcc chaps only study anthropogenic warming so its not surprising that's all they find. Have you ever wondered about Rye harbour and the retreating sea?
On Mon 9 May at 10:21pm Green Sleeves wrote:
The only one confused is you, TP. You are just repeating tired old talking points and articles that are either long debunked, or have nothing to do with the point you are ever trying to make. Its all mostly in your head and you're embarrassing only yourself - you must be relieved you have forum anonymity. You seem to interpret stuff the way you want to, which usually results in the same fringe conspiracy theories you are frequently mocked for.

Intense factory farming is seriously polluting and contributing to climate change, a lot more than free-roaming Bison on the plains in America, as i presume as some sort of bizarre counter argument by you. For one thing, we "produce" and raise billions of (farting) cattle to be slaughtered, and in turn its transported all over the world, across the sea, on land, etc etc. The carbon footprint is enormous, and its absurdly inefficient AND cruel way to feed humanity. Significant amounts of grain is produced just to feed livestock.

So while i would always keep an open mind to the possibility that "climate science" will be tempted by agendas and industry lobbyists of all varieties, we have to keep it real here....there is an overwhelming general consensus here from the one community that really matters - the scientists, and even some of the big polluting industries have given up on pretending climate change is not happening, and at least showing some progress on cleaning their act up.
On Tue 10 May at 8:02pm Tom Pain wrote:
You went to the same school as Boris, Sleevie, you're just as slippery. The same patronising, condescending accent, the same generalisations, repetitions,repetitions, repetitions. Never saying anything directly, alluding, insinuating, never answering a question. In a minute you'll be saying the same about me. Actually you're more like Gove than the stuttering starlet. Confused? Well at least I know the industrial revolution happened a while before WW1, but that was a very neat little deceptionette,about100 years! Professional. It's why you bother with what I say that puzzles me, why is it so abhorrent to you that someone gives an opinion that is different to your Big Society consensus. As for my making a fuss about Ukraine- it was you who reposted me ...hmm. I got rid of my TV to get away from the propaganda only to have you shoving it at me by the ton.
On Tue 10 May at 9:18pm Green Sleeves wrote:
What do you mean about World War 1? Yea, the industrial revolution began before that....but what is your point? Military conflicts do of course cause immense pollution, and its put forward the the US military is quite possibly the largest polluter of all. Which isn't entirely surprising given their scale and activities.
On Wed 11 May at 9:35pm Tom Pain wrote:
My point being- you referring to the industrial revolution starting just over 100 years ago. Confused. The US military is a criminal polluter which makes me wonder why you support their proxy war in Ukraine. They've been stoking up trouble since their sponsored Maidan coup.
On Wed 11 May at 10:31pm Green Sleeves wrote:
I mean in the grand scheme of history, it being relatively recent part of human civilisation. We haven't had the technology or scale to be polluting in the way we have been able to do since basically the 19th century, and its snowballed significantly in the 20th and 21st as it scaled up from a few countries to virtually all.

I have no support for any war, or any kind of imperialism that former and current superpowers get up to. I have issues with both sides of this conflict, but Russia are more profoundly in the wrong here. Almost every country in the world, especially every democratic country, are holding Russia responsible for this conflict. Russia brought this on themselves, including since 2014 by meddling in Ukraines elections and at the same time crying foul at the Americans meddling in Ukraine elections! They are the aggressors, and Putin is an isolated figure in the world right now, not because he's misunderstood, rational and making reasonable demands by force. Why are you trying to blame others....Putin is a nutter, and a dictator. Its what happens when you abuse your powers to the point where you're still there 20 years later because you've rigged the whole system to keep you in! But sure....Putin could be the good guy, and everyone else are the villains.....we all need a big twist after all, like in the movies.

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